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The Creeping Unknown
Robert Scott Jan 12, 2019
Robert Scott Dec 24, 2018
A seafaring drinking song performed at the Fig Tree Coffee Art and Music Lounge, Roseville CA ib Dec 2018
Robert Scott Dec 24, 2018
An Irish folk song performed at the Fig Tree Coffee Art and Music Lounge in Rosaeville, CA in Dec 2018
Robert Scott Dec 24, 2018
"Monto," an Irish folk song, performed at the Fig Tree, Roseville CA in Dec 2018.
Robert Scott Dec 10, 2018
Can you spare a minute to help Robert Scott?
Robert Scott Nov 17, 2018
I grew up on Hee Haw, but somehow never truly appreciated how great of an entertainer Roy was. RIP, 1933-2018.
Robert Scott May 10, 2018
Watch out Folk World. She’s only 17. her voice is a powerhouse and her songwriting solid. Madison Carr.
Robert Scott May 06, 2018
Mean Mary at the Gamble Rogers Music Festival! Nuff said.
Robert Scott Apr 17, 2018
Appalachian Memes
Robert Scott Apr 17, 2018
Wish I could get back on that dirt road!
Robert Scott Mar 13, 2018
My second cigar box guitar--The Edge. I bought the box at an antique store. Walnut neck, maple fret board, purple heart bridge and nut. I purchased the piezo pick-up kit from A sound sample is here:
Robert Scott Mar 11, 2018
Irish Craic and Humour
Robert Scott Mar 05, 2018
Never been a fan of the ukulele until now. This proves that the dinkiest of things in the right hands is gold.
Robert Scott Feb 22, 2018
Everybody wants to be Irish--SHEESH!!
Robert Scott Feb 11, 2018
And he just keeps doing it. Great stuff!
Robert Scott Feb 08, 2018
Well, this is a bit different! A folk metal version and loving it. Though I don't why someone calls it an "ol pirate song." Doubt it. I'm sure it's simply a moonshiner song. But you never know. Maybe it does have a nautical history. I'll be hunting that down.
Robert Scott Jan 31, 2018
Old-Timey Set List
Robert Scott Jan 31, 2018
Irish Set List
Robert Scott Jan 25, 2018
So, I walk into an open mic. I sit down and get my banjo ready. As I'm doing this I notice an older fella plucking around on an acoustic bass guitar. I've been on the lookout for a bass guitar player to jam with, and I'm thinking, "Maybe this guy would like to jam sometime." We chat for a bit, but I don't say anything yet. He makes a joke about himself that he knows how to embarrass himself on a few instruments. So I figure he knows a thing or two and wait till his turn to play to see what kind of music he is into. Finally, his name is called. Come to find out he is Rick Dougherty of the current Kingston Trio.
Robert Scott Jan 19, 2018
At Straw hat Pizza in Yuba City. Do wish I had shaved that day.
Robert Scott Jan 03, 2018
Robert Scott Creative
Robert Scott Dec 22, 2017
I like how he does it
Robert Scott Dec 19, 2017
Made my first cigar box guitar for a friend. Cigars were from Cuba, so you know it's good. Didn't have a chance to record anything, since I had to give it the day after it was finished. Does have a good sound though.
Robert Scott Nov 27, 2017
The History of Appalachian English: Why We Talk Differently | Appalachian Magazine
Robert Scott Nov 22, 2017
Great Big Story