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The Last Rider
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Long Player Late Bloomer
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Ron Sexsmith
Ron Sexsmith May 28, 2018
Ron is looking forward to playing in London, Ontario tomorrow, on May 29th in support of New Canvas of Life, which is raising funds for important transplant research. Get your tickets today and have the opportunity to bid on some fantastic Canadian art – including Ron's -- in support of an important cause. Tickets: - Team Ron
Ron Sexsmith May 21, 2018
Dear friends - if you have gotten anything from Ron through Facebook Messenger in the last few days, PLEASE DISREGARD. Someone seems to have spoofed Ron's account and is soliciting $$ for cancer treatment. They are asking funds to be sent to an address in Las Vegas. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FROM RON or his team. Please let us know if you have been contacted.
Ron Sexsmith May 14, 2018
Ron will be performing at New Canvas of Life in London, ON, Tuesday May 29th 2018. Tickets are still available at the link below! - Team Ron
Ron Sexsmith Feb 11, 2018
99.3 County FM
Ron Sexsmith Feb 09, 2018
Owl's Nest Suites
Ron Sexsmith Oct 25, 2017
The Feldman Agency
Ron Sexsmith Oct 25, 2017
Ron Sexsmith
Ron Sexsmith Oct 05, 2017
Wordfest, Calgary, AB Wednesday, October 11, 2017 12PM: Tasty Bites: Geoff Berner & Ron Sexsmith Description: Get ready for these two musical Canadian authors to rock your lunch hour. Geoff Berner, a singer/songwriter and accordion player, will present his book The Fiddler is a Good Woman with Ron Sexsmith, a Juno Award–winning recording artist presenting his book Deer Life.
Ron Sexsmith Oct 05, 2017
Wordfest, Calgary, AB Wednesday, October 11, 2017 7PM: Adult Fairy Tales with Ron Sexsmith, Heather O’Neill, and Peter Unwin Description: Fairytales are not just for children. Join Montreal author Heather O’Neill, Juno-award winning recording artist Ron Sexsmith, and Torontonian author Peter Unwin as they tell their dazzling, whimsical stories at Arts Commons. Prepare to have your mind opened to the world of witchcraft, invisible dance partners, and flying edible robot chickens.
Ron Sexsmith Aug 24, 2017
Here's a video of Ron talking about his cover of "Stay Loose" by Gordon Lightfoot. Have a look for some insights! - Team Ron
Ron Sexsmith Aug 18, 2017
Ron has covered Gordon Lightfoot’s “Stay Loose” on the new compilation EP ‘Covered In Gold 5.0’ – out today. Check it out! - Team Ron
Ron Sexsmith Jul 06, 2017
"Sexsmith is admired for the effortless perfection of his melodies and his thoughtful, earnest lyrics."
Ron Sexsmith Jun 30, 2017
To mark Canada Day, The Last Rider is included in iTunes CA – Canadian Albums Under $7. The sale dates run June 30-July 13. If you haven't yet gotten The Last Rider or if you want to pick up a few extra copies for friends, now is the time!
Ron Sexsmith Jun 26, 2017
Ron and band will perform with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra on Canada Day. Hear him talk a bit about that...
Ron Sexsmith Jun 23, 2017
Remember "Small Emotions," the song written for Showtime's House of Lies? Ron has allowed it to be used for Many Hands, a compilation album to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity’s Indigenous Housing Program. Check out the line up and all the details in the link below.
Ron Sexsmith May 24, 2017
Ron Sexsmith's The Last Rider gets 4/5 stars from American Songwriter Magazine - TeamRon
Ron Sexsmith May 12, 2017
Congrats to Louise M. from Ontario. She won the flyaway contest to see Ron Sexsmith live in Vancouver, BC. Enjoy the show and thank you everyone who entered the contest. - TeamRon
Ron Sexsmith May 11, 2017
New tour dates have been added for Europe and Canada. Check 'em out to see if Ron and band are coming your way - TeamRon
Ron Sexsmith May 07, 2017
NEW STUFF! Hey, did you know there are The Last Rider tees now available in Ron Sexsmith's Online Shop? It's true! And lots of older merch is on sale so you can load up on pieces you may have missed. Check out the shop: