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How Did We Get So Dark?
Royal Blood
Royal Blood
Royal Blood Dec 06, 2018
There are a limited number of How Did We Get So Dark? signed CDs available now exclusively from the Royal Blood store
Royal Blood Nov 23, 2018
20% off across the Royal Blood store limited time only Enter the code ROYAL20 at the checkout
Royal Blood Oct 12, 2018
The artwork for our first album has been nominated for Best Album Art to celebrate the National Album Day. You can vote for it and others here:
Royal Blood Sep 19, 2018
Royal Blood Aug 22, 2018
New series, The Art Of Drumming, airs it's 1st episode on Friday 14th September on Sky Arts. It's a 4 part series that features Ben Thatcher alongside a host of great drummers. Check out the trailer below:
Royal Blood Aug 09, 2018
Ben, James Ben.
Royal Blood Aug 06, 2018
Want to know how we got the bass sound for 'One Trick Pony'? Of course you don't.. but this is actually how we did it. I have found some solid content from the making of our first album. More to come. Tom Dalgety
Royal Blood Jun 28, 2018
“How Did We Get So Dark?” turned 1 last week. To celebrate, you can get 15% off selected album merchandise, just enter ROYAL15 at the checkout.
Royal Blood Jun 22, 2018
We did a rock tour. 📸 @scottd1223
Royal Blood Jun 20, 2018
You are the Helen Hunt to my Bill Paxton, Happy Birthday. This is a night we’ll never remember x
Royal Blood Jun 20, 2018
You are the Helen Hunt to my Bill Paxton, Happy Birthday. This is a night we’ll never remember x
Royal Blood Jun 18, 2018
That's us boys and girls. We are going home. I can't even begin to explain what we have been through over this album. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support what we do, thank you to everyone for coming to watch us play. I will never forget any of it. We are going to chill the fuck out for a few weeks then crack on with album 3. Until then, love each other, we love you! Mike & Ben X
Royal Blood Jun 15, 2018
This tour has been massive, but it's probably nearly time to go home. x 📸@matt_morgan_davies
Royal Blood Jun 14, 2018
Thanks for having me on stage last night Turbowolf x
Royal Blood Jun 11, 2018
Atlanta, that was such an amazing experience. Despite being up against it vocally and physically it didn't matter and you got me through the whole show like nothing was wrong! A really young girl on the front row called me over at one point and asked me to play 'Loose Change' (we had to cut it from the set cos I felt like I wouldn't be able to pull it off) I told her if we played it, it wouldn't sound any good. She just said to me "it doesn't matter, I don't care!" ...if that doesn't sum up rock and roll, I don't know what does. It blew my mind and reminded me of a really important lesson and we played it anyway. I didn't have a picture for this so here is a grape. Enjoy x
Royal Blood Jun 05, 2018
Austin/Dallas fans - so sorry for the inconvenience. All ticket orders will be fully refunded from the point of purchase.
Royal Blood May 30, 2018
Thanks Kerrang! We're nominated for Best British Band - voting is open now here -
Royal Blood May 30, 2018
As many of you know, I was taken to hospital after having injured my foot during a performance at Boston's Calling festival over the weekend. The X-ray revealed that I have fractured my metatarsal which has left me fairly debilitated as a result. Despite the injury I have decided to continue with the upcoming shows. I am doing everything within my super powers to make this work but regrettably I will not be dancing on stage for while. I hope you understand and enjoy the show. See you there! Mike x
Royal Blood May 29, 2018
Hopefully it's not as bad as it seems but Boston Calling Music Festival you got the better of my foot up there! I've done this before so don't worry, I got this. X
Royal Blood May 25, 2018
‪Due to unforeseen circumstances we are having to cancel our show in Iceland on 19th June. All tickets will be refunded from point of purchase. We apologise to our fans there and hope we can play there in the future.‬
Royal Blood May 24, 2018
London, Ontario! Where's good to go? Y'know? X #U2 #Bono
Royal Blood May 22, 2018
Thanks for the these shots 📸@mitchclark that was a mad one Melbourne!
Royal Blood May 21, 2018
Back with our family & it’s a birthday and Christmas all in one. Queens of the Stone Age
Royal Blood May 16, 2018
Thank you Australia and NZ! That was such a wild time, thank you to everyone who came along to party so irresponsibly with us. Until next time! 📸@mckaysenberg
Royal Blood May 14, 2018
Here we go then...