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Saâda Bonaire Oct 03, 2018
There are good and bad news for the fans of Saâda Bonaire. First the good one: on 01.10.2018 a new edition of the album of Saâda Bonaire was released as a double LP in USA. And now the bad news: all 2.000 copies were sold on the same day, because of the many pre-orders. Maybe we should have pressed a few more copies . Afterwards everyone is smarter! dj ralph "von" richthoven
Saâda Bonaire Jul 20, 2018
Saâda Bonaire in 3-d at last... Rare video clip from Radio Bremen, hair and make-up, interview, You Could Be More As You Are promo clip, Viel Spaß!
Saâda Bonaire Jun 27, 2018
Saâda Bonaire
Saâda Bonaire Jun 27, 2018
Hello, we've finally released the previously unavailable song "So Many Dreams" from 1995. It was the final song we recorded. It's now available as a bonus track on our compilation album Saâda Bonaire, now available for sale in high quality at the Juno, Beatport and Itunes stores. Viele Grüße aus Bremen.
Saâda Bonaire May 23, 2018
Saâda Bonaire
Saâda Bonaire May 23, 2018
Small quantities of the Covers ep on vinyl still available over at discogs...
Saâda Bonaire May 22, 2018
's cover photo
Saâda Bonaire Apr 10, 2018
Claudia and Steffi of Saada Bonaire
Saâda Bonaire Apr 07, 2018
Saâda Bonaire Mar 14, 2018

Saâda Bonaire Dec 23, 2017
Saâda Bonaire Dec 22, 2017
Saâda Bonaire Mar 22, 2017
Saâda Bonaire