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Roger Waters Apr 19, 2019
Good to see my old friend. Well, not that old....he’s 6 months younger than me! 📷: @kate.izor
Roger Waters Apr 17, 2019
My Mum and Doing The Right Thing.
Roger Waters Apr 02, 2019
Roger Waters Mar 24, 2019
A message to VENEZUELA from SWITZERLAND via CHILE #HANDSOFFVENEZUELA, We were right about #RUSSIAGATE we’re right about VENEZUELA. Love R.
Roger Waters Mar 16, 2019
ARE YOU THE ONE? AN OPEN LETTER TO CONAN OSIRIS AND THE OTHER 41 FINALISTS FOR THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. A few days ago, I wrote a private letter to a young talented Portuguese singer, Conan Osiris. He had just won the right to represent Portugal in the Eurovision song contest final, and was reported as saying he wasn’t sure if he would go to Tel Aviv or not. I listened to his song, and then got a translation of the lyrics it was about using his cell phone to ask questions about life and death and love. It was quite deep. I was told by friends that Conan Osiris might join the vast network of artists who are heeding the Palestinian call to boycott Eurovision in apartheid Tel Aviv. So I wrote and suggested to him that here he had an opportunity to speak up for life over death and also for human rights over human wrongs. How? By standing shoulder to shoulder, with his oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine. He could show solidarity with the 189 un-armed protestors shot to death by Israel’s snipers in Gaza last year alone, including at least 35 children. But how could our brother Conan stand up? By refusing to join the cultural whitewash of what a recent UN report calls Israel’s war crimes and possible crimes against humanity, by refraining from providing his art to art-wash Israel’s systematic ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian communities to expand and maintain its apartheid state. Conan can refuse to perform in front of the segregated audience in Tel Aviv at the Eurovision song contest finals this coming May. In my letter I explained that Eurovision could be a tipping point, I appealed to Conan to stand up and be counted. Sadly, until now, there is no reply from Conan. There is news though, reliable sources tell me that young Conan has been personally approached and persuaded to go to the finals by an organization called Creative Community for Peace (CCfP). Ahhhh! For anyone who doesn’t know, CCfP has been exposed as an offshoot of the far-right Israeli government backed propaganda organizations “Stand With Us” and “The Israel Emergency Fund”. It has nothing to do with creativity, community or peace. It’s a front for Israeli apartheid and military occupation. See this link from Jewish Voice for Peace, a fast-growing, creative organization that really does promote community and peace based on human rights and justice for all. The Eurovision finals are two months away. Conan, I know how “persuasive” CCfP and the rest of the Israeli lobby machine can be. They know exactly how to employ a mix of bullying, threats and promises to reach their goals. Good luck brother, you are not alone. There are 42 finalists, among them we will find the one. The one who has enough love in their heart to stand up and be counted. To say, “I believe in universal human and civil rights and protection under the law for all my brothers and sisters all over the world irrespective of ethnicity, nationality or religion”. “I will not cross the Palestinian picket line to perform in apartheid Tel Aviv until all my brothers and sisters from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea have equal rights under the law.” The one who will be remembered for standing on the right side of history, standing for love, true peace and justice. When I was young my mother always used to say to me, “There is always a right thing to do, just do it.” Be the one, Conan. Just do it. Love, Roger
Roger Waters Mar 14, 2019
Today we made a day trip to CERN, weirdly surreal and even a bit meta-physical. To be a hundred meters underground in the presence of lots of serious work about what might have happened and what might be happening now, all that extraordinary work being undertaken in a collective spirit of international collaboration and co-operation and goodwill is very moving, providing as it does such a stark contrast to the willful and head long rush of the ruling and ruled classes towards our mutual assured destruction. Love R.
