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Hemispheres (40th Anniversary)
2112 (40th Anniversary)
R40 Live (Live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada / June 2015)
A Show of Hands (Live) [Remastered]
Fly By Night (Remastered)
Signals (Remastered)
Caress of Steel (Remastered)
The Studio Albums 1989-2007
Rush (Remastered)
Grace Under Pressure (Remastered)
Hold Your Fire (Remastered)
Vapor Trails (Remixed)
Exit... Stage Left (Live) [Remastered]
All the World's a Stage (Live) [Remastered]
Hemispheres (Remastered)
Permanent Waves (Remastered)
Power Windows (Remastered)
The Complete Mercury Years
Moving Pictures (Remastered)
The Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits (1974-1987)
A Farewell to Kings (Remastered)
Clockwork Angels Tour (Live)
Clockwork Angels
2112 (Remastered)
Moving Pictures: Live 2011
Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland
Retrospective III (1989-2008)
Working Men (Live)
Snakes & Arrows: Live
Snakes & Arrows
Grace Under Pressure: 1984 Tour (Live)
Gold: Rush
R30 (Live)
Rush In Rio (Live)
Different Stages • Live
Retrospective I (1974-1980)
Retrospective II (1981-1987)
Test for Echo
Counterparts (Remastered)
Roll the Bones (Remastered)
Chronicles (Remastered)
Presto (Remastered)
RUSH Dec 12, 2018
Rush's Geddy Lee: these are the 10 bassists who blew my mind
RUSH Dec 08, 2018
John Mayall's new album "Nobody Told Me” features special guests Alex Lifeson, Little Stevie Van Zandt, Todd Rundgren and Joe Bonamassa. You can pre-order now:
RUSH Dec 06, 2018
Geddy Lee will be signing copies of his Big Beautiful Book of Bass in Toronto at IndigoSpirit at First Canadian Place on Dec 17 at noon. Given the busy time of year, there is a capacity to attend this Toronto signing - get your BBBoB book/spot for signing from the store online now
RUSH Nov 17, 2018
Geddy Lee will be signing copies of his Big Beautiful Book of Bass at Bookends, NJ on Dec 18 @ 5pm. Details here:
RUSH Nov 17, 2018
Rush’s Hemispheres at 40 Years Old: A Peak of Prog Ambition
RUSH Nov 16, 2018
Review: Rush’s ‘Hemispheres’ Reissue Celebrates Band’s Prog-Era Peak
RUSH Nov 16, 2018
Hemispheres (40th Anniversary)’ is out now! Available on 3 LP, 2 CD, and as a Super Deluxe Edition box set. What’s your favorite part of this anniversary re-issue? #Hemispheres40
RUSH Nov 13, 2018
Hemispheres (40th Anniversary)’ out later this week, Pre-order now from the official Rush store and in meantime, enjoy THE TREES. #Hemispheres40
RUSH Nov 05, 2018
Alex Lifeson's Limited Edition Print of "20,000 Feet Over The Sea" is now available! Only 100 prints have been made of '20,000 Feet Over The Sea'. Each print is numbered and Alex Lifeson has personally signed each individual print. Click here to purchase your own or for a gift:
RUSH Nov 01, 2018
Hemispheres (40th Anniversary)’ Super Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order now — 3 LP and 2 CD also available. #Hemispheres40
RUSH Oct 29, 2018
Thank you 👏
RUSH Oct 25, 2018
Pre-add ‘Hemispheres (40th Anniversary)’ on Apple Music and be the first to listen on 11/16! #Hemispheres40
RUSH Oct 22, 2018
“There’s your bizarre dog tale for the day,” says Rush’s Geddy Lee, prior to a lengthy conversation about the band’s 1978 prog-rock opus, Hemispheres. Read the full interview here:
RUSH Oct 19, 2018
Pre-save Hemispheres (40th Anniversary) on Spotify and enter for your chance to win a Super Deluxe Edition box set!
RUSH Oct 16, 2018
“It looks like delicious string licorice! Only its not edible.” - Alex Lifeson Alex Lifeson Original painting “Self Portrait #2” for Brush of Hope art auction with proceeds to the Kidney Foundation is now available for bidding on eBay, closing on Oct 24 at noon:
RUSH Oct 05, 2018
RUSH Oct 05, 2018
's cover photo
RUSH Oct 02, 2018
@geddyimages reveals the cover for ‘Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass’ coming this December, along with limited edition versions: Pre-order here:
RUSH Sep 12, 2018
🙌 🙌
RUSH Aug 27, 2018
We love you man!! Happy 65th (yikes) Birthday Al !!
RUSH Jul 30, 2018
Happy Birthday Geddy Lee ! 🖌 credit: Fantoons
RUSH Jul 18, 2018
Summer reminds us of Jones Beach Ampitheatre in Wantagh, NY. Over the years, Rush has performed at Jones Beach 8 times (1992, 1997, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013). The venue was a highlight on the tour for many reasons, not the least of which was the hospitable management and staff who greeted the band with great warmth and enthusiasm each time. The setting of the theatre made for a great outing for fans who wanted to relax on the beach during the day, and then take in the concert at night. More on Jones Beach at Any favourite memories of yours of Rush at Jones Beach? Photo Credit: John Arrowsmith
RUSH Jul 14, 2018
Bastille Day… #BastilleDay
RUSH Jun 29, 2018
Feedback Throwback. On this day June 29th in 2004 (14 years ago), Rush released the EP, Feedback. This release featured 8 cover songs that were chosen by the band as favorites during their early years. The opening track on the EP is Summertime Blues, a perfect fit for this time of year! The lyrics of Summertime Blues tell of a young guy who has “the blues” because of having to work during the summer, when he would rather be out having fun. Perhaps Rush’s “Working Man” continues to tell the story of this young man as he is now slightly older and still discontented with his work obligations? Head to to read the lyrics for each song and decide for yourself! Well thankfully the band didn’t have the blues when they embarked upon their R30 Anniversary World Tour around the same time as this release. The tour covered 57 concerts in 10 different countries, and wrapped up in Rotterdam on October 1, 2004. And finally to celebrate this anniversary, Rush Backstage is offering a sale on the Feedback Vinyl and with every purchase, each customer will receive a 12x12 promotional Feedback record flat print (as seen in the image above). This record flat is an original from the 2004 Feedback marketing campaign.
RUSH Jun 13, 2018
Massey Hall memories: 'It's mixed up with so many great memories, both as a fan and a performer,' says Geddy Lee of Rush