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The Revelation
Acoustic Live from the Gibson Lounge
Light It Up
Light It Up
Rev Theory Apr 26, 2019
Rev Theory Apr 25, 2019
Rev Theory Apr 25, 2019
Rev Theory Apr 25, 2019
Just got this news today, if your on Spotify get it done ✅
Rev Theory Apr 12, 2019
join in:-)
Rev Theory Apr 11, 2019
Creating the 'ROCK HARDER' Playlist on our Rev Theory Spotify Page, THE customized playlist for all things Hard Rock - Metal and Pushing Sh*t to the limit! Give me your top 5 Pump up tunes, your 'Go To's' for daily workouts and getting speeding tickets?!:-)
Rev Theory Apr 10, 2019
killing kind was voted, from you the fans, as the fav of ‘The Revelation’ stream it straight from the teet:-)
Rev Theory Apr 07, 2019
favorite track off our last album?
Rev Theory Apr 07, 2019
Hey RT Nation lets give hand for our top 10 Fans for the month, To crack the top 10 fan, share your favorite rev tunes, pics and moments on our page!
Rev Theory Apr 07, 2019
Yooo all ya’lls on Instagram Hit me up Julien Jorgensen
Rev Theory Apr 03, 2019
Hey guys let’s Wish David Agoglia aka .deals aka the kid a very happy 40th Beef-day!! Happy bday kiiiiid! Fee free to share any pics you have with or of the kid:-)
Rev Theory Mar 31, 2019
Hey Rev Nation! Wanna give a big shout out to a long time RT fam member Sean Richardson! @seanrichardson True fam steps up in Times of need and Sean helped out above and beyond today, Thanks again homey! Jülz
Rev Theory Mar 21, 2019
Really feeling and needing this tune right now, to all those that need healing out there, put your cell phone lighters up 🙏✌🏻🔥
Rev Theory Mar 21, 2019
Well shit let’s keep It going, where’s everyone else at in the world?
Rev Theory Mar 17, 2019
Any rev fans in the Chico Ca area?
Rev Theory Oct 13, 2018 Hey RT fam, hit us up on Spotify and give Rev a follow!
Rev Theory Oct 02, 2018
What’s up everyone, been a minute since I’ve been on here and I miss interacting with all of you. If you wanna keep up with my life come check me out on instagram RLREV78
Rev Theory May 30, 2018
's cover photo
Rev Theory May 04, 2018
Hey Guys it’s Jülz here, wanted to share a new VR video game I’ve been working on called Star of Autumn, doing the score and sound design for ICVR , please check out the trailer below!!
Rev Theory Apr 07, 2018
's cover photo
Rev Theory Apr 03, 2018
white hot
Rev Theory Apr 02, 2018
angels on the streets
Rev Theory Apr 01, 2018
Wings for The Weeknd
Rev Theory Mar 30, 2018
go get your wings
Rev Theory Mar 30, 2018
new angel design [email protected]