Roger Waters Mar 09, 2019
Two bits of news. Good news first. On the tenth, which in two day's time, there will be demonstrations and meetings in both London and in Melbourne, Australia in support of Julian Assange and his fight for liberty and against extradition. So please find out where they are and visit them. And there was one last week that was very successful, that John Pilger spoke at in Sydney, Australia and organized by the Socialist Party, so that's one thing. Julian Assange brings me on to Ecuador. Obviously, the United States are trying to extradite Julian Assange and they're bringing pressure to bear on the new weak very right wing malleable President of Ecuador by threatening to withhold an IMF loan to Ecuador and use that economic muscle to persuade him to renege upon their agreement to give Julian Assanage Ecuadorian nationality, which meant that he could not be extradited and to give him temporary asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. They're also threatening to...not threatening... that's said that they're going to increase the sanctions against the people of Venezuela, on the grounds that the coup has failed so thank goodness the American-led coup to impose a public Government on the people of Venezuela, so far has failed, but the country is still under enormous threat because of the extraordinary financial muscle that the United States can wield in its moves towards regime change. What else... really, really, really bad news is that the US Government has imprisoned Chelsea Manning the great heroic whistleblower who they've already had incarcerated as a punishment for telling the truth to power and finally freed. They've now imprisoned her again this time and they have admitted this to coerce her into speaking to a grand jury behind closed doors in secret in order to accumulate evidence to try Julian Assange for espionage whenever they manage to extradite him from Ecuador. So what can I do, except say Chelsea Manning we're with you wholeheartedly. We support you completely and we'll work unreservedly to get you released from this insane incarceration that the US government is imposed on you and I'm for you. This may sound ridiculous but I'm gonna sing part of the song for you from an album I wrote: Sometimes I stare at the night sky See them stars a billion light years away And it makes me feel small like a bug on a wall Who gives a shit anyway Who gives a shit anyway When World War II was over Though the slate was never wiped clean We could have picked over them broken bones We could have been free But we chose to adhere to abundance We chose the American Dream And oh mistress liberty How we abandoned thee
Roger Waters Mar 03, 2019
A note from Roger: Berlin 4th March “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE WHITE ROSES” Support the HUMBOLDT THREE. When I was in Munich last June, on a day off, I visited the graves of Sophie and Hans Scholl and Christophe Probst. Three young dissidents, members of THE WHITE ROSE MOVEMENT, who told the truth to power in 1943 and paid with their lives. These are the concluding lines of The White Rose Movement’s leaflet 5. In 1942: -FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, THE PROTECTION OF THE INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN FROM THE CAPRICE OF CRIMINAL VIOLENT STATES THESE ARE THE BASES OF THE NEW EUROPE- Sophie and Hans and Christophe died in defense of HUMAN RIGHTS. The choice before the German people, and their courts, now is stark and simple. It is not complicated, it is black and white. Do you believe in HUMAN RIGHTS or not? YOU DO! Great, then join the HUMBOLDT THREE in the fight for HUMAN RIGHTS under international law for the PEOPLE of PALESTINE, if Sophie and Hans and Christophe were alive today, they would. Love R.
Roger Waters Feb 24, 2019
A video I made for the concert on the Venezuelan side of the border tonight. #handsoffvenezuela
Roger Waters Feb 24, 2019
A video I made for the concert on the Venezuelan side of the border tonight. #handsoffvenezuela
Roger Waters Feb 24, 2019
A note from Roger: Here’s a message I sent to teleSUR, a Venezuelan TV station, sorry about the crappy subtitles it’s the best Facebook can do. Good morning. My name is Roger Waters. I'm in Europe and today is the day of action. It is the 23rd of February, 2019. There is a story here. It's about Venezuela. In 1998 after the Venezuelan people democratically elected a socialist government, the government nationalized the oil industry that is maybe, where the story starts. This did not go down well in the corridors of power. So four years later, aided and abetted by the US government, there was an attempted coup to remove Hugo Chavez who was the President of the country then. The coup failed. It lasted two days. There was an enormous uprising of protest from the people of Venezuela in the streets who demanded the return of the President so he was reinstated after two days. That was in 2002, so what to do next. Well, what the United States did was, Obama declared that Venezuela was a strategic threat to the United States and they imposed economic sanctions and a blockade through banking systems of the country 16 years later. Those illegal sanctions have borne the fruit that the US required them to bear. They want it to, for it meant dissent in the country by destroying the economy and by encouraging inflation and they have achieved that in various dissent without question in Venezuela. People are leaving Venezuela. Life is hard in Venezuela, particularly for poor people, mainly because of the inflation. It's a lie that there's no food, that's just wrong. There is tons of food, but it's too expensive for people to buy so they're having another goal at a coup, right now the groomed a puppet, his name's Guaidó or something like that and they've been grooming him for 10 years. It's very well documented so now he is meeting with his puppet masters who are on the other end of the bridge in the country of Colombia with a big line of C130 American military transport planes pretending that they are coming as saviors to save Venezuela from a crisis created by the current government. This is absolute nonsense of course it is absolutely charade in order for them to achieve what they try to achieve in 2002 and failed in regime change, because that government back in 1998, did something unthinkable to an abandoned American administration. It took the revenue from the oil industry and distributed it to all the Venezuelan people in social programs. Even the poor people... giving money to poor people. Because this is the main thrust of what I'm speaking to you today, but I am running out of time. I have a message for the puppet and for his masters from Washington DC... hands off Venezuela. What you are doing is immoral and illegal. We support you, people of Venezuela, millions of this, all over the world. Millions, despite what you might read in the newspapers, we love you. We each wish you well, history will probably show that socialism in Venezuela was a light shining for the way we should possibly organize politics in the rest of the world. All right, we're with you.
