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Queen's Sacrifice
The Wow Signal
Friction Reflection
46 Missed Calls
Aloha Mijos
Rough Church Jul 24, 2019
Rough Church Fall 2019! New record coming called "Emergency Laws"
Rough Church Jul 09, 2019
Rough Church May 04, 2019
It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine
Rough Church Apr 24, 2019
Rough Church in Wollongong Australia 2012
Rough Church Jan 19, 2019
Happy Birthday to Rene Travis who made this lovely video for us, and please support homeless and underclass people in their struggle.
Rough Church Jan 07, 2019
Rough Church's cover photo
Rough Church Dec 25, 2018
New song, starring Clementine Bullen. Thanks again to all the folks involved, especially Brian Bullen and Nga Bullen, Kaitlin Wolfberg, Andrew Bush at Grandma's Warehouse, Gordon Lysle Bash, Dante Pascuzzo, Fredo Ortiz, Renee Travis and most esp. to my support system, Rose Ann Hall and Michelle Davis Franco. I really feel like this is a small dream realized. PLEASE SHARE, Please Please Please, this time, we need to make people aware of this video, to help folks in need. More RC to come in 2019, a new record and videos in Spring. Please Share.
Rough Church Dec 24, 2018
We share our members with M'b
Rough Church Oct 10, 2018
Still a great one.
Rough Church Sep 13, 2018
Greg Franco also sings in Man's Body
Rough Church Sep 13, 2018
RC, Finishing This!
Rough Church Sep 04, 2018
Putting more music in the universe, RC, Rough Church, aka Radical Changes
Rough Church Aug 18, 2018
2019 Will be a bigger year than 2018 was with the release of our next record. We are hard at work completing it.
Rough Church Aug 09, 2018
Looks like we are "Working " on this Rough Church " record again. It's been 3 years in the making. 2109!!! Promise.
Rough Church Jul 30, 2018
Man's Body is kind of an offshoot of Rough Church, please check this out. Chicago based band.
Rough Church Jun 15, 2018
Man's Body
Rough Church Jun 12, 2018
Greg from RC is also in Man's Body.
Rough Church Jun 12, 2018
The Ripple Effect
Rough Church Apr 05, 2018
Like Us
Rough Church Mar 25, 2018
Rough Church - Setting the Record Straight
Rough Church Mar 23, 2018
Have to share this song again, It's just what I wanted to hear.
Rough Church Feb 26, 2018
Rough Church
Rough Church Feb 26, 2018
Rough Church's cover photo
Rough Church Feb 26, 2018
We are getting closer to our new album, "Emergency Laws" Spring/Summer 2018
Rough Church Feb 08, 2018
New album in Spring!!! Stay tuned.