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Son of a Legend
RJ Word Jun 20, 2019
Grookey & Me 😍
RJ Word Jun 11, 2019
This magic hour selfie concludes the pointless trilogy of photos I’ve posted over the past few days. I hope you enjoy it (like & comment obvi), then turn off insta and listen to some music. xoxo RJ
RJ Word Jun 07, 2019
For anyone else getting a late start, Good Morning! 😴
RJ Word Jun 05, 2019
I don’t like posting selfies. Why do you keep liking them?
RJ Word Jun 05, 2019
Non tu l’es plus #YouPlayedYourself @victormagan
RJ Word Jun 04, 2019
RJ Word May 31, 2019
RJ Word May 31, 2019
Weird singer faces 🤪
RJ Word May 17, 2019
What’s your favorite Beatles song?
RJ Word May 08, 2019
“This is a gym selfie.” (2019)
RJ Word May 08, 2019
Off the record - #MiTu
RJ Word May 05, 2019
Thanks for all the love everyone has been showing You Played Yourself! @victormagan #DancePop #SadBeats #EDM #TopHits #ChillMusic #Electronica
RJ Word May 04, 2019
Just you, me and this view?
RJ Word May 01, 2019
Sometimes I like to lean on lamp posts and pretend I’m in Europe. Where’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? 🤷🏻‍♂️ #jordans
RJ Word Apr 29, 2019
It rained last night in LA😊☔️ Do you prefer sun or rain?
RJ Word Apr 21, 2019
#YouPlayedYourSelf @victormagan Out Now! #edmfamily
RJ Word Apr 18, 2019
's cover photo
RJ Word Apr 17, 2019
“And as long as I've got my #suit and… I forgot the tie.”
RJ Word Apr 16, 2019
You Played Yourself 4•18 @victormagan #YPY #edmfamily
RJ Word Apr 11, 2019
Throwback to “I’m Gone”! I was 18 when we did that shoot. Time flies 🚀👀 #tbt #bts
RJ Word Apr 11, 2019
You Played Yourself 4-18 @victormagan ♥️♠️♦️♣️ #NewMusic
RJ Word Apr 04, 2019
I need a chair 🤦🏻‍♂️
RJ Word Mar 30, 2019
“Mulholland Drive” #mulhollanddrive
RJ Word Mar 29, 2019
New Music 🎶Soon!
RJ Word Mar 28, 2019
TBT Thursday - Rain Boxing 🥊