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Arms of a Dream
Funeral Sky (Deluxe)
Funeral Sky
Reuben and the Dark with Birds of Bellwoods at Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts (June 27, 2019)
Venue: Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts (Parry Sound, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Reuben and the Dark with Birds of Bellwoods at The Music Hall Concert Theatre (June 28, 2019)
Venue: The Music Hall Concert Theatre (Oshawa, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Reuben and the Dark Apr 15, 2019
Shea. We love you. We are going to miss you. Thank you for everything you have brought to RATD over the years. Heart and soul. Words from @sheamyname.sheamyname “As many of you know I am stepping back from Reuben and The Dark to allow for a new chapter in my life to begin. Being in a touring band has been by far the hardest/most rewarding thing I have done in my life. It has challenged my creativity, given me a new family, and allowed me to travel the world. The people that you surround yourself with shape who you are, and I am extremely humbled and proud to have shared a stage with such wonderful and talented humans. I wholeheartedly would like to thank every friend, and Yellowknifer who has come out to support us, especially in the early years. Not sure what the future will bring but I am hoping to still be able to collaborate, in some capacity, from afar.” #reubenandthedark #sheaalain
Reuben and the Dark Apr 11, 2019
We went underground Falling like a falling star We found the tallest tree Carried it beneath the moonlight Portrait by @axlsouetre #reubenandthedark
Reuben and the Dark Apr 04, 2019
The more songs I write, the greater the feeling of unrest. The stirring inside my soul. I think I am beginning to understand it now. Slowly. These songs are not my own. Not my books to read and just keep on shelves in my home. They are borrowed from spirits. Gifts from gods. They were never meant to be secrets I keep. With this understanding i am starting to find calm. This music is an offering of peace. A gift back to my muse. It is an agreement that, as an artist, i believe we are all in. And with that being said... i am eager now to give back. To return to the constellations, all of the songs i have taken from the sky.
Reuben and the Dark Apr 01, 2019
Pretty special to be able to travel the world with these guys. Pictures by Brock Geiger
Reuben and the Dark Mar 27, 2019
I am very lucky to have to amazing men in my life. I am the middle brother. A little older than Distance. A little younger than Ben. Looking back over the life we have shared together I am flooded with so many memories. You both have been my best friends. My bandmates. My therapists. My inspiration in so many things I do. Distance, you are somehow filled with equal parts courage and comedy. I have never laughed so hard and at the same time been in such awe. Ben, your soul is magical... some kind of mix between a unicorn and a buffalo. We are young but have already lived so many lives together. I love you both so much. Happy Birthday brothers.
Reuben and the Dark Mar 25, 2019
I love these photographs by @greyhillsstudio. Playing our encore and exiting the stage in Calgary at the Jack Singer last year. This was a milestone for me... but now it just feels like one step. I’m grateful for how far we have come, and so excited about what is next. Right now is a time for rest... because there is so much work ahead. #reubenandthedark
Reuben and the Dark Mar 22, 2019
It’s not that often I go this deep in an interview... huge thank you to Shadow Scape Records for hosting me and engaging in such a comfortable way. It was a pleasure speaking with you. In the midst of Folk Alliance madness we sat together and talked about things that are important to us. Things that scare us... and the similarities of each. If you have the time, dig in
Reuben and the Dark Mar 19, 2019
GIVEAWAY! This might seem like a strange thing... and it is. And I like that. I love supporting small businesses. Supporting good people. This world becomes a community when we all start understanding the threads that hold us together. Routine. Natural deodorant. is a sweet little company doing really big things. All Natural. Made in Canada. Run by two sisters who have huge hearts and an even bigger sense of humour. I was super excited when they reached out about working on a new scent together. And here it is!! Reuben and the Dark and Stormy. Available online now and in stores soon. They even put a free download code inside each box. Spreading love. Spreading music. Comment below if you like supporting local business... and don’t like putting chemicals in your body... and I’m going to put a couple of these in the mail for some of you ❤️ #reubenandthedark #reubenandthedarkandstormy #routinecream
Reuben and the Dark Mar 11, 2019
When I first started using Instagram, I would print all the photos... I thought it was strange to just have them on the internet. I’m glad I did. There really isn’t much nostalgia scrolling into the past on a cellphone... I might start printing them again. #reubenandthedark #memorylane
Reuben and the Dark Mar 08, 2019
This tour has been full of so much magic. Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket. We love you. We will see you again soon! Keep sending me pictures and videos from the tour, or post them and tag #reubenandthedark. 💐🖤 📸 by @ecoutedoncca
Reuben and the Dark Mar 06, 2019
Joy. This was such a beautiful show. Thank you @sammyjeanpark for capturing it on 📸. Last show tonight in Kingston! #reubenandthedark
Reuben and the Dark Mar 05, 2019
Final show of this tour takes us to Kingston tomorrow night. Tickets are almost gone. Get ‘em.
