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In Nothing We Trust
Reuben Gray Feb 01, 2019
TICKETS SELLING FAST for my first ever London show, make sure to grab them right now so you don't miss out! I will be playing the show then coming out to meet everyone so get your tickets now!!!
Reuben Gray Dec 13, 2018
Yo my quick fire questions with Spindle Magazine is Out now click here to watch xx
Reuben Gray Dec 07, 2018
IF YOU LIVE IN NEAR LONDON DON'T MISS THIS! I'm going to be playing lots of new music and I will be seeing all of you after the show!!!
Reuben Gray Nov 30, 2018
Reuben Gray Nov 30, 2018
It’s OUT RIGHT NOW... My Debut Single “ Till The Lights Go Out” is Out Now, on Spotify AppleMusic and Deezer , go add it to your playlists and let me know what you think of it!!!! Thank u so much x R x
Reuben Gray Nov 30, 2018
's cover photo
Reuben Gray Nov 26, 2018
4 Days TO GO !!!! If you haven’t heard the pre-save clip go click this link rn!!! -
Reuben Gray Nov 25, 2018
5 DAYS TO GO!!!! Go to my website to pre save now!! Xx R
Reuben Gray Nov 23, 2018
For info regarding Touring/Merch/Music subscribe to my mailing list - (Don’t Worry I won’t be messaging u everyday like those annoying subscriptions, you will only be contacted for really important things xx promise ) R
Reuben Gray Nov 21, 2018
Only 9 days till my Debut Single “ Till The Lights Go Out” comes to your ears!!!!! Pre-save it now for a sneaky 30 second clip x click here -
Reuben Gray Nov 02, 2018
's cover photo
Reuben Gray Nov 02, 2018
Reuben Gray
Reuben Gray Nov 02, 2018
ANNOUNCEMENT… My FIRST EVER SINGLE “Till The Lights Go Out” is being released on the 30th of Nov on @spotify , @applemusic and all other major platforms, it would mean the world to me if you could Pre-Save the single here (don’t worry its completely free)- xx I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for your never ending love & support, this song is for you. lots of love, R x
Reuben Gray Oct 31, 2018
Reuben Gray Sep 09, 2018
(Tell Me A Joke) 📸 Competition on my recent Instagram RIGHT NOW, go check it out!!!! 🖤🖤🖤
Reuben Gray Sep 07, 2018
|| REUBENS RECORDS || I just updated my Spotify playlist, if you wanna listen to what I’m listening to and taking inspiration from at the moment go give it a follow ❤️ if you like it it would mean the world to me if you could share it with all your friends xx Listen here -
Reuben Gray Sep 02, 2018
's cover photo
Reuben Gray Sep 02, 2018
Reuben Gray
Reuben Gray Aug 28, 2018
Hey Guys!! Here is my cover of To Make You Feel My Love , it would mean the world to me if you could share it with all your freinds and give it a like (if you like it...). If you would like to hear more give this page a like and follow me on other social sites! cheers lots of love Reuben x
Reuben Gray Jun 23, 2018
John Nathaniel Productions
Reuben Gray Jun 10, 2018
[How many photos does it take to get kittens to look at the camera at the same time...] what would u name these fluff balls?? , best pair of names gets a FOLLOW 😘 (I'll announce it on my story too x)
Reuben Gray May 31, 2018
{. I would like to apologise for being quiet on Insta recently, I have been working on this new music really hard and have some important exams that are only one week away (I'm terrified 😂), but don't get too hung up because after that I am 🛫 heading off on the most exciting trip of my life (so far) to write the best songs I have ever written, and I'm gonna be taking you all along with me through the screen on your phone. Once again thank you for being the best! See ya in a sec x R X }.
Reuben Gray May 20, 2018
"I like trains... 🚂" #cocacolaaddict #snapped #studiobound
Reuben Gray Apr 30, 2018
Black Rock Studios was LIT! X
Reuben Gray Feb 27, 2018
Great time at the Brits last week! Excited to show everyone what's been going on behind the scenes xx