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Lucifer Over Athens
Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy (Do What Thou Wilt)
Non Serviam -A 20 Year Apocryphal Story
Thanatiphoro Antologio
Their Greatest Spells
Passage to Arcturo
Sanctus Diavolos
Sleep of the Angels (Bonus Track Version)
The Mighty Contract (Bonus Tracks)
A Dead Poem
Triarchy of the Lost Lovers
Lords Of The Land Lords Of The Land 2019
Venue: Barrowland Ballroom (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Rotting Christ at Stockholm Slaughter 2019 (April 27, 2019)
Venue: Stockholm Slaughter 2019 (Stockholm, Sweden) Find tickets
Stockholm Slaughter: AKT III Stockholm Slaughter: AKT III 2019
Venue: Kraken Sthlm (Stockholm, Sweden) Find tickets
Venue: Vienna Arena (Arena Wien) (Vienna, Austria) Find tickets
Bloodstock Open Air Bloodstock Open Air 2019
Venue: Catton Park (Walton-on-trent, UK) Find tickets
Bloodstock Open Air Bloodstock Open Air 2019
Venue: Catton Park (Walton-on-trent, UK) Find tickets
Rotting Christ Fans Dec 11, 2018
Pre-order ''THE HERETICS'' and buckle up for a fascinating musical ride through the woes of religious wars, Zoroastrianism and the eternal war between good and evil. Some available formats are very limited so don't be late! Choose the format you want here: (photo by Ester Segarra)
Rotting Christ Fans Dec 04, 2018
Rotting Christ Fans do you feel lucky!? 'Like' and 'Share' this post to get the chance to win 1 of the 5 NON SERVIAM Books that Cult Never Dies is giving away! The winners will be announced at the end of December from Non Serviam: The Story Of Rotting Christ For orders: If you win and have already ordered the book from Cult Never Dies they'll refund your money back and send you some extra Rotting Christ items as a bonus!
Rotting Christ Fans Nov 25, 2018
Fellow Metalwarriors 5 days left to the release of Non Serviam: The Story Of Rotting Christ! The book will take you to an abyssic journey through the band's 30 years of heretic existence! Read the dark stories of the band that no one else knew before! Get yours from: Για παραγγελίες απο Ελλάδα: Bowel of Noise records (Official) ΘΕΜΙΣΤΟΚΛΕΟΥΣ 25 - ΑΘΗΝΑ WWW.BOWELOFNOISE.COM Τηλ. 210-3846783 / email: [email protected] / -- ΑΝΤΙΚΑΤΑΒΟΛΕΣ ΣΕ ΟΛΗ ΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ--
Rotting Christ Fans Nov 16, 2018
The new album is called "The Heretics" Spread the news!!! Out on the 15th of February and here is the track list for you: 1. In The Name of God,,, 2. Ветры злые (Vetry Zlye) 3. Heaven and Hell and Fire 4. Hallowed Be Thy Name 5. Dies Irae 6. Πιστευω 7. Fire God and Fear 8.The Voice of the Universe 9. The New Messiah 10. The Raven (by Edgar Alan Poe) Stay tuned for Updates.Non Serviam!
Rotting Christ Fans Nov 15, 2018
Here is the exclusive interview of Sakis Tolis with Dayal Patterson from Cult Never Dies regarding the history of the band and the brand new book: Non Serviam: The Story Of Rotting Christ. (Photo Edit by: Vagelis Aealo & Roger Rovento)
Rotting Christ Fans Nov 08, 2018
Sakis Tolis: "I definitely had to face some of my demons..." Interview about the challenges of writing the Non Serviam: The Story Of Rotting Christ along with Dayal Patterson. Interview by Noizr Zine: Ελληνική συνέντευξη για το ερχόμενο βιβλίο από το VICE :
Rotting Christ Fans Nov 01, 2018
Fellow Rotting Christ Fans the band's new album title is ''The Heretics'' ...The ones who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle, choosing for oneself. New song of the album and more info will be out soon so stay tuned! Until then Keep the Spirit Alive!
Rotting Christ Fans Oct 21, 2018
At Athens craft beer expo Zythognosia for the Non Serviam imperial stout created by the multi awarded Dark Crops Brewery! Enjoy the taste of abyss, get yours here: (τηλεφωνικες παραγγελίες στο 2109596201. T-shirt )Photo by Antony Kaz
Rotting Christ Fans Oct 13, 2018
Here is for you the Passage to Arcturo & Non Serviam Remastered full Albums! What is your favorite song and the best part of it? Enjoy your journey on the darkness and Keep the Spirit Alive!
Rotting Christ Fans Oct 01, 2018
NON SERVIAM: THE OFFICIAL STORY OF ROTTING CHRIST Available today to preorder at NON SERVIAM: THE OFFICIAL STORY OF ROTTING CHRIST Paperback / Colour hardback and boxset Three years in the making, this epic 300 page book explores three decades of history of the legendary Greek extreme metal band ROTTING CHRIST. Written by founder and frontman Sakis Tolis and Dayal Patterson (author of ‘Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult’, ‘The Cult Never Dies Vol. One’ and ‘Into The Abyss’, also available at this store). It includes extensive interviews with key members such as Themis Tolis, Jim Mutilator, Morbid, George Emmanuel and George Tolias, as well as words from many of the band’s peers, including members of ENSLAVED, BEHEMOTH, MAYHEM, CRADLE OF FILTH, BLASPHEMY, MYSTIFIER, MOONSPELL, MACABRE OMEN, SEPTICFLESH, DEATH COURIER, TIAMAT, IMMOLATION and more. 'NON SERVIAM' is available in two formats 1) A standalone paperback (300 pages, colour covers, monochrome interior) 2) Special edition colour hardback and signed boxset Featuring: • The book in colour hardback edition (300 pages, colour covers, plus colour images in the interior) • Exclusive 2 sided shirt / girlie shirt (Gildan brand) • Deluxe embossed box, with hot foil Rotting Christ sigil • 12 x 350gsm art prints, featuring superb photography of the band from their 30 year history • A certificate of authenticity signed by Sakis and Themis Tolis PLUS: One more exclusive item to be revealed closer to release...
Rotting Christ Fans Sep 28, 2018
Embrace the total darkness that "Khronos" evokes and tell us what song is your favorite of the album! The cold dark night becomes scary soon. In the light of a young moon, a thorn in my soul your face fade away. Awake like an owl for salvation i pray...
Rotting Christ Fans Sep 20, 2018
Let's take a journey to Enuma Elish 'When on high' the heaven had not been named. When Abzu(fresh water) and Tiamat(primordial goddess of the salt sea) created their firstborn Lahmu(parent star) and Laham the parents of Anshar and Kishar the sky father and earth mother, who birthed the gods of the Mesopotamian Pantheon...
Rotting Christ Fans Sep 07, 2018
Thank you for the 1.000.000 views on the ritual of ''DEVADEVAM'' देवदेवं जगन्नाथन देवेशं रषभध्वजम . शिव देव Keep the Spirit Alive!
Rotting Christ Fans Aug 31, 2018
Metalwarriors as you know the NON SERVIAM album is among the 40 best black metal albums ever! What song of the album is your favourite and what song you believe is the most underrated? Let's see your opinions on the comments, Keep the Spirit Alive!
Rotting Christ Fans Aug 15, 2018
To all Rotting Christ Fans: We are seeking photos, flyers, scans and other images for the forthcoming official biography Non Serviam: The Story Of Rotting Christ by Sakis Tolis and Dayal Patterson, released in November 2018. We are looking for portrait and documentary or fly on the wall photos (ie. photos of the band backstage, rehearsing, during a signing etc). Photos from 80s, 90s and 00s especially interesting, but all submissions are gratefully received! Images of the store Metal Era and Storm Studio are also of particular interest. As well as photos, we are also seeking flyers (for releases or live shows) and fanzine appearances. If you think you have images that might be of interest please send to [email protected] with subject header 'Rotting Christ pictures' so we can discuss this. Please note: The photos/scans do need to be in printable resolution, so unfortunately small JPGs from the internet are not useable. If in doubt contact us and we can advise. If you don't have photos but are interested in the book, please 'like' and 'follow' the link below for updates on this epic tome:
Rotting Christ Fans Aug 14, 2018
Our friends thank you for the 5000 Likes on our Rotting Christ Fans page! This is ''Non Serviam'' live with the fans making hell on stage!!! Horns up and Keep the Spirit Alive!!!
Rotting Christ Fans Jul 31, 2018
Dear friends as you know the New Album is on the making and the 30 Years Rotting Christ anniversary continues! You can find what you have missed of the band's anniversary releases on the comment section. You guys Keep the Metal Spirit Alive...
Rotting Christ Fans Jul 24, 2018
Stay United and Keep the Spirit Alive in the dark times we live...THE WORLD IS GOING UP IN FLAMES.
Rotting Christ Fans Jul 22, 2018
Metalbrothers and sisters as you know AEALO album is re-released in gold double vinyl! What is your favorite song of this album? Write it on the comment section! You can order your AEALO here:
Rotting Christ Fans Jul 18, 2018
Fellow Metalwarriors here is ''Pir Threontai'' new Official Lyric video! Re-Mixed and re-mastered in Mynetaur Studios by Mark Mynett in June 2018!!! Animation by John Kaimakamis and the Nightwatchers based on Christ's Descent into Hell by Follower of Hieronymus Bosch. Spread the news Keep it Metal!
Rotting Christ Fans Jul 08, 2018
Fellow Metalwarriors Subscribe to Rotting Christ TV on Youtube to watch all our past and future videos. Share the link to your friends and welcome them to our dark kingdom behind the sun...Keep the Spirit Alive!
Rotting Christ Fans Jun 29, 2018
And so we have reached 30 years of Rotting Christ & after such a great journey we are proud to mark this with the ''Under Our Black Cult'' deluxe 5 CD, 72 page book-set! It contains all our very early material, rare tracks & EPs collected together from our earliest days finding our feet in the late 80’s, right up to 1995 as we prepared for our third album. Boxset orders: , Book-set & 7" bundle: Enjoy this journey through the chaotic blackened times with us and keep the dark cult alive!"
Rotting Christ Fans Jun 12, 2018
Rotting Christ Legions get ready!!! Marking 30 years of the band ''UNDER OUR BLACK CULT'' is a 5 CD DELUXE BOXSET and 72 page BOOK-SET charting the early years of the band!!! For pre-orders: Also Under Our Black Cult / The Call 7" (bundle) here:
Rotting Christ Fans May 27, 2018
Fellow Rotting Christ Fans what song or album do you listen when you come home after a hard day to feel good? We are waiting for your choices on the comments! (photo by Sofia Theodorou, edit Vagelis Aealo)
Rotting Christ Fans May 19, 2018
Hello our friends 🤘 This is Sakis Tolis on Record Lovers, making a trip into the past while buying some vinyl albums! Do you have any Vinyls??? Support your local Metal stores, Keep the Spirit Alive!