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The Early Works
Pulse Code EP
Tangram Remixed
Zarathustra, Vol. 1
Reso Nov 27, 2018
Reso Nov 20, 2018
Producer folk, check out Vol 2 of "Drum & Bass Intelligence" on Loopmasters Lots of tasty beats, basses, pads and FX inside.
Reso Oct 22, 2018
Forthcoming on Hatched 11/01/19
Reso Oct 12, 2018
For UK/EU bookings hit up: [email protected] Back on the 140/halftime tip! Example mixes here: … I do you good party yes.
Reso Sep 13, 2018
Stoked to join the Sub.mission family. For any North American bookings hit up: [email protected]
Reso Sep 07, 2018
Desert island beats by Maru aka me. 🏝
Reso Sep 06, 2018
New Maru Jam for your earholes
Reso Sep 04, 2018
Aside from Reso stuff, I do like to do various bits of sound design & composition for games/TV/Adverts. If you or anyone you know are after some cool noises or music then hit me up! Cheeeeers
Reso Aug 13, 2018
Lock into Subtle FM this Saturday for some prime 140 action courtesy of Albion Collective. Peng tunes throughout guaranteed 🔥
Reso Aug 11, 2018
Some more free proggy, DnB nonsense here:
Reso Jul 25, 2018
Stuck this on soundcloud for DL. Was making it on my twitch stream a while ago: Enjoy!
Reso Jul 24, 2018
Getting hyped for Asheville with the man like Kursa on 2nd August! #slugwifeyforlifey 🐌 Grab your tickets here:
Reso Jul 10, 2018
Some more Maru to send you off to nod 😴
Reso Jul 05, 2018
Made a new bit as Maru. Hazy shit to relax to in the heat 🌴
Reso Jun 19, 2018
USA promoters -Looking to fill a couple of dates in late July. Hit up Rogue Agency if you'd like me to come rock the parrrrdee 😊
Reso Jun 13, 2018
Last chance to grab a Kyrios Tee. Once they're gone they're gone!
Reso Jun 11, 2018
Out Now - Maru - WhackLack Vol 2 Hold tight SLUG WIFE for being Dons and releasing it. If you're into lo-fi or instrumental hiphop then check it out. Grab it here: #slugwifeyforlifey
Reso Jun 04, 2018
And now for something completely different. Next up for the Whack Lack series on SLUG WIFE - my new hiphop/lofi beats alias Maru listen here: Pre-order here: Really proud to get this out there :) let me know if you're feeling it in the comments #slugwifeyforlifey
Reso May 25, 2018
Kyrios EP sitting pretty in the top bandcamp electronic releases. Huge thanks to everyone supporting ❤️ Have a top bank holiday all my UK peeps 👍 #slugwifeyforlifey
Reso May 22, 2018
Properly gassed to be playing at Infrasound Music Festival this year. That line up is 👌
Reso May 22, 2018
For everyone who ever asked me about Reso merch, now's your chance. The legend that is Void One is doing a run of Kyrios Tees & Hoodies 5 colour screen print dopeness. COP DAT!! #slugwifeforlifey
Reso May 22, 2018
----->OUT NOW - KYRIOS EP <----- The biggest of big ups to SLUG WIFE for putting this out and to Void One for the absolutely badman artwork. #slugwifeyforlifey
Reso May 14, 2018
's cover photo
Reso May 14, 2018