Reuben and the Dark Mar 05, 2019
I’m just going to leave this here to look back at it a couple years from now... this is all I have ever wanted to do with my life. Sing songs with an ocean of an audience. Inspiring to watch @catpowerofficial and @mumfordandsons tonight in Montreal. Setting serious intentions right now. Setting goals. Head full of heart. Heart full of dreams. I want to do this and I don’t care how long it takes.... Big thank you to @evenko for setting us up in their box so last minute 💐 #reubenandthedark #dreams
Reuben and the Dark Mar 04, 2019
Two days off before our Kingston show... debating taking a quick trip back to Sayulita to warm up. Also, tickets still available for @thegradclub. This is going to be a sweet finale! Don’t miss it. And don’t miss @charcorn opening up the night. #reubenandthedark #kingston
Reuben and the Dark Mar 03, 2019
Ottawa! Tonight is the night. Been looking forward to this one for a while... make sure and get there early to catch @altameda. It’s gonna be a good one 🖤 #reubenandthedark #ottawa
Reuben and the Dark Feb 28, 2019
Weightlessness. 📸from @luciaremedios’ archive 🖤
Reuben and the Dark Feb 28, 2019
Quebec. So much love. Thank you for braving the cold. For letting us open up our hearts to you. For singing. For understanding. These shows feel so special 🖤
Reuben and the Dark Feb 27, 2019
I spoke with Curtains Up ahead of our Quebec shows. Read interview below!
Reuben and the Dark Feb 27, 2019
Tickets still available online and at the Door for our Feb. 27 show at @barlanti. So nice to be back in Quebec! See you soon. - Billets encore disponibles pour le 27 Février a @barlanti. Nous sommes heureux d’être de retour au Québec! A bientôt. #reubenandthedark
Reuben and the Dark Feb 26, 2019
I’ve been trying to get the internet singing... and it’s starting to work. Tag us in a video of you singing Hold Me Like A Fire, Hold Me Like A River and post it on FB or Insta. Or even just send it in a message. If I get enough fan videos I’m going to make a special little edit... and at this point it’s looking pretty cute.
Reuben and the Dark Feb 26, 2019
Acoustic version of Hallelujah live off the floor at The Avening Hall over the weekend. Give it watch. Give it a share. 💐 Tell Woody Harrelson.
Reuben and the Dark Feb 25, 2019
Yes. Thank you so much. For braving the storm. For giving us a space to do what we love. We will be back! Quebec City. You are next. Can’t wait. #reubenandthedark @theaveninghall
Reuben and the Dark Feb 25, 2019
You hold me.
Reuben and the Dark Feb 24, 2019
Heart full of hearts.
Reuben and the Dark Feb 23, 2019
I will stand here like a mountain. You will cross me like the wind. Thank you Ridgeway. En route to Creemore now for a sold out Saturday night at @theaveninghall. #reubenandthedark #staywild 📸by @gravytrain89