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I Had This Thing (Remixes)
Sordid Affair (Remixes)
Do It Again (Remixes)
The Inevitable End
Do It Again
Running To the Sea (Remixes)
The Girl and the Robot
This Must Be It (Remixes)
Röyksopp's Night Out (Live)
Only This Moment (Remixes)
The Understanding
49 Percent (Remixes)
Melody A.M.
Röyksopp Jul 26, 2019
"Rescue" saw it's beginning in 2012. The track was left in a drawer until rediscovered - and finally completed, some years later. This is the 6th track from the Lost Tapes playlist; make sure you subscribe:
Röyksopp Jul 05, 2019
We had a great time playing at the Bolivar Beach Bar at the weekend - thank you Athens!
Röyksopp Jun 28, 2019
'I Wanna Know' was made sometime in 2007. The vocals are provided by us & the wonderful Anneli Drecker. Svein did the lead on this one… Oh, and this has been available as a "Track of the month" but has never been commercially released. Subscribe to the Lost Tapes playlist here:
Röyksopp Jun 21, 2019
Rising Urge was made in Autumn 2014. This track (in an abridged version) was actually a hidden track on "The Inevitable End". However, this hidden track only features on CDs released in one of the world's territories. Subscribe to the Lost Tapes playlist here:
Röyksopp Jun 13, 2019
Röyksopp in action! Next up: Bolivar Beach Bar in Athens on the 29th June. Photographer: Georgi Nikolov. Tickets:
Röyksopp Jun 05, 2019
'Across The Graveyard' was recorded in 2007. Vocals sung by Svein Berge & Anneli Drecker, outro-strings performed by Davide Rossi. This is the 5th track from the Lost Tapes playlist; make sure you subscribe, all obscure tracks will eventually see the light of day.
Röyksopp May 31, 2019
Röyksopp will play a DJ set at the Bolivar Beach Bar in Athens on the 29th June, tickets are available here:
Röyksopp May 01, 2019
‘Church’ is a lost balearic banger that was recorded 6 years ago as part of ‘The Inevitable End’ album sessions and is the fourth track from Röyksopp's Lost Tapes playlist; make sure you subscribe, all obscure tracks will eventually see the light of day.
Röyksopp Apr 03, 2019
'In The End’, originally written in 2014, features vocalists Susanne Sundfør and Man Without Country and is the third track from Röyksopp's Lost Tapes playlist. Make sure you subscribe; all obscure tracks will eventually see the light of day.
Röyksopp Feb 27, 2019
Signs of life - introducing «Lost Tapes»: Upon renovating our arctic chateau here in the desolate north, we came across an old sea chest containing an abundance of rare B-sides, exclusives - & even some previously unreleased tracks. We thought the only right thing would be to make these «hard-to-find» tracks available for those of you who prefer to stream music. So therefore we’ve created a playlist called «Lost Tapes». The Playlist will be updated as we go, make sure you subscribe. All obscure tracks will eventually see the light of day.
Röyksopp Feb 26, 2019
«Signs of life»
Röyksopp Feb 18, 2019
Röyksopp will be playing a DJ set on the 8th of June at Terminalen Byscene, hosted by Ålesund Live. Tickets are available here
Röyksopp Dec 10, 2018
Senior, the album, is the "introverted, dwelling and sometimes graceful counterpart to Junior" and has been re-pressed on vinyl via Röyksopp's own label, Dog Triumph, available here:
Röyksopp Oct 28, 2018
2018 marks the twentieth anniversary of Röyksopp. But unbeknownst to many, the musical journey of Svein Berge & Torbjørn Brundtland started 10 years prior - all the way back in ’88. On this occasion the duo invites friends & fans to a «mini-festival of alter-egos» in celebration of their 30 years as a «symbiotic musical entity». On Saturday the 1st. of December you are invited to a truly special party at Bergen Kjøtt. This 500 capacity venue is very much in the spirit of «our origins», says Röyksopp. «An intimate warehouse party on the outskirts of town. Very apt, we think.» In accustomed reticent manner, the guys promise a «5 hours blend of DJing and occasional experiments». Tickets available here:
Röyksopp Aug 23, 2018
On the 14th of September, Röyksopp will be sitting down with old friend professor Ole J. Mjøs to talk about the duo's life in music over the past 20 years. Event takes place at Bergens Vill Vill Vest
Röyksopp Feb 26, 2018
Röyksopp will DJ at Soundeat Bcn's opening party at Barcelona's Parc Del Forum on Saturday.
Röyksopp Oct 12, 2017
One of the 100 versions of Melody A.M. with a hand stencilled cover by Banksy was the third highest priced item on Discogs in August.
Röyksopp Oct 05, 2017
DJ Set at THE VILLA, Oslo last Friday.
Röyksopp Sep 27, 2017
Röyksopp DJ set at Egg London last Friday.
Röyksopp Jul 07, 2017
Thanks to Maceo Plex, Prins Thomas & all the wonderful people at Pacha - we loved every second!
Röyksopp Jul 03, 2017
DJ set at Mosaic by Maceo at Pacha tomorrow.
Röyksopp Jun 27, 2017
Thank you Oslo! 📷: Stian Andersen Director & Photographer
Röyksopp Jun 23, 2017
We're pleased to finally present this high-quality reissue of "The Inevitable End". Not only does it sound great, it also features previously unreleased songs that is only available here. To us, this is the definitive version. B+B
Röyksopp Jun 15, 2017
Röyksopp will be live at Vilnius, Lithuania and Moscow's Stadium Live this weekend. Find all upcoming shows at:
Röyksopp Jun 06, 2017
Thank you Athens! Next we'll be at Sideways Festival in Helsinki. 📷: Alexandros Maragos For all Summer tour dates: