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Drinking from a Salt Pond
Run River North
Run River North Dec 11, 2018
Huh? Seriously thank you guys..
Run River North Nov 24, 2018
So excited for all the young and upcoming talent.. welcome to the band
Run River North Nov 13, 2018
RUN dchae RUN - a running playlist for your emotional millennial hipster needs. Link is in the Spotify Playlist highlights in our profile! But for real, some music I’m listening to right now, especially while running.
Run River North Nov 02, 2018
Didn’t get tickets to our sold out show @thehotelcafe? Check our IG story to RSVP with @bandsintown for your chance to win a pair of tickets. Only a couple pairs available, so hurry! Link also here:
Run River North Oct 26, 2018
Hello friends! We're really excited to announce this Bandsintown Underplay show as it will be the first of hopefully many, many more! As we're gearing up to release new music early next year, we'll be playing an intimate set and tell some of the stories that have gotten us to where we are now. If you're in our hometown of Los Angeles after Thanksgiving come through to The Hotel Cafe November 27th, Tuesday evening for new songs, stories and sally's sea shore sea shells. Ticket link:
Run River North Oct 25, 2018
Who else is excited for this... many congrats @burningmovie burningmovie @steveyeun see you nyc!
Run River North Oct 04, 2018
We done did it again!! Thanks so much for the follows and listens for Sally’s last playlist. These next couple weeks will be Alex’s yoga playlist he actually uses when teaching @corepoweryoga classes to cool down. It also made for perfect dinner party music for us as well. Hope you guys enjoy ❤️❤️ go check it out on our @spotify page 🙌🏻
Run River North Sep 20, 2018
Hey guys! We are starting a Spotify playlist series with what we listen to when we're not on the road. I work part-time at a coffee shop and listen to loads of music while I'm on bar. Here's a little snippet of what I'm playing when I'm on at House Roots Coffee, in the San Fernando Valley! :) -Sally Link below:
Run River North Sep 20, 2018
Starting a playlist series with what we listen to when we’re not on the road on @spotify 😊 I work part-time at a coffee shop and listen to loads of music while on bar. Here’s a little snippet of what I’m playing when I’m on at @houserootscoffee (link in “Highlights” if you wanna add/follow along!)🙂 -Sally
Run River North Sep 16, 2018
‪One of our fans/friends reached out about their son’s gofundme for hospital funds. Being a band, we get to meet many new friends. We start to become family in a way and a part of their story becomes our story. Check out the link‬ in our bio as well
Run River North Aug 27, 2018
Thank you Birmingham Alabama and Encinitas! You guys were awesome!
Run River North Aug 25, 2018
Escondido! We’re playing a free show tmrw. Here’s our set list and more information, including guest appearances from a former band member, 🔥🔥drummer, and more. 4-7p! Come hang out! Google for more info! @coralbellsband will be playing before us, make sure to come early! Can you guess all the songs we’ll be singing?
Run River North Aug 23, 2018
Who said pedals were only for guitar!? Sally’s current setup for keys
Run River North Aug 01, 2018
Absolutely blown away and humbled by all the responses 😢There were so many that I didnt get to take a screenshot of. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Keeping on that fight. Song is pre David Robinson demo called “Hang”
Run River North Aug 01, 2018
We are SEVEN years old today! To join in our celebration, please send us a screenshot/picture of what your favorite RRN track has been- via iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or physical copies! ❤️❤️❤️🤟🏻 We’d love to hear from you guys~
Run River North Jul 28, 2018
Escondido! Free show in super Southern California. Playing with the @coralbellsband // aug 25!
Run River North Jul 27, 2018
Hey Cali! We'll be down in Escondido Aug 25 for a FREE show! Playing w/ Coral Bells more info below:
Run River North Jul 26, 2018
Run River North Jun 27, 2018
Run River North presents MONSTERS CALLING HOME celebrating @danielchaee turning 30 TODAY!!!! 🎁🎉🎊 📸:@chrisrosecas
Run River North Jun 27, 2018
Run River North presents MONSTERS CALLING HOME recording 사만달러 (40G) @sunsetsoundrecorders #monsterscallinghome
Run River North Jun 26, 2018
Run River North presents MONSTERS CALLING HOME recording C A ㄹ i N ㅇ @sunsetsoundrecorders #monsterscallinghome
Run River North Jun 13, 2018
Hard at work
Run River North May 31, 2018
Here’s Sally. (Tired of seeing at my weird mug) #monsterscallinghome
Run River North May 24, 2018
We have lots of exciting news in store. Thank you for sticking with us. We’re working really hard and we couldn’t be more excited for the things to come. The rainbow totes are still available, and the 7” vinyls of Funhouse and Casino are available for order now! Hit the DM or comment below! Much love.
Run River North May 22, 2018
Asians! And non-Asians! Check out our @Spotify playlist for APAHM! #SpotifyAPAHM link in profile!