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La Condamine
Esoteric Carnaval (Remixes Edition)
Mi Pieza Esta Llena De Cosas
Ricardo Tobar Feb 22, 2019
the news is out there. new album: 22/03/2019 ESP Institute
Ricardo Tobar Feb 20, 2019
Ricardo Tobar Feb 18, 2019
i'm so happy to start the year with new music coming out! the "birds" single is coming out this week on ESP Institute, two cuts to dance or relax, as you wish. please stay tuned for more news!! 🥰
Ricardo Tobar Oct 09, 2018
little melodies exploration 🎆
Ricardo Tobar Aug 24, 2018
long time no see friends. here you have some musical recommendations if you are planning to spend a musical weekend. soon will be news about new music! wheels are in motion!!
Ricardo Tobar Apr 13, 2018
mighty Sven Väth finishing the massive Time Warp festival with my song "la condamine" out on MUSAR a few months ago. such a hero! 🙏🙏🙏
Ricardo Tobar Mar 05, 2018
in december i did my final 2017 release and it was on the magical ESP Institute. i have loads of news coming on 2018 about this collaboration so please take these songs as a humble first chapter. ♥️♥️♥️
Ricardo Tobar Feb 19, 2018
starting the year finally and feeling this one, still. 🌈🌀🏔️
Ricardo Tobar Feb 09, 2018
some songs i choose for @buenosaliens, tomorrow i will be spinning records in buenos aires, come!! 🚀
Ricardo Tobar Dec 15, 2017
gracias a Noisey en Español por la premier de mi canción "star alliance" y por las buenas palabras sobre ella! thanks to Noisey en Español for premiering my song "star allince" and for their wonderful words about it! 🔥💥♥️
Ricardo Tobar Dec 06, 2017
new EP will be out 18/12/2017 it's coming out through the massive ESP Institute you can hear A1 now!! ☄☄☄
Ricardo Tobar Dec 01, 2017
i wanted to share this piece of news with you since a long time and now the time is here and i'm so excited to announce my new single, "liturgia", on ESP Institute i've been following the label since the very beginning with the young marco releases and i always found it fascinating. i was so happy when we got to talk with andrew Lovefingers and we managed to secure a spot for this weird percussive music i was doing. hope you like this new stuff. i'm definitely finishing this release year on a high note!! hugs for everyone!!!
Ricardo Tobar Nov 08, 2017
hello everyone, i was looking for some tracks on my old hard drive and i realized i still have the old mix of my song "teenager". i have received, over the years, loads of emails asking about this song. apparently it went viral when james played it in one of his old dj sets and escalated from there. somehow it became a "trance anthem" in the underground, or youtube for that matter. after that and a series of years later i was asked to do a release where i did put the song but not the original mix. i never knew what happened with that digital ep, i never got any news from the label or stats after the release, so now you can get the original song from my bandcamp. i wonder if i should do a proper vinyl release some day, let's see. all the love for you ✊ ricardo
Ricardo Tobar Oct 30, 2017
do you need a soundtrack for your week? Phantasy ♥️♥️♥️
Ricardo Tobar Oct 26, 2017
Erol Alkan excellent Phantasy label asked me to contribute to their label podcast and, of course, i did it gladly. you will find some of the stuff i'm listening lately, a bit of everything. i think you can definitely enjoy this more at home but of course you can throw some dance move here and there. i also did a little interview, find everything in the link below.
Ricardo Tobar Oct 25, 2017
you can hear the original mix of "rue calme" now thanks to Deep House London! you can find the vinyl in stores.
Ricardo Tobar Oct 24, 2017
my friends at are doing the premier of Marc Piñol remix to my song "rue calme" 👇👇👇
Ricardo Tobar Oct 20, 2017
you can hear "la condamine", my new song directly from soundcloud now. this is coming to stores now!
Ricardo Tobar Oct 19, 2017
my song "la condamine' is previewing now at LIQUID YOUTH!! there's a little interview to read while listening. i hope you like it ♥️
Ricardo Tobar Oct 03, 2017
first song you can hear from my next EP!
Ricardo Tobar Sep 29, 2017
first preview of "La Condamine" my next single, courtesy of Mr.Ulrich Schnauss
Ricardo Tobar Sep 22, 2017
tonight i will be spinning some records at Chalet Club "Official" in berlin!! and don't forget about this ☄
Ricardo Tobar Sep 14, 2017
get ready ✌️
Ricardo Tobar Sep 13, 2017
thanks to Lawrence / Official for this: