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Ronald Jenkees
Ronald Jenkees Apr 25, 2019
End of work day random messin on the Fire. PS. @bradsucks pretty much talked me into setting up a Patreon where it’d be cool to post lol stuff like this on a schedule. Let me know if you’d dig and I’ll let you know if i do it 💫 🎶
Ronald Jenkees Apr 17, 2019
Spearmint from Rhodes Deep which turned 2 yrs old this month 🍃
Ronald Jenkees Apr 13, 2019
Definitely A Song About Birds (working title) #akaipro #flstudio #birds #spring
Ronald Jenkees Apr 09, 2019
Yooo, imma let you finish but I’m still on a mushroom kick and couple of you asked for an update. Ok at least one person did. This is the second Lion’s Mane mushroom from the same @detroitmushroom kit. The first one got so big that it fell off (12oz). For me it was best on the grill (on foil, butter, garlic, onions, salt, pepper, tiny bit of Lawry’s). This new one has already “bloomed” more if that’s even the right word. It’s fun to watch stuff grow, especially something weird like this. Pic 2 is a Scarlet Elf Cup mushroom I randomly noticed on a walk today. Coolest thing I’ve ran into in a while. They stood out like crazy. Google had interesting info about how Indians used them to stop bleeding #mycology
Ronald Jenkees Apr 01, 2019
Noticed this today in the woods. What do you see? Second pic is what I thought
Ronald Jenkees Mar 29, 2019
These things grow fast!! This is a Lion’s Mane mushroom kit from @detroitmushroom. Second pic is what it looked like just 4 days ago. It’s about to start looking really cool 👽 #lionsmanemushroom
Ronald Jenkees Mar 23, 2019
Ronald Jenkees Mar 22, 2019
Back at it with this #akaifire jam in #flstudio - going to upload a slightly longer v to YouTubes later before I analyze it too much 🤘
Ronald Jenkees Mar 19, 2019
I’m on a gourmet mushroom kick and it’s upped the at home dinner game in such a fun and relatively inexpensive way. Bout to grow some too 🍄
Ronald Jenkees Mar 16, 2019
This lil thing is calling me back. I keep thinking about it. Hope to pick up where I left off on one of my prior insta posts (before Sky Tied took over my brain for 6 weeks). PS. The comments and the super-generous Bandcamp purchases on Sky Tied have been so cool. Doing ok streaming, too. I sincerely appreciate all of it!! #rjcd6 #flstudio #akaifire
Ronald Jenkees Feb 28, 2019
Newnew! Ronald Jenkees - Sky Tied Let me know what you think! It's available everywhere now
Ronald Jenkees Oct 01, 2018
👕 Limited qty left on all of my current tees! These won’t be printed again - final run. Most sizes still available as of now. Go here for free shipping in US :) 📬
Ronald Jenkees Aug 23, 2018
Hello Youtubes! Did a quick video putting down some layers. More to come!
Ronald Jenkees Aug 15, 2018 In case you haven't seen this yet, I forgot to post this vidya on FB. Hope you like it!!
Ronald Jenkees Jul 16, 2018
Wasn’t even feeling this one until this simple intro came about just now. Now I’m excited
Ronald Jenkees Jul 13, 2018
Heynow part 3! Working on this one for a way-overdue youtubes. Psssst: while supplies last, any physical albums purchased from will ship autographed. ⚡️⚡️ Level 9000 bonus
Ronald Jenkees Nov 07, 2017
Buy on Bandcamp: Spotify: Apple: GooglePlay: Gotta love those tracks that aren't much of a struggle to finish. I enjoyed the mood of this one so much, maybe that's why. Maybe because #strangerthings vibes? People on youtubes seem to liken it to that. I don't know, but I definitely credit my friend Tnevs for literally mailing me a new keyboard after I casually told him I liked it in the store - made this track with it. Friends 4 LIFE> I made this video with zgameeditor (built in #FLStudio), and heavily used the Mininova for keyboard work. If you'd rather watch on youtube, it's up there in 4k res:
Ronald Jenkees Jul 16, 2017
I previously posted this video for Rhodes Deep as a link to the youtube video, but I want it to live on FB as it's own video, too. It took the animator (Ben Luce) a year to make, so I think it deserves two homes. He did such a good job. If you haven't listened Rhodes Deep yet, it's only 3 months old and I'm super-excited for it to possibly be a part of your summer/fall jams. Here are some links: Listen on Bandcamp: Listen on iTunes/Apple Music: Listen on Google Play: Listen on Spotify: Have me ship you a CD: PSST. If you happen to comment here and mention your favorite song on the album, I may pick that comment at random in a week and ship you a signed Rhodes Deep album. :)
Ronald Jenkees May 01, 2017
FL Studio Easter Egg hunt
Ronald Jenkees Apr 19, 2017
10 years ago today I joined YouTube. Perfect day to fight a Music CEO Robot using power-ups gained from songs and albums, all to spread the jam.
Ronald Jenkees Apr 11, 2017 Pre-order - 3 tracks now, the rest delivers the instant it's released on Friday the 14th (yay 14 not 13) How I got to this point of having 5 albums I don't know but thank you. Thanks a million to those of you still buying music directly from artists.
Ronald Jenkees Jan 30, 2017
After I filmed this back in the day, I thought I could do way more with it so it never got uploaded and I kinda forgot about it. It was a blast of a jam session though, so I'm not going to hoard it anymore.
Ronald Jenkees Jan 28, 2017
Newnew for #RJCD5 (ALMOST DONE)
Ronald Jenkees Dec 24, 2016
🎄 Managed to record video of my first hour w #roliblocks today and made a vidya to share with ❤️ and Christmas Spirits. These things are fun. Hope you're having an awesome holiday so far!
Ronald Jenkees Dec 15, 2016
I just released this project on Bandcamp: Make It Fun - Vol. 1: Tracks for Jamming With Ronald Jenkees It's a collection of previously released tunes I thought would be fun to jam along with using my style or your own. For each track, I peeled back a few layers to make it jammable for a lead instrument player or a drummer. I hope it inspires some jams or is just cool to listen to these different versions. THANKS A MILLION for checking it out! Here's the link to listen/purchase: