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RX Bandits Nov 28, 2018
Found some gems going thru old boxes today. Here’s one of us practicing in my mom’s garage in Seal Beach that we called “The Elizabethan”. It’s pre-mural so I’m gonna assume it was taken sometime in ‘04. We rehearsed in there for the better part of 20 years thru it’s varying stages of acoustic treatment, from cement floor and rafters to heavy carpet and acoustic ceiling tile. I always dug the way that place sounded, it felt like the CA equivalent of the “Snake Pit” from Motown. Warm and dead with a smooth top. I recorded many albums there including parts of several RX and TSOAF records. I am so fortunate to have a mother that tolerates musicians coming in and out at all hours of the night and didn’t mind too much when Joe and I would wake her up at 4am screaming into microphones. Thanks Ma, you’re the best.
RX Bandits Sep 27, 2018
Matt's solo mini-tour begins next week. Check out links below for tix, details and to tell him what songs you wanna hear. Hope to see you there!! 💗✌️
RX Bandits Sep 23, 2018
Hi! I'm playing some acoustic shows soon! Playing some songs from RX, some from LYM, some covers and some brand new ones. LA and NY are almost sold-out, but still a few tix left. Come sing with me, it's gonna be super fun! xoxo- matt Tix links here-> also probs on google somewhere... ;)
RX Bandits Dec 29, 2017
...And The Battle Begun 📷 @astradamus #RXB #RXBandits
RX Bandits Oct 24, 2017
🐱 approved Mandala LP #Mandala #RXB #RXBandits #VinylCollection 📷 @houseofflatcats
RX Bandits Aug 19, 2017
Heyo!! My solo acoustic record pre-sale started last week and we sold out in one day. Wow! I did not expect that. I just put the second round up for sale so if you're interested please check it out! More info below on my Instagram page or go to the web store directly here> Much love and respect, I hope you're having a lovely Friday! ✌️ Matt
RX Bandits Aug 02, 2017
The Trocadero || 2016 📷 @caitmargulis #rxb #RXBandits
RX Bandits Jul 05, 2017
🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹🔷🔹 📷 @b.r.u.c.e_12 #RXB #RXBandits #ATBB #Vinyl #VinylCollectors
RX Bandits Jun 09, 2017
#fbf Two nights at The Glass House December 2014 📷@ornelas_arts #rxbandits #rxb
RX Bandits May 31, 2017
We've got the vinyl and cd of ATBB and Mandala on sale right now here:
RX Bandits May 18, 2017
Chaos and disarray, those that wander are never lost. We can dance while the world ends🎶 📷 @momoslow #RXB #RXBandits
RX Bandits May 09, 2017
📷 @niklasweikert #atbb #rxb #RXBandits
RX Bandits May 01, 2017
M•a•n•d•a•l•a 📷 @b.r.u.c.e_12 #RXBandits #ShowUsYourVinyl
RX Bandits Apr 26, 2017
RX Bandits Mar 22, 2017
Synced 📷 Ciara McMullan Photography #rxb #RXBandits
RX Bandits Mar 20, 2017
Hello Merch
RX Bandits Mar 10, 2017
🔮🔮🔮 || New York, NY 📷 @refugebehindthelens #RXB #RXBandits
RX Bandits Mar 01, 2017
💧💧💧 #ATBB #ShowUsYourVinyl #RXB #RXBandits 📷 @martysinstagrm
RX Bandits Feb 27, 2017
Scenes from FOH 🎤 📷 Danny Orona #RXB #RXBandits
RX Bandits Feb 21, 2017
A look back to when we celebrated the #juturna10yeartour with our friends Circa Survive 📷 @daniellediab #tbTuesday #RXB #RXBandits
RX Bandits Feb 07, 2017
🕯🕯🕯|| 📷 @daniellesky #rxb #rxbandits #atbb
RX Bandits Jan 27, 2017
#fbf 2009 || Mandala #rxb #rxbandits 📷@seanhn
RX Bandits Jan 19, 2017
#tbt When the last night of tour coincides with Halloween 2016 👻 📷 Ciara McMullan Photography #RXB #RXBandits #atbb10YearTour #onesies4everyone
RX Bandits Jan 09, 2017
✨📷@jayrey5 #rxb #rxbandits
RX Bandits Jan 02, 2017
[2][0][1][7]🤺🤺🤺 📷 Ciara McMullan Photography #rxbandits #rxb