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Roxy Music Apr 13, 2019
One of seven reinterpretations out now on double vinyl for Record store day. Track them down in your local record store! Leftside Wobble Idjut Boys Man Power
Roxy Music Apr 03, 2019
Next Saturday 13th April is Record Store day. A selection of remixes will be available on limited 12" Vinyl for those lucky enough to get a copy! Featuring remakes by Leftside Wobble Man Power Idjut Boys and Johnson Somerset.
Roxy Music Apr 02, 2019
Roxy songs analysed!
Roxy Music Mar 31, 2019
On Friday 29th March 2019 Roxy Music were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. The Ceremony will be aired on HBO April 29th. The band played: In Every Dream Home A Heartache Out Of The Blue Love Is The Drug More Than This Avalon Editions Of You
Roxy Music Mar 18, 2019
On this week in 1972 Roxy Music began recording their debut album in Command Studios, Piccadilly - with producer Peter Sinfield.
Roxy Music Jan 11, 2019
Please don't ever let me down For you know I'm not so sure Do I have the speed to carry on? Burn you out of my mind?, I know You're a flame that never fades Jungle red's a deadly shade Both ends burning, will the fires meet Somewhere deep in my soul tonight? Both ends burning, burning, burn Now my course is plain as day Running bold and world to play Both ends burning with a strange desire That feeds the fire in my soul tonight I will dance the night away living only for today Both ends burning while you're counting sheep Hell, who can sleep in this heat this night? Both ends burning, burning, burn Tell me will I ever learn? it's too late, the rush is on Both ends burning and I can't control The fire's raging in my soul tonight Oh will it ever end? Put your foot down around the bend Drive me crazy to an early grave Tell me what is there to save tonight? Both ends burning, burning, burn Keep on burning till the end, until the end
Roxy Music Dec 13, 2018
We are pleased to announce that Roxy Music are to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alongside The Cure, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, and The Zombies. #RockHall2019
Roxy Music Nov 23, 2018
The new album '3Psalms' by Andy Mackay - Roxy Music is released today - available online and in shops or in signed editions at
Roxy Music Oct 09, 2018
Roxy Music have been shortlisted for the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of fame. If you think they should be admitted then vote here: And be sure to share this post with fellow Roxy Fans!
Roxy Music Sep 27, 2018
Bryan Ferry has announced his first World Tour 2019 shows in Japan, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and the UK! Full tour details and ticket links at
Roxy Music Sep 25, 2018
Roxy Music Studio Albums
Roxy Music May 04, 2018
Tickets for Andy Mackay live at the Southbank Centre with the premiere of 3 Psalms are now available at
Roxy Music May 02, 2018
The first advance tickets to Andy Mackay's world premiere of 3 Psalms at the Southbank Centre are now on sale! Southbank Members Presale - VIP Meet & Greet Tickets -
Roxy Music Apr 30, 2018
Andy Mackay - Roxy Music will hold the world premiere of his new orchestral piece 3 Psalms this November in London at the Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall, performing along with band, choir, and string orchestra. Southbank Member and VIP tickets go on sale this Wednesday at with general sale starting on Friday at
Roxy Music Feb 09, 2018
To celebrate the anniversary release of 'Roxy Music' we asked graphic artist Ferry Gouw to create a music video for Virginia Plain! Buy the Deluxe anniversary edition here: Featured last week on Another Man Dazed and Confused Magazine "The glam-rock pomp of Roxy Music’s debut single Virginia Plain has always lent itself to vibrant scenes of excess. Storming through images of rollercoasters, airplane rides and whistle-stop holidays of scorching locales like Rio and Acapulco, the escapism that Virginia Plain painted such a vivid picture of would go on to become band leader Bryan Ferry’s lyrical calling card. Now, more than 40 years on from its original release, that iconic debut single is finally being set free. A new video for the track – commissioned by Ferry himself from artist, illustrator and longtime visual collaborator Ferry Gouw – flows through day-glo images of casinos, holiday destinations and early gigs from Roxy music themselves in full-on, glammed up garb. Created using archive footage from the band’s earliest days and newly-commissioned illustrations, it’s the bright, brash accompaniment that Virginia Plain has always deserved. Coming off the back of a career working for artists as diverse as Major Lazer, Sean Paul, Bob Marley and James Blake’s nightclub-focussed 1800-Dinosaur collective, as well as non-musical endeavours with Stüssy, Levi's, Bacardi and more, 36-year-old Gouw knew exactly what to bring to Virginia Plain’s table. “I wanted it to feel like a kaleidoscopic holiday in glamorous, but surreal locations, that only exist in vintage posters and your imagination,” he explains. “The song is so dense – the imagery comes thick and fast, so they all have to pop up in a stream of consciousness. So I researched vintage holiday posters, Americana pin-up icons, art deco jazz posters, and re-drew all the elements to make up the video.” Stitching them together under the watchful eye of Bryan Ferry (who commissioned the piece after being impressed with Gouw’s work on his solo album Olympia), the result is a creative rebirth for an iconic track in British musical lore. With a new lease of life, the glamorous escapism and dream-like quality of Virginia Plain is once again primed for fresh audiences, and another 40-plus years of exerting its free-spirited influence on the world." - Tom Connick
Roxy Music Feb 08, 2018
Bryan Ferry speaks to the BBC's Lauren Laverne about the super deluxe release.
Roxy Music Feb 05, 2018
Watch Another Man's interview with Bryan Ferry on the release of the Super Deluxe edition of 'Roxy Music'
Roxy Music Feb 02, 2018
Roxy Music take over Another Man website today, with interviews, articles, and a never-before-seen video of "would You Believe?" live!
Roxy Music Feb 02, 2018
To celebrate today's release of the 'Roxy Music' anniversary edition, we dive deep into the history of this iconic album...
Roxy Music Jan 31, 2018
Have you seen the new Roxy Music website yet?
Roxy Music Jan 31, 2018
Only a few signed posters remain - get them exclusively with the 'Roxy Music' 45h Anniversary editions from the Roxy Music store at
Roxy Music Jan 30, 2018
Roxy Music will be taking over Another Man this Friday... But released today is this brand new lyric video for Virginia Plain!
Roxy Music Jan 29, 2018
Get the remastered version of 'Roxy Music' added to your Spotify library as soon as it's out - "Pre-save" the album by going to