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Cracked, Shattered & Pop
Rob J Madin Jul 30, 2019
T-shirts available until Saturday:
Rob J Madin Jul 20, 2019
Photo by Mark Howe
Rob J Madin Jul 18, 2019
Approaching the final 24 hours of this thing. Don't miss out on dem sweet cassettes.
Rob J Madin Jul 04, 2019
Only two weeks left to get this on limited edition cassette...
Rob J Madin Jun 30, 2019
If anybody missed out on getting a copy of Steamroller on 12" vinyl, there are currently TWO left at the link below! These are the final two copies - there will be no more available after they've gone. (They also come with a digital version of my new EP, just FYI).
Rob J Madin Jun 28, 2019
Pre-order on limited edition cassette tape (or digital download):
Rob J Madin Jun 24, 2019
I've recorded a new 6-track EP, called 'For Those About To Yacht...' and it's available to pre-order on LIMITED EDITION cassette tape now (along with a load of other stuff). Here's one of the tracks in full:
Rob J Madin May 09, 2019
DECENT EVENING #2 (ft. Joe Wilkinson, Pete Heat + more TBA) is coming to 2Northdown on May 21st, 8pm. Joe is a regular on Cats Does Countdown & recently appeared in Ricky Gervais’s After Life on Netflix, and is generally a very funny human being. Pete is a tall wizard who taught Dumbledore everything there is to know about magic. (He gave Jude Law some tips for his role in Fantastic Beasts). He is also a very funny human being. I’ll be there too, doing some songs and that - and there should hopefully be one more special guest announced soon. It’s in less than 2 weeks time, so secure your tickets now!
Rob J Madin May 01, 2019
High brow entertainment last night at Decent Evening. Thanks to everyone who came to it, and to Tim and Lou for absolutely stonking sets. Next one is May 21st!
Rob J Madin Apr 24, 2019
Rob J Madin Apr 11, 2019
⚠️REMINDER⚠️ This is happening soon. Ft. Lou Sanders, Tim Renkow & Brett Domino at 2Northdown 🎫:
Rob J Madin Apr 05, 2019
Do *you* like 90s era R&B with loads of #OrchestraHit synth stabs? Then you might *love* this remix I did this afternoon...
Rob J Madin Mar 30, 2019
Rob J Madin Mar 15, 2019
Here's a new mix of an old song. Out now at iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and (for just 70p, if you can believe it). #SheSoFine 📽️ VIDEO:
Rob J Madin Mar 13, 2019
Rob J Madin Mar 06, 2019
💿 NEW REMIX 💿 This one's for a remix contest to win a pair of studio monitors (which I could really do with as my current ones are on the fritz). Give it a listen if you fancy - every play helps! Ta.
Rob J Madin Mar 05, 2019
Rob J Madin Mar 04, 2019
#JERK starts on BBC1 tonight for anyone who can’t remember their iPlayer log-in details. (New Fleabag & Alan too. What a night). 💪
Rob J Madin Feb 24, 2019
Chuffed to be part of an excellent sitcom with the delectable Tim Renkow & the delightful Sharon Rooney. (Also ft. THE Lorraine Bracco, AKA. Dr. Melfi off The Sopranos, would you believe). All four episodes of #JERK are now available to stream on iPlayer & it starts on BBC1 a week on Monday at 11pm. 💪
Rob J Madin Jan 15, 2019
JANUARY SALE! Get 20% off Steamroller all month. Just enter this code: "gizitmecheap"
Rob J Madin Dec 20, 2018
🎄 SOME CHRISTMAS THINGS 🎄 1. A Festive Podcast Ep - 2. Biggie x McCartney Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD) - 3. Der Pfuffets Krispbread Shoe -
Rob J Madin Dec 14, 2018
A festive mash-up for you. Merry Christmas.
Rob J Madin Dec 12, 2018
Greig Johnson's Comedy Area
Rob J Madin Nov 30, 2018
Rob J Madin