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The Creepier
Air for Free
Collapsible Lung
Five Score and Seven Years Ago
The Birds and the Bee Sides
Relient K
Let It Snow Baby...Let It Reindeer
The Anatomy of the Tongue In Cheek (Gold Edition)
Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...But Three Do (Gold Edition)
Is for Karaoke, Pt. 2
Is for Karaoke
Is for Karaoke
The First Three Gears (2000-2003)
Forget and Not Slow Down
The Bird and the Bee Sides
Between You and Me (Single)
Relient K Jan 11, 2019
Matt Thiessen will be joining Mae on the west coast beginning tonight. Tickets available at
Relient K Oct 31, 2018
This is definitely a treat and not a trick! Our new LIVE vinyl LP is shipping now! It features 9 songs recorded live on the Looking for America Tour including "Mood Rings" "High of 75", "Deathbed" with Jon Foreman and "Air for Free"! Pick up the vinyl or the bundle exclusively from SMLXL Vinyl at
Relient K Aug 30, 2018
After 18 years of talking about it, Matt is finally releasing a solo album! Go follow Matthew Thiessen and The Earthquakes / Insta: @mtthwthiessenandtheearthquakes / Twitter: @MthwTsnAndThEQ and check for updates soon.
Relient K Aug 29, 2018
Relient K Jul 17, 2018
Did you know Matthew Thiessen is releasing his first solo album as Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes? It’s called Wind Up Bird. You can pre-order the vinyl, CD or t-shirt bundle via SMLXL Vinyl at and you’ll get an instant download of the song “Man of Stone”! Plus catch him on tour this fall with Owl City!
Relient K Jun 14, 2018
Matthew Thiessen is releasing his first full-length album as Matthew Thiessen & the Earthquakes!!! You may remember songs releasing on Mono Vs Stereo projects back in the day but now you can pre-order a full album on vinyl from our friends at SMLXL Vinyl at And...go see Matt on tour this fall with Owl City!
Relient K Jun 06, 2018
Need some shirts? We got some shirts (not these shirts) for $10 at right now - pink (Lacroix), 3 stripes, and the (Walkman) tee... go get them.
Relient K Apr 27, 2018
Matt is joining Owl City on the Cinematic Tour this fall, and tickets go on sale today at 10am local time. Links and info are at
Relient K Apr 26, 2018
Hey guys, Matt H here. I've been working on designing and building a distortion pedal for the last few years and I'm getting really close to releasing it into the wild. There are some interesting Relient K correlations here, as my initial inspiration was to re-create the sound from our Mmhmm record, but it also can do a great low gain / bright kind of sound - more like our Forget and Not Slow Down record. Anyway, follow along if you are into this sort of thing. I am really proud of this and I feel that it is a unique contribution to the guitar playing community.
Relient K Apr 22, 2018
‪If you’re a fan of Earth Day montage videoes featuring our music, then be sure not to miss this one. ‬ ‪
Relient K Mar 26, 2018
DERMIKE shirts make everything a little bit cooler - 📷: @tvor
Relient K Mar 21, 2018
Relient K Mar 17, 2018
The Light there at the end is where I’ll be
Relient K Feb 15, 2018
#airforfree ❤️💙💛 #geartalk edition by @bigearnyc #dod
Relient K Feb 10, 2018
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Relient K Feb 06, 2018
If you like saving money and would also like to pick up a copy of #airforfree on #vinyl then head on over to @smlxlvinyl for a smooth $9 OFF
Relient K Feb 01, 2018
Relient K Dec 27, 2017
Or... “Deck The Halls, Bruise Your Hands” 📷 via @taylors.vinyl
Relient K Dec 26, 2017
Here’s to many more
Relient K Dec 25, 2017
Literally Same.
Relient K Dec 25, 2017
Silent Night, etc by @matthewhoopes
Relient K Dec 13, 2017
It’s Cocoa Season
Relient K Nov 28, 2017
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Relient K Nov 15, 2017
Bassboard. Simple. Effective. Merciless. On a @pedaltrain nano
Relient K Nov 14, 2017
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