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I Can See You, Can You See Me?
The Rex the Dog Show
Rex the Dog at The Palm House (April 26, 2019)
Venue: The Palm House (Belfast, UK) Find tickets
Rex the Dog at Berkeley Suite (April 27, 2019)
Venue: Berkeley Suite (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Rex the Dog at Else (May 5, 2019)
Venue: Else (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Rex the Dog at Sala El Sol (May 10, 2019)
Venue: Sala El Sol (Madrid, Spain) Find tickets
Rex the Dog with DJ Pierre and Chad Jackson at Tribeca (June 1, 2019)
Venue: Tribeca (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
Low Festival Low Festival 2019
Venue: Estadio Municipal De Foietes (Benidorm, Spain) Find tickets
Rex The Dog Apr 10, 2019
Just announced!! This is going to be really cool. I love Barnt so much and we’ve never been on the same line up until this. Never played at ELSE either, so can’t wait for (sunny please) Berlin! Kompakt Records
Rex The Dog Mar 21, 2019 Pleeeeeeease can the UK stay in the EU.
Rex The Dog Mar 15, 2019
Newcastle! A live set from me tonight with the modular synth, and a B2B DJ set with @manpowermakesmusic . All glued together with proper DJ action from Man Power (i.e without my interference 😂). We kick off at 9pm at the Star and Shadow Cinema so it’s one to get down early for!
Rex The Dog Mar 14, 2019
Never seen anything quite like this before! A mural / graffiti for Friday’s party with @manpowermusic (pictured!) in Newcastle. I will be trying steal the whole thing.
Rex The Dog Mar 12, 2019
Leeds tomorrow night for a mid-week live set at Wire Club.
Rex The Dog Feb 22, 2019
Playing Iive tonight in Monterrey with Man Power at TOPAZdeluxe!
Rex The Dog Feb 01, 2019
I did a little interview with Austin Chronicle, where I answer the pertinent question from my mother: 'Why don't you do another one of those hits?' :-)
Rex The Dog Jan 31, 2019
Arrived in Austin Texas. My first time in Texas and it's great so far! Playing this Friday night with the modular synth at The North Door for Margin Walker Presents and Switched On Looking forward to meeting any Texan synth fans! Come down!
Rex The Dog Jan 25, 2019
A very stripped sound 😀 Hotel room pre-show programming. Mexico and US dates this weekend and next x
Rex The Dog Jan 24, 2019
I like a stripped analogue sound so that’s where I’ve steered us with my mix for 6AM 'Fast Train to Breda’; as the name suggests I put it together on 4 different trains on my way to a show in Breda in the Netherlands.
Rex The Dog Jan 20, 2019
‘You Are A Blade’ with lasers last night in Breda 🥰
Rex The Dog Dec 29, 2018
Nitsa Club Barcelona tonight... 3am live set 🤪
Rex The Dog Dec 20, 2018
Ahead of my New York show tomorrow, I picked 5 tracks for Big Shot Magazine. They are reeeeeeally good tracks, so check it out!
Rex The Dog Dec 19, 2018
This is me for the next month or so, next up is Breda :-) Lots of Mexico coming, and some more USA x
Rex The Dog Dec 18, 2018 My favourite thing I made this year. It's a bit dark at first, but that's so you can see the blinking lights! Kiwi Jennifer Cardini Correspondant
Rex The Dog Dec 15, 2018
Paris tonight!
Rex The Dog Dec 13, 2018
I just posted this over on insta (feel free to follow me on instagram btw @rexthedog1980) A bit of trivial history... Before I was Rex The Dog, I was JX. But before that, I was ‘Equinox’. The Equinox records came out on a short lived student run label and I think we sold about 3 copies. The tracks were hardcore with piano breaks and acapella snippets. Not very good, but it was exciting to get this review in Echoes Music Magazine. I was in some good company :-)
Rex The Dog Dec 11, 2018
I’ll be in Paris for a late night set at La Java this Saturday! It will be an underwater, aquatic-themed affair apparently :) Tickets are available here:
Rex The Dog Dec 03, 2018
Rex The Dog
Rex The Dog Dec 03, 2018
I made a DJ mix for Deep House Amsterdam ! I'm very pleased with it, it's a mix of wonky sequencer lines and wobbly/squirty synths. There's some fantastic early stuff from Public Possession, a great collaboration between DJ Haus / Unknown To The Unknown and Hugo Massien, a bezerk white noise riot from the wonderful Patrice Baumel and a driving EBMish banger to cap it all off from Schwefelgelb. Oh, and the track in the middle, by Autarkic is total gold, thanks to Man Power for introducing me to it, and for the CDJ lessons!
Rex The Dog Nov 23, 2018
Rex The Dog
Rex The Dog Nov 23, 2018
Duelling Modulars! Here's me playing around with my live and studio modular rigs. Live rig on the left, studio rig on the right... The music is from my remix for Kiwi's 'Condor' which is out today on Correspondant
Rex The Dog Nov 21, 2018
Just announced! Mexico City in February for Electric Daisy Carnival - EDC Mexico with Marvin & Guy and Barnt. Lasers at the ready.
Rex The Dog Nov 20, 2018
I made a remix for Kiwi's new EP. It's t r a a a a a a a a a n c e y... It comes out on Correspondant this Friday. Les Yeux Orange have got the premiere here:
Rex The Dog Nov 17, 2018
Bought one of these on eBay today... hope it is as good as I remember from playing one in my local music shop when I was 15. (The U-220 was apparently used for the main organ riff in Felix ‘Don’t You Want Me’ so I ‘need’ it 😂) Update: Its a massive pain in the ass to operate and doesn't have the Felix organ sound. Dammit.