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Run D.M.C.: Live at Montreux 2001
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Down With the King
Back from Hell
Tougher Than Leather (Bonus Track Version)
Raising Hell
Run DMC Apr 04, 2019
Check out our music and more on Amazon Music ‘s 100 Greatest 80s Hip-Hop Songs playlist
Run DMC Jan 21, 2019
Happy Birthday, Jam Master Jay! From TJ Mizell & A-Trak
Run DMC Jan 20, 2019
Exclusive new interview with The King of Rock DMC! One of his favorite interviews ever...only on The Think Tank Podcast with Tank.Sinatra
Run DMC Nov 12, 2018
A sad day for the true believers. #RIP Stan Lee
Run DMC Oct 29, 2018
Wow! Work in progress... What do you guys think so far?
Run DMC Oct 17, 2018
Love and respect to our family Aerosmith, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon
Run DMC Oct 05, 2018
Check out Darryl DMC McDaniels Darryl Makes Comics, LLC adidas Originals #FriendsandFamily
Run DMC Jun 25, 2018
Attention Please! If you're in London on June 30th- come meet Darryl DMC McDaniels at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore from 1pm-2pm and pick up your signed copy of the new Darryl Makes Comics, LLC issue. More info:
Run DMC May 05, 2018
Today we are Silencing the Shame around mental health and donating to increase programs & resources. Join me by texting the word SILENCE to 707070 (all donations are tax deductible). Use hashtag #Silencetheshame
Run DMC May 05, 2018
National #Silencetheshame Day is today- May 5th! Text the word SILENCE to 707070 now and make a donation to increase resources for mental health!
Run DMC May 04, 2018
Come out and support D's nonprofit The FELIX Organization ! They do amazing work to help enrich the lives of kids living in the #FosterCare system. #DANCETHISWAY May 14th #NYC. Get your tickets now
Run DMC Apr 23, 2018
Run DMC Feb 08, 2018
Thank you @willsmith
Run DMC Jan 31, 2018
My friend Realdoug E. Fresh has a new shirt out, all to benefit Hip Hop Public Health and National Fitness Foundation! Get your exclusive “You Got This” tee today, and let’s create a healthier tomorrow. Get it here:
Run DMC Jan 21, 2018
Happy Birthday Jam Master Jay! His legacy is carried out through his family. They work as hard as he did and care as deeply about access to music education. Let’s band together with them to get teachers what they need! Go to Venmo to donate $20.
Run DMC Dec 22, 2017
For a limited time use Promo Code RUNDMC25 to get 25% off RUN DMC apparel between Christmas and New Years. Shop here >> Happy Holidays!
Run DMC Dec 21, 2017
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Run DMC Dec 19, 2017
Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music
Run DMC Dec 06, 2017
Check out Darryl DMC McDaniels
Run DMC Dec 01, 2017
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Run DMC Nov 27, 2017
For those who didn't pick up a copy of Darryl DMC McDaniels new EP yet- do it now while copies are still available! Limited pressing, individually numbered with dope artwork by the award winning multi talented artist Tony Moore- the same guy who did the original art for The Walking Dead series as well as other works! Alongside DMC- the EP features the one and only Chuck D of Public Enemy. Order it now from Looney Tunes Music and More while you can!
Run DMC Nov 24, 2017
Yo West Babylon, NY! Come meet Darryl DMC McDaniels today at Looney Tunes Music and More today at 3pm! Click the link below for more details:
Run DMC Nov 22, 2017
Check out Darryl DMC McDaniels new video "Coming Like A Rhino" from his upcoming EP: BACK FROM THE DEAD: THE LEGEND LIVES featuring Chuck D, Slaves on Dope. The EP will be limited vinyl only and hits your local record stores this Friday, November 24 on Record Store Day! Check it out!
Run DMC Nov 10, 2017
Check out Darryl DMC McDaniels at NCComicon this weekend!
Run DMC Nov 09, 2017
Darryl DMC McDaniels = Flabbergasted 😂😂