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Rival Tides
My God Is Fire
Rival Tides Aug 20, 2019
Deeper Cuts "This is about two people from damaged backgrounds who find each other and make each other better. They recognize their flaws and past trauma and instead of enabling further self-harm, they use it as fuel to hold each other accountable. They let each other in to the darkest parts of themselves without judgement. They also support the best in each other, and fight for one another. The darkness never truly goes away, but two is always better than one in a fight." -Robyn Stream it here:
Rival Tides Aug 15, 2019
These Hands Were Made For Love "This song is really about expectations. I try to be a better man every day. I know that everything that's happened in life led me to who and where I am today. I have no real regrets, but try to remind myself that I can always do better. I want to be a man of true character, integrity, and love. I want to be accountable and protect those who mean the most to me." - Robyn Stream it here:
Rival Tides Jul 30, 2019
Our next show is on Saturday with NEW LANGUAGE, Barley and Antivillain! What songs from MY GOD IS FIRE do you want to see us play at NEFT Vodka Local Road To Hermosa?
Rival Tides Jul 24, 2019
More cool news today- we were played on The World Famous KROQ's Locals Only on Sunday night! Catch the full playlist here (and maybe give us a vote or two 😉)
Rival Tides Jul 23, 2019
We're thrilled to announce that we're part of Sounds of the Underground, a new show featuring a variety of alternative acts like Emarosa, August Burns Red, Craig Owens, and more. Watch the teaser below and subscribe to the YouTube channel for ongoing updates.
Rival Tides Jul 16, 2019
Vinyl is here and shipping now! 🔥The Clear w/ Blue and Orange Splatter is limited to 100. 🔥The Molten Vinyl is super-custom, hand poured by Wax Mage Records, and limited to 20. (Both those photos are each side of the same record!) Get your copy here:
Rival Tides Jul 10, 2019
We did something really cool with The Wildfires Projekt last week. We'll have more details to share soon.
Rival Tides Jun 19, 2019
Robyn directed the new acoustic/unplugged performance for our friends in I the Mighty. Watch a clip here: See any familiar faces in the crowd?
Rival Tides May 23, 2019
Red Hare Images got some great shots of us at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen earlier this month with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Demon In Me, and Differences! Check them out.
Rival Tides May 21, 2019
Thanks to Kat Corbett for including "All My Friends Are Stoned" on Sunday night's Locals Only on The World Famous KROQ! Check out the playlist at the link.
Rival Tides May 15, 2019
Wow... Thanks to your support, we made it back in the top 5 of The World Famous KROQ Locals Only on Sunday! We love hearing Kat Corbett play All My Friends Are Stoned. Check out the latest playlist at the link and keep up the votes! 🔥
Rival Tides May 09, 2019
Thanks to Kat Corbett and The World Famous KROQ for spinning "All My Friends Are Stoned" on Sunday night's Locals Only! Check out the playlist at the link below.
Rival Tides Apr 25, 2019
Two weeks until our next show, with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Differences at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen! We're ready to hit the stage again. 📷: Life Facsimiles Photography
Rival Tides Apr 18, 2019
Thanks to Rob Crosbie and Working Progress for including our music on tonight's show! Tune in via DCR Online at 1pm PST.
Rival Tides Apr 09, 2019
We didn't make it on The World Famous KROQ Locals Only Top 5 this week, but the incredible Kat Corbett still included "All My Friends Are Stoned" on the playlist! Let's get back to the top now. We only have until Thursday to vote (due to Coachella), so make sure to vote every day!
Rival Tides Apr 02, 2019
We're still in The World Famous KROQ​'s Locals Only top 5! Thank you for helping us get airplay every weekend in March. Can we do it again in April? Vote every day at the link below!
Rival Tides Mar 30, 2019
The My God Is Fire album release show was one of the greatest nights of our time as a band. Thank you for allowing us to share our passion with you. 📷: Samantha Paige Bass
Rival Tides Mar 27, 2019
Today's to-do list: 1. Vote for Rival Tides to play on The World Famous KROQ (vote every day): 2. Grab your tickets for tomorrow night's show at The Satellite:
Rival Tides Mar 26, 2019
We hit #3 in this week's Locals Only on The World Famous KROQ. Thanks to everyone for all the votes and support! We can stay in the top 5 for another week with your help. Go to the link below and vote for Rival Tides every day this week!
Rival Tides Mar 22, 2019
Can we get #1 again on The World Famous KROQ Locals Only this weekend? We can with your help! Vote each day here:
Rival Tides Mar 21, 2019
We'll be playing My God Is Fire in its entirety at our album release show next week at The Satellite with The Active Set and Moa. Make sure to get your tickets in advance.
Rival Tides Mar 19, 2019
Thanks to BuzzBands.LA for the support! We can't wait to see everyone at our album release show at The Satellite next week!
Rival Tides Mar 18, 2019
We're at the top of the Locals Only charts for the second week in a row! Let's keep the momentum going! With your votes every day, we can keep playing on The World Famous KROQ as #1. 🔥
Rival Tides Mar 18, 2019
Were the #1 band on The World Famous KROQ’s Locals Only for the second week in a row! This is amazing. We’re honored to have such incredible fans. Thank you.
Rival Tides Mar 16, 2019
My God Is Fire is available on CD, streaming, and digital formats. Watch the "Vultures!" music video now.