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Back to the Ocean EP
Aiming for the Sun
Ryan Keen Feb 15, 2019
Incredible few days hanging with this legend I’m proud to call my friend
Ryan Keen Jan 17, 2019
Why did this 10year challenge come about?! I started as a solo singer-songwriter 10 years ago, but I’m more excited for where we’ll all be in 10 years.... I’m out in Oman working on a covers EP and album two, training hard and planning some serious charity movements. Hope everyone’s good x
Ryan Keen Dec 31, 2018
Finishing the year with some gigs in Oman. 2018 has been an eventful one. I’ve learned a lot, thank you to everyone who’s been a part of it. I’ve seen a lot of the world, written an insane amount of songs, started a company and scored two films, become a lot more involved in charities and met incredible people along the way. Feeling grateful right now. New album, new collaborations, new gigs and some big charity movements planned for 2019. Happy new everyone. Loads of love xx
Ryan Keen Dec 16, 2018
Recorded a cover of ‘Vincent’ with @jasminethompson - head to her YouTube to see the full video 🎶
Ryan Keen Dec 12, 2018
Ryan Keen Dec 09, 2018
Composed the soundtrack for a film called ‘A Land Shaped By Women’ by @annefloremarxer on snowboarding, surfing, and gender equality in Iceland. Had the pleasure of coming over for the premiere and getting to check out this incredible place for the weekend 🙏
Ryan Keen Dec 06, 2018
Thanks to every single one of you who supports my music. It means so much to me. I’m planning some big things for 2019 x
Ryan Keen Nov 15, 2018
New music coming in the new year 🎸 I’ve been writing/playing/producing songs for @lukeyfriend @slang @mickkonstantin @houssein and doing some film soundtracks.... also writing a lot for my own releases next year. Can’t wait to to share them. Roll on 2019
Ryan Keen Nov 12, 2018
Ran a half marathon yesterday in memory of a friend who took their life a few months ago. Depression, anxiety and mental health issues are just as common as physical health issues but are so often much less recognised and spoken about as there’s still some stigma around it and in the depths of it it’s you can feel so alone and lost. If you’re struggling please reach out to friends/family professionals and know that you’re not alone. I’ll be doing more with @wholeorg to continue to raise awareness and have some fun in the process, starting with the Music For Mental Health gig this Sunday at the roundhouse in London. Love to you all x
Ryan Keen Nov 09, 2018
Pleasure to be involved in this one. He dug deep on this one. Please check out ‘See You Again’ by @slang
Ryan Keen Oct 21, 2018
Recording it rough but working on a duet that’s truly special with @coreyharper
Ryan Keen Oct 06, 2018
What will you do to support your mental well-being on October 10th? I’ll go for a run, and then meditate. Comment below what you’ll do
Ryan Keen Sep 22, 2018
Out on the road with Slang this week. Would you prefer I do a solo EP this year or an album early 2019?
Ryan Keen Sep 14, 2018
‘About It’ is now out on all digital platforms - let me know what you think 🎶
Ryan Keen Sep 08, 2018
Ryan Keen Sep 07, 2018
Had a lot of fun being involved in the writing and recording this song with Slang. Please go and give it a listen!
Ryan Keen Sep 06, 2018
Tomorrow morning the tickets for the Music For Mental Health got go on sale.... it’s going to be amazing 🎶
Ryan Keen Sep 03, 2018
Happy Birthday to the wild dog Dan Dare. Never a dull moment with this man I proudly call my brother. Think this video was from last year on a writing trip in France but it’s a pretty standard evening for him 😂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @slang
Ryan Keen Aug 31, 2018
‘About It’ coming 2 weeks today (14th Sept) 🎶
Ryan Keen Aug 30, 2018
Ryan Keen
Ryan Keen Aug 26, 2018
Been off my phone to fully enjoy a week off in Italy 🇮🇹 Back to London tomorrow - Got lots to announce soon about charities, gigs, film scores..... but for now I’m happy to say my next single will be released on September 14th 🎶
Ryan Keen Aug 09, 2018
Few days back home👌
Ryan Keen Aug 03, 2018
Pleasure to be involved co-writing my friend Fia Moons new single which came out today 🎸
Ryan Keen Jul 30, 2018
My good friend and fellow ambassador of I Am Whole Jordan has some announcements - Big things for @wholeorg coming joining up with @calmzone @ymcaenglandandwales @themixuk 🎸
Ryan Keen Jul 30, 2018
Have you had a listen to my latest song Tired Eyes?