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Rival Tides
Audiovent with Heartless, Rival Tides, and Monaghans Dixon at Pub Rock (March 16, 2019)
Venue: Pub Rock (Scottsdale, AZ, US) Find tickets
Rival Tides Feb 22, 2019
Our new album, My God Is Fire, was produced by Beau Burchell (Saosin, The Bronx, Senses Fail) and will be available on March 15 via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp. Preorders are available now: Track listing: 1. All My Friends Are Stoned 2. Vultures! 3. Deeper Cuts 4. These Hands Were Made for Love 5. Sour Milk 6. Bread for Thieves 7. Seconds 8. Sore Neck 9. Built You an Altar 10. Don't Give the Ending Away
Rival Tides Feb 21, 2019
Thanks to TRX Cymbals America for the support! Greg proudly uses TRX Cymbals, not only for our video but for recording the new album too.
Rival Tides Feb 20, 2019
Watch the first single from our new album, MY GOD IS FIRE, out March 15.
Rival Tides Feb 20, 2019
Thanks to Substream Magazine for today's coverage of our album announcement and new single. If you haven't seen our video for "All My Friends Are Stoned," watch it now!
Rival Tides Feb 19, 2019
's cover photo
Rival Tides Feb 19, 2019
We are proud to announce the first single from our upcoming record, MY GOD IS FIRE. Watch the video for "All My Friends Are Stoned" exclusively on Substream Magazine.
Rival Tides Feb 18, 2019
Rival Tides Feb 13, 2019
Arizona, we're heading your way on March 16! We can't wait to come back to Pub Rock Live to share a stage with AUDIOVENT, The Heartless, and Monaghans Dixon. We'll be playing a lot of new songs and tickets are on sale now.
Rival Tides Feb 11, 2019
A behind the scenes look at our video shoot yesterday. More coming soon.
Rival Tides Nov 08, 2018
Robyn got married last month! We all showed up to give our love and support. Jason even officiated it! Happy tears were shed by everyone. We couldn't resist an impromptu photo shoot, posing with a few specific genres in mind. Guess what music styles we emulated in each pic. 😉 Thanks Mike Kingsbaker for the shots!
Rival Tides Sep 04, 2018
Well, big update in the world of Rival Tides. Alex has decided to part ways with the band. He's focusing on some other projects in his own life, which we fully support. • We're infinitely grateful to Alex for his hard work. He was a founding member and did a lot to get us where we are today. We'll be continuing as a four-piece for the time being, with friends of ours helping out, too. • Lastly, we want to thank Alex for his involvement in the creation of our new album. We're still moving forward with it and we are incredibly proud of what we all created. Once it's released, we know you'll be as excited about it as we are. • SO FOR A FULL RECAP: Alex left. We love him still. We are a four-piece for now. Full-length album coming soon. Thank you for your patience.
Rival Tides Sep 04, 2018
's cover photo
Rival Tides Jul 30, 2018
New addition to our merch store - Logo Stickers! Limited quantities available, so get one now:
Rival Tides Jul 01, 2018
In case you missed it, we're playing Monday night at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen with Hawthorne Heights and Cvltvre for a free show! Line ups start at 7, with wristbands given out at 7:30.
Rival Tides Jun 21, 2018
If you're going to Vans Warped Tour in Pomona or Ventura, stop by the PinUp Productions tent and grab a compilation! If you take a photo of your copy and tag us, we'll send you some free stuff!
Rival Tides Jun 07, 2018
Who's going to the final Vans Warped Tour? If you'll be in Ventura or Pomona, stop by the PinUp Productions tent and grab a compilation! We're on there, along with a bunch of other great bands!
Rival Tides Apr 24, 2018
RT LP1 is underway! We're tracking with Beau Burchell and it's already sounding amazing.
Rival Tides Feb 17, 2018
🚨HUGE ALBUM UPDATE🚨: We are thrilled to announce that we will be recording our full length debut album with Beau Burchell of Saosin! He's produced records for bands we love like The Bronx, Senses Fail, Moose Blood, Hundred Suns, the Bled, Underoath, and so many more. We'll be going in to the studio with Beau at the end of April. We're thrilled to be creating this album for YOU. Thank you all so much again for your support during our Indiegogo campaign.🤘
Rival Tides Feb 14, 2018
Happy Valentine's Day! Feel free to use this hand-made card to share the love. <3
Rival Tides Feb 11, 2018
Our "Child" video is online! Watch it now:
Rival Tides Jan 29, 2018
Free shows are the best! We have one coming up on Feb 10 at The Slidebar. Stick around the whole time and you could be in Hail Sagan's music video shoot, too!
Rival Tides Jan 15, 2018
In case you didn't hear, thanks to Facebook's algorithm (all hail the algorithm), our first show of 2018 will be Feb 10 at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Kitchen, with Hail Sagan, RIVALS, and The Scars Heal In Time. Don't miss this FREE show!
Rival Tides Jan 15, 2018
Our Indiegogo campaign came to an end last night. We set a very lofty goal for ourselves and your support blew our expectations away. We didn’t hit 100%, but the contributions will still greatly help us make this record happen. We’ll have more details on the recording process soon, and anyone who still wants to contribute can grab some merch from our online store. It all helps. Our thanks go out to these incredible people for supporting our dream: Charles V., Susan W., Athena and Giovanni, Tyler T., Lan N., Mel, Katie W., Martin K., Lucia F., Robert C., Bobby and Laurie L., Brian M., Sandra A., Adrian G., Liberty P., Bradley C., Jenn W., Michael H., Sue K., Mike A., Erin M., Kristina L., Rick & Peggy, Bill F., Jenni F., Tim B., Robb Z., Daniel B., J Daniel R., Mark G., Gen E., James W., Jenn W., David A., Pete M., Shane S., Lisa M., James C., Donovan M., Tracy P., Enzo A., Romain B., Cassie W., Sammi D., Tim V., Cara P., Alex P., Samuel S., Jeanne & Roland D., Merry N., Nick H., Benjamin B., Chris E., Laura G., Shane G., Elvira S., Meg R., Sammi B., Kathy F., Serge B., Sapphire M., Laura R., Jason V., Kevin F., Lynne R., Thomas W., Jisu K., and the anonymous contributors.
Rival Tides Jan 14, 2018
Time is almost up! Just 45 minutes left in our campaign, so gogo!
Rival Tides Jan 14, 2018
Last chance to pledge! The crowdfunding campaign ends tonight. We're eternally grateful to everyone who has already joined in this project with us. You're all a part of this new album. We can't wait to get it recorded and share it with you.