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Roxette Feb 19, 2019
Stumbled upon this one while preparing for the mighty double-LP release of Have A Nice Day. A very dear and special song to me since it was written for my (nowadays hipster-lookin') son. Beautiful soprano saxophone by the amazing Jonas Knutsson. Enjoy. I will! /P.
Roxette Feb 18, 2019
Oh yea! Cover version av "Regn"! Don't think I've heard it before. I do remember writing the English lyric to it way back for some reason.... There must be a demo of it somewhere in the drawer next to The Heartland Cafe'-outtakes! Aaah, the lazy hazy crazy days of the 80's. Thanks for digging it up, you Dailies. /P. Per 60 for 60 - Encore. Regn (Rain.) Taken from the self titled album "Per Gessle" released in 1983, recorded while the rest of the band did their tour in the army. Also recorded in English, called "Run to Me" but never released by Per. Christopher Barker, a German American, released it on his 2000 album "One Moment in Time" however. The lyrics are very typical Per, about a couple in love. "Sitting by the window looking up/but all I see is rainclouds/your eyes today have the color of yesterday's sky/and tell me/what would I have had/without all the energy/that you give/and I take? #100 on our chart.
Roxette Feb 16, 2019
Roxette Feb 15, 2019
Hahaha groovy baby!! /P.
Roxette Feb 15, 2019
Roxette Feb 15, 2019
MORE INFO re the Crash! Boom! Bang-video: I notice some of you want to know where to find the "first version" of the CBB-clip. Thing is that the director eventually noted a serious sync problem so it couldn't be seen or edited at all. In those days it was pretty complicated to correct big mistakes/issues like that. Don't ask me exactly what happened cos I don't really know. Technical stuff has never been my cuppa tea. So all in all... there was never a final version of "the first one". We had to record everything once more. No big deal. We regarded it as a 250.000GBP-rehearsal. Aaah the music biz in those days.... Have a fab weekend y'all. /P.
Roxette Feb 14, 2019
London 1994. Did you know we had to make this video twice? Technical f##k-ups happened after it was done so the first version couldn't be used at all. Lots of tears, anger and a slightly frustrated insurance company were the main ingredients in this particular milkshake. PS. The second version (that's here) turned out even better than the first one! Marie+Per = happy! /P.
Roxette Feb 14, 2019
Yep, The RoxBloggerz are right (as always). /P.
Roxette Feb 13, 2019
One of my favs. Yours too? /P.
Roxette Feb 12, 2019
The truth! /P.
Roxette Feb 12, 2019
How wonderful! /P.
Roxette Feb 11, 2019
Yep. Had a fun time making this. /P.
Roxette Feb 10, 2019
Evgeny found this. Visiting Taiwan feb 1995! Cheers, P.
Roxette Feb 09, 2019
Stars. Shot in Stockholm. First video we did with Anton Corbijn. Marie = amazing! /P.
Roxette Feb 08, 2019
Smooth sounds from the past! Have a fab weekend y'all! /P.
Roxette Feb 07, 2019
Recording the Dressed For Success-video clip in New York City 1989. That guitar got stolen at an airport in Spain. Acoustic single cutaway. Leopard skin paint on it. Have you seen her? Miss her. /P.
Roxette Feb 07, 2019
Argentina interview. Translated by RoxBlog. /P.
Roxette Feb 05, 2019
Have A Nice Day Everyone! /P.
Roxette Feb 04, 2019
The truth! /P.
Roxette Feb 04, 2019
THE MONDAY TREAT. Summertime-and-the-living-is-easy-sort-of! Enjoy! /P.
Roxette Feb 03, 2019
Some Sunday afternoon music for ya! Enjoy! /P.
Roxette Feb 02, 2019
One of my favs! Have a fab weekend y'all! /P.
Roxette Feb 02, 2019
If you're into the pop hits of the 80's this is a book for you. Great interviews with writers/artists incl me regarding The Look..... /P.
Roxette Feb 02, 2019
Gyllene Tider go on a farewell tour and release new album - RoxetteBlog
Roxette Feb 02, 2019
Yep, this is from today's HP interview, translated by the, as always, one-step-ahead RoxBlog. /P.