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Bloop Troopers
Kantarelle EP Deluxe
Space Force
Rymdkraft Dec 21, 2018
You know all those cool controllerism videos of people mashing buttons? This is how I imagine it really sounds if we got to hear the *real* sounds. Happy Friday and Holidays peeps!
Rymdkraft Oct 22, 2018
Leifons for teh youtubes
Rymdkraft Oct 11, 2018
I found my old LinnDrum kit and realized things were so easy back in the Kantarelle EP days when you could make a rough track in a night or two and just release it for free. So I decided to do that again, here's to the 2006 bitpop sound!
Rymdkraft Sep 28, 2018
Heeey, Toni Leys playing my music in Buenos Aires! <3
Rymdkraft Sep 08, 2018
Yayy (or nayy) but Soundcloud only allows 1000 free downloads of a track at my subscription level and Plingonberries is apparently there soon. So if you want a free dl, better get to it! Still, glad people got a copy.
Rymdkraft Aug 18, 2018
Rymdkraft Aug 07, 2018
Lyssna på Little Ghost i ny tappning, direkt från Indiana Jonathan
Rymdkraft Jul 27, 2018
Imorgon natt blir det blipblopfest 3000 på NärCon! Jag, nanobii och Malmen + fler lirar till långt efter spöktimmen är slagen. Kom dit och dra med dig dina disco-flipflopz
Rymdkraft Jul 25, 2018
Scary hotsauce can't sleep
Rymdkraft Jun 28, 2018
Wait, did that Trump clown just steal the name of my EP, go away
Rymdkraft Jun 17, 2018
Rymdkraft Jun 13, 2018
Kommande spelningar, toot-tooot! Subkultfestivalen (midnatt lördag 16/6), DreamHack Summer (21.30 mainstage söndag 17/6)
Rymdkraft May 29, 2018
Börjar planera inför sommarens spelningar: Subkultfestivalen, Dreamhack och Chipwrecked (Bornholm). Syns där?
Rymdkraft May 11, 2018
Heyyy I had the honor of participating in another Relay Bros track, this time it's Gusty Garden Galaxy from Mario Galaxy. Can you spot my part without checking the comments?
Rymdkraft Apr 28, 2018
Rymdkraft Apr 27, 2018
Ok, tomorrow is a BIG DAY! The new ep will be released and I'm heading to Göööööteborg, so if you're a Chalmers student you better not miss Öltältet where Dunderpatrullen is performing.. and perhaps someone else.. 👨‍🚀
Rymdkraft Apr 12, 2018
From SuperByte Festival in Manchester, UK (epic night!) Photo: Tom Parsons Photography
Rymdkraft Apr 05, 2018
Yaaaay! Here's a little teaser for Bloop Troopers EP, dropping on April 28th!
Rymdkraft Feb 26, 2018
Getting closer!
Rymdkraft Feb 23, 2018
Yeee, I know I suck at teh facebookings, BUT here's a good thing: a new EP has been sent for mastering! Seven new tracks and I'm really really stoked about it!
Rymdkraft Dec 20, 2017
Forgot to say it before, I participated in another episode of the pod Äntligen Spelmusik, all Swedish though. But it's all about jumping characters. :)
Rymdkraft Dec 15, 2017
While I do think @spotify is amazing, I'm seriously taken and more amazed by how many people find and listen to the simple tunes I make ❤️❤️🔥👍 #spotify #chiptune #chiptunes
Rymdkraft Nov 01, 2017
Yeah... this... this seems correct
Rymdkraft Oct 07, 2017
Härliga tider, jag kommer ner och spelar på Subkultfestivalen i sommar!