Roger Waters Feb 19, 2019
A note from Roger: The Red Cross and the UN, unequivocally agree, don’t politicize aid. Leave the Venezuelan people alone to exercise their legal right to self-determination.
Roger Waters Feb 17, 2019
Julian Assange
Roger Waters Feb 15, 2019
Roger Waters talks "Us + Them" tour, Pink Floyd, politics & more in BV interview
Roger Waters Feb 08, 2019
A note from Roger. I adored Albert Finney, a great actor, obviously, also obviously, a lovely man. I only ever worked with him once, he played the Judge in the Wall in Berlin in 1990. Best reading ever of “The Evidence Before The Court". Last thing he ever said to me, years after the Wall gig, on a racecourse, somewhere in the shires was, “How lovely to see you, when are we going to do another gig?" Sometimes I wish I’d been born a lovey and could have done more “Gigs” with Albie. Tears burn my eyes. Love R.
Roger Waters Feb 07, 2019
The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela's Coup Leader | The Grayzone
Roger Waters Feb 06, 2019
A note from Roger: One of the responses I got to “US hands-off Venezuela” was from an old friend, a Venezuelan expat musician
Roger Waters Feb 04, 2019
Roger Waters Feb 01, 2019
These two posts have gone out on the Palestine Justice Campaign website. Go there to learn more about the murders of the six Ziada family members who died in Gaza in July 2014. Please join me in supporting Ismail in his fight for justice. Love R.
Roger Waters Jan 30, 2019
There is a petition on aimed at persuading Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi to take a knee at halftime on Sunday: This is my band taking a knee at the end of a gig in Hartford, Connecticut on Sunday 24th of September 2017. We did it in solidarity with San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s gesture of protest against the endemic racism and often deadly force meted out by police departments across this land. It was the third Sunday of Colin Kaepernick’s lock out by the NFL. The message was clear, “Shut your mouth, boy!" Next Sunday will be the 36th Sunday he has been locked out of your national game. This is not a victory for the NFL, it is a defeat, you have denied football fans everywhere the pleasure and the honor of watching one of the greatest quarterbacks who ever played the game, and you have shown your true colors. You can sit in your boardrooms and huff and puff on your cigars in your glass boxes, but your action is a poke in the eye for everything that is decent in America. Colin Kaepernick is an American hero. If the USA is to have a future, it is the Colin Kaepernicks of this world who will lead you there, in fact, it is Colin Kaepernick who is leading you now. My colleagues Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi are performing during the halftime show at the Super-bowl this coming Sunday, I call upon them to “take a knee” on stage in full sight. I call upon them to do it in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, to do it for every child shot to death on these mean streets, to do it for every bereaved mother and father and brother and sister. My mother used to say to me, “In any situation there is nearly always a right thing to do, just do it.” So, there you go my brothers, you are faced with a choice, I’m not saying it will be easy, all the Presidents men, all the huffers and puffers, will be royally pissed off, but, $#@%’em, I call upon you to do it because it’s the right thing to do and because somewhere inside you know it. Love Roger Waters
Roger Waters Jan 19, 2019
Roger Waters
Roger Waters Jan 19, 2019
's cover photo
Roger Waters Dec 31, 2018
A note from Roger: New Year 2019
Roger Waters Dec 20, 2018
A note from Roger: The Jerusalem Post / 'UK Pink Floyd Experience’ have change of HEART. In the Jerusalem Post, Ziv Rubinstein says he flew to England to speak to the band and 'spoke to their HEART’ for a week. Hmmm! According to the band's spokesperson, Dave Power, Rubinstein 'spent days explaining to him and the rest of the band that, he, ‘Rubinstein' and 'EGO concerts' the promoters would sue 'UK Pink Floyd Experience' relentlessly, and that, he, ‘Dave Powers’ would be broken financially and would probably lose his house.’ After a week of HEART to HEART, the band caved. I’m sorry you buckled boys, I could, and would, have helped you resist had you asked. It has been suggested that I published your phone numbers as an act of spite. I don’t know any of your phone numbers. It's just part of the Israeli lobby’s Hasbara, trying to paint me as a wicked bully rather than a concerned human rights activist. You have told my management that you’ll be doing a set in Israel without performing any of my songs. Well, thank you for that small concession, it won’t bring back the dead or help end the occupation, but please post the set list. I’ll be most interested. I assume it will comprise Syd's songs, Great Gig, Fat Old Sun, and post-1985 material? Please ask the Israeli tribute band who share the bill with you to denounce their country's apartheid policies during their set. I hope they, like you, are not playing any of my songs. I bear you no ill will. Love
Roger Waters Dec 13, 2018
156 shows in 35 countries. Thank you to the best team on earth!!