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Cracked, Shattered & Pop
Rob J Madin Apr 11, 2019
⚠️REMINDER⚠️ This is happening soon. Ft. Lou Sanders, Tim Renkow & Brett Domino at 2Northdown 🎫:
Rob J Madin Apr 05, 2019
Do *you* like 90s era R&B with loads of #OrchestraHit synth stabs? Then you might *love* this remix I did this afternoon...
Rob J Madin Mar 30, 2019
Rob J Madin Mar 15, 2019
Here's a new mix of an old song. Out now at iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and (for just 70p, if you can believe it). #SheSoFine 📽️ VIDEO:
Rob J Madin Mar 13, 2019
Rob J Madin Mar 06, 2019
💿 NEW REMIX 💿 This one's for a remix contest to win a pair of studio monitors (which I could really do with as my current ones are on the fritz). Give it a listen if you fancy - every play helps! Ta.
Rob J Madin Mar 05, 2019
Rob J Madin Mar 04, 2019
#JERK starts on BBC1 tonight for anyone who can’t remember their iPlayer log-in details. (New Fleabag & Alan too. What a night). 💪
Rob J Madin Feb 24, 2019
Chuffed to be part of an excellent sitcom with the delectable Tim Renkow & the delightful Sharon Rooney. (Also ft. THE Lorraine Bracco, AKA. Dr. Melfi off The Sopranos, would you believe). All four episodes of #JERK are now available to stream on iPlayer & it starts on BBC1 a week on Monday at 11pm. 💪
Rob J Madin Jan 15, 2019
JANUARY SALE! Get 20% off Steamroller all month. Just enter this code: "gizitmecheap"
Rob J Madin Dec 20, 2018
🎄 SOME CHRISTMAS THINGS 🎄 1. A Festive Podcast Ep - 2. Biggie x McCartney Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD) - 3. Der Pfuffets Krispbread Shoe -
Rob J Madin Dec 14, 2018
A festive mash-up for you. Merry Christmas.
Rob J Madin Dec 12, 2018
Greig Johnson's Comedy Area
Rob J Madin Nov 30, 2018
Rob J Madin
Rob J Madin Nov 29, 2018
Rob J Madin Nov 28, 2018
Rob J Madin Nov 12, 2018
I have TEN of these limited edition 12" versions of the album going spare (only 100 were pressed). Who wants one...?
Rob J Madin Nov 03, 2018
🎶 STEAMROLLER RECORDS ARE ON THEIR WAY. A bit earlier than expected (but still much later than initially advertised), the limited edition LPs left the pressing plant yesterday and are currently being distributed around the globe. If you ordered one, keep an eye out for its arrival in the coming week or two (depending where you are)... 📸 Post a pic of yourself with the album & tag where you are in the world. I'll repost the best ones on FB / Twitter. It'd be good to see where they end up (and to check they arrive ok)! ⚠️ Please note that the 'megabundle' records will take slightly longer, as they'll have to stop off at Sheffield for me to sign them first. 🍍 Didn't order one but wish you had? There's a VERY small number of extra records available. Stay tuned for more info soon.
Rob J Madin Oct 30, 2018
LATEST STEAMROLLER VINYL UPDATE: The estimated shipping date from the pressing plant is currently November 9th, so not *too* long now. Again, apologies for the delay. In the mean time, here's some new music... It's a remix of a track by KIIARA. You can listen to it on SKIO Music here:
Rob J Madin Oct 09, 2018
NON-ALBUM NEWS: A friend and I recorded a podcast about 3 months ago then completely forgot to tell anyone it was online... So here it is. It's all about TV shows. Caitlin talks quite elequently throughout (she'd written notes), while I bring very little to the table, aside from some useless comments and a few silly jingles. Give it a listen and it you like it make sure you subscribe. Episode 2 coming soon...
Rob J Madin Sep 18, 2018
Rob J Madin Sep 11, 2018
Download it now & burn it to CD for your hi-fi system.
Rob J Madin Aug 29, 2018
Big thanks to everyone who's downloaded / streamed / paid for / said nice things about Steamroller so far! To those still waiting on the vinyl, I'm afraid there's been a bit of a delay as the test pressings weren't up to scratch. Bit of a pain in the arse, but trying to get it sorted as quickly as possible. Will update ASAP. 👊
Rob J Madin Aug 13, 2018
TEST PRESSINGS! (Steamroller vinyl coming soon)...
Rob J Madin Aug 11, 2018