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Blood Eagle (The Remixes)
Blood Eagle
Terra & Titan
Bit Pilot
First Crush
Turbo City
Chipbreak Wars
Famicom Connection (Complete Edition)
Sabrepulse Mar 02, 2018
Album 11. Something i've sat on for a while.
Sabrepulse Feb 20, 2018
it's been a while. here's a gameboy tune x
Sabrepulse Jul 07, 2017
We're playing player unknowns battlegrounds now
Sabrepulse Jul 06, 2017
Playing rocket league comp with a load of chiptune come say hi
Sabrepulse Jun 06, 2017
Sabrepulse Jun 06, 2017
Sabrepulse's cover photo
Sabrepulse Jun 05, 2017
Sabrepulse Nov 05, 2016
Sabrepulse Oct 24, 2016
playing breakcore and rocket league!!!!
Sabrepulse Oct 19, 2016
streaming rocket league and chiptune again!
Sabrepulse Oct 12, 2016
playing rocket league and listening to chptune!
Sabrepulse Sep 21, 2016
I wrote this song 12 years ago. It's not well produced or well-loved but it's got a special place
Sabrepulse Sep 20, 2016
this record was so integral in making me wanting to write music, it had a really lasting effect on my outlook and taste. tons of changes, full of feeling - incredible band
Sabrepulse Sep 18, 2016
And like a sharp, sudden jolt of 8bit lighting - I'm back from a year long hiatus debuting new chiptunes in one of the more beautiful parts of the world. September 30th, Bologna Italy with Kenobit Also this flyer by Lorenzo Florissi 👏👏👏
Sabrepulse Mar 03, 2016
Been away from fb for a while. Just checked my notifications / messages and I'm so sorry! If you need to get in touch with me for bookings / pr / chatting shit get me at my email [email protected] New record (exile) coming this year, just need the space away from all this online bullshit to create x
Sabrepulse Jul 29, 2015
steambros hmu my user is sabrepulse (duh) and I pretty much just play dota2 but I suck
Sabrepulse Jul 22, 2015
you wish your live set was like this
Sabrepulse Jul 17, 2015
chipzel just released her soundtrack for the 'interstellaria' game - it's a massive record that she's spent an enormous amount of time on. If you're into her music or have never heard her before, go check it out and support ^_^
Sabrepulse Jul 13, 2015
me and chipzel talking about gameboys n that - oh and Shirobon having a knees up
Sabrepulse Jul 11, 2015
Streaming a live set on Grimecraft and friends this Sunday! Previewing new record stuff ^_^
Sabrepulse Jul 08, 2015
like a glove
Sabrepulse Jul 02, 2015
eyo Chip Beat Blaster is now on IOS, it's totally free & you can play as me (and loads of other cool chiptune dudes)
Sabrepulse Jun 22, 2015
enjoyed doing this talk on gameboy/lsdj production techniques at Joypad Presents: JoyJam - FREE! on the weekend
Sabrepulse Jun 22, 2015
happy to hear that Chip Beat Blaster has finally been released for android! it's a side-scrolling shooter/rhythm action game featuring music from tons of chip artists, we're also playable characters and each have our own levels! super crazy! an iOS release is coming really soon too - check it out
Sabrepulse Jun 19, 2015
scotch egggggg!