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Remember Us To Life
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Begin to Hope
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Regina Spektor Dec 05, 2018
Happy Chanukah! Tonight I’m playing a couple of songs for this great cause along with some wonderful musicians. 💕
Regina Spektor Nov 30, 2018
Today The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts honors Hamilton! Here's Ben Folds and I and the amazing National Symphony Orchestra playing "Dear Theodosia" earlier this month. Is my happiness noticeable, I wonder? 😉 Congratulations to Lin-Manuel Miranda and everyone in that magic work of art!
Regina Spektor Nov 27, 2018
In case you missed "Birdsong" on The Romanoffs, watch on Amazon Prime Video! Beautiful episode set in Mexico City & Melinda Dahl did a great job playing and lip syncing!
Regina Spektor Nov 09, 2018
‪Here is a new little "Birdsong" for you- written for ”Panorama”, the 6th episode of a wonderful new show by Matthew Weiner called The Romanoffs. This episode felt like a love letter to the deep rich culture of Mexico & to people just trying to find and accept themselves as they are. ‬
Regina Spektor Nov 07, 2018
Grateful for the chance to vote. Let's make good choices with our hearts and actions! Please vote today/tonight! Sending a hug and LOVE over to you! #american #immigrant #refugee #gratitude #love #VOTE
Regina Spektor Nov 06, 2018
VOTE TODAY, PLEASE! SO IMPORTANT! We have these profiteering, hate spreading, not in service of the people, misogynist, xenophobic, racist, homophobic and transphobic, selfish, climate change denying, refugee & immigrant vilifying, only "thoughts and prayers" jerks to get rid of!
Regina Spektor Nov 05, 2018
Last night Jack and I saw a powerful, raw, tragically current, and wonderfully acted new play called American Son. I highly recommend it, and will be thinking and feeling about it for many days to come...
Regina Spektor Nov 01, 2018
1. Me, in a James Gaffigan and Ben Folds sandwich. Doing my best Halloween pumpkin impression 🎃👻🍂 2. Getting ready for the orchestra 🎶🎵 *those dudes are AMAZING! Friday Show, NSO, Woah!
Regina Spektor Oct 28, 2018
Hello friends. Today my heart breaks for all the dead and injured in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting... How someone walks into a house of worship with a gun and shoots innocent people is beyond comprehension. And this keeps happening. Different religions, different locations, but same horror and pain. My heart also hurts for our whole country, and the world- the entire human community is affected by acts of hate crime. People keep spewing hate speech, covert and overt, and thus growing the divide, seeding tragedies like these. Such dark gardeners they are- tending so attentively to the seeds of hate that already exist, and watering them with ever new fears and lies about "the strangers". The result is that everyone gets their own personal bogie man, and entire countries get torn apart. Neighbors hate neighbors. Families don't speak to each other. This shooting happened in a Jewish community on Shabbat- and during a baby naming ceremony. The man ran in and yelled "Jews must die". He was angry about HIAS- a Jewish organization that helps refugees resettle. HIAS helped my family and Jack's family come here. They have been helping people for over 130 years. They started because of the pogroms and mass murders of Jews, but they have since helped many communities at war, and in danger. It was one of my most special full circle moments when I got to play a benefit show for HIAS. If you want to help their important work- please donate to them! They are a very good organization and full of caring people. Here is the link: If you can't donate at this time then you can do a lot just by staying positive, refusing to hate someone even if you don't fully understand them, and trying to build bridges rather than divides. We are in this together. We are all one. And we strive towards love and peace despite the obstacles... Wishing you all good things, your heart broken friend, regina
Regina Spektor Oct 26, 2018
A very special and talented young man named Aaron Edwards has passed away. My good friend Daniel Ryan has set up an auction benefiting his wife and two year old daughter. You can read more here, as well as bid on items, or just donate if you have the means. #R4A
Regina Spektor Oct 24, 2018
Very, very soon I get to sing with the incredible National Symphony Orchestra because my amazing and talented and generous friend Ben Folds is a badass and created a special orchestral situation and invited me, and it will be really fun! Run on sentences be damned. If you are near D.C. or love road trips, then whatever tickets are left would be found here: The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, you beautiful music hall, you! *Just a major wow sigh of happiness from this girl over here, who loves classical music with all her heart. sending everyone an autumn hug 🍂 regi
Regina Spektor Oct 16, 2018
I'm playing a couple of songs with these wonderful people for Cyndi Lauper’s "Home for the Holidays" show on 12/8/18 at The Beacon Theatre.
Regina Spektor Oct 12, 2018
Congratulations to Matthew Weiner and to everyone who worked on The Romanoffs! Last night we saw the beautiful first episode - all of them full films and worlds. (*The song I wrote is in the Mexico City episode ;-)) 💕✨ 1st 2 episodes premiere today on Amazon!
Regina Spektor Oct 12, 2018
Friends let's VOTE our ❤️! Today = LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE! The best thing we can do for our *struggling* democracy is VOTE! Sending a big hug full of hope and good vibes your way! Please register! 💪👊✨✊️❤️
Regina Spektor Oct 04, 2018
Found this old pic my papa took of my incredible teacher Sonia Vargas and I. She gave me tools to express myself through music. To gift someone music is to give them joy, love, and kindness, in perpetuity... ❤️ #tbt #love
Regina Spektor Oct 03, 2018
Picture taken a while back on a happy day... So hard to believe that a year ago yesterday we saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers play their last show. We love you Tom, and miss you everyday. Rest in peace... #yourmusiclives
Regina Spektor Sep 26, 2018
So glad T.S. Eliot came by to keep me company this morning. Here's “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” #WrittenWednesday #Poetry
Regina Spektor Sep 25, 2018
If you haven’t already please register to vote! 👊✨ #nationalvoterregistrationday
Regina Spektor Sep 25, 2018
Happy Birthday dearest Jack Dishel You were always so damn cool and awesome! Here's us being young mimes back in 2006. Thank you for being born, and for everything else too! ❤️
Regina Spektor Sep 21, 2018
Hello from the Ocular Binocular Spektor *I can report that I'm still blurry at times, yet focused at times... What does it all mean? ✨💕👊 #eyelovetheworld #artorbust #fuzzyfriday
Regina Spektor Sep 13, 2018
NYC Primaries today! If you can - please get out and vote!👊💪🔥✨❤️
Regina Spektor Sep 06, 2018
Hi friends! I'm gonna play with Ben Folds and #CalebTeicher and the National Symphony Orchestra at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on November 2nd. Yup. Totally chill and laid back. New orchestral arrangements for a bunch of songs. I'm not even that excited. Don't get tickets or follow the link below when it goes on sale tomorrow. It's not going to be super unique or special in any way. I'm not gonna freak out at all. Totally chill. Uh-huh. Laterz. * Ben Folds I love you, you beautiful human. Thanks for inviting me to your awesome DECLASSIFIED series. Tickets on sale 10am EST, Friday September 7th. 💪👊🎶✨😊
Regina Spektor Aug 29, 2018
Listen to some post Colorado show thoughts here- with Ali and Ashley who are wonderful! Mountain thoughts and moon thoughts and crickets thoughts, and a lot of love too 💕✨🌙
Regina Spektor Aug 19, 2018
Rocky Mountain Folks Festival I'm so so excited to play for you at 8pm tonight! Colorado you've been so so beautiful! Can't wait! #bigsky #tourlife
Regina Spektor Aug 16, 2018
Thank you dear Aretha for sharing all that inspiration with us... so much talent, depth, soul, and love in every note... thank you for being able to expand our idea of music... Rest In Peace... we're grateful you were here, that you worked so hard, and that you gave us all so much...