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Irons in the Fire
Something for the Pain
M. Rivers Jun 04, 2019
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M. Rivers May 22, 2019
On the set with an amazing team filming the music video for "Lift the Curse" yesterday. Can't wait for you to see this! ☠️☠️☠️ #liftthecurse
M. Rivers May 13, 2019
Putting new music out there means more when friends are helping you spread the word. Big ups to the good folks at Apple Music for featuring "Lift the Curse" on their "Breaking Hard Rock" playlist!! Thanks for the love! ☠️🖤🙏🏻🤘🏻 #liftthecurse
M. Rivers May 12, 2019
M. Rivers May 10, 2019
big thanks to ESPN for featuring "Lift the Curse" on their "Music of the Month" playlist on Spotify! ☠️🙏🏻🖤☠️ Share the love ya'll!! #liftthecurse Parts + Labor Records
M. Rivers May 10, 2019
Hey ya'll! Do me a favor and follow Redlight King on Spotify! More music coming very soon! Follow: #liftthecurse Parts + Labor Records
M. Rivers May 08, 2019
We just dropped our newest single "Lift the Curse"!! Have you heard it yet?! LISTEN & SHARE IT: #liftthecurse #redlightking
M. Rivers May 05, 2019
Check out the New !!!REDLIGHT KING!!!!, Hope you're having a great weekend, our new single has over 35k streams on @spotify so far!!! Check out "Lift The Curse" from our 3rd Full Length Album dropping this summer.
M. Rivers May 03, 2019
throwback thursday, photoshoot for Irons In the Fire. Be sure to pick up the brand new Redlight King single "Lift The Curse" . Thanks everyone for your continued support.
M. Rivers May 02, 2019
NEW REDLIGHT KING!!! ☠️"Lift The Curse" ☠️has been added to some killer playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. The Link Is Below, thanks for all your support, shares and comments! We're loving this, its great to be back. Please request "Lift The Curse" on your local radio station ☠️☠️☠️
M. Rivers May 01, 2019
REDLIGHT KING The squad is back with a brand new single!! We are now independent on Parts + Labor Records , we need your support more than ever.... if you haven't heard or shared yet, please do, link below...
M. Rivers Apr 28, 2019
We're Back!! Redlight King returns with our newest single release, "Lift The Curse" . to purchase and lisen click this link!! ffm/to.liftthecurse
M. Rivers Apr 28, 2019
REDLIGHT KING ... brand new single!!! "Lift The Curse" . available now, click the link below and enjoy.
M. Rivers Apr 25, 2019
TOMORROW, BRAND NEW SINGLE from REDLIGHT KING *** "Lift The Curse" *** click the link below to pre-order NOW It's been a while since we released new music, and i'm so happy and excited to announce a new single, an upcoming album, and shortly following that TOUR DATES. This is an independent album with Parts + Labor Records You guys have been so awesome to us over the years, and it's time we got back on Stage. So having said that, please share this link with your friends, and click on the pre-order to check it out. If you haven't done so already, follow us on instagram!! thanks, you're friend, Kaz
M. Rivers Apr 24, 2019
REDLIGHT KING new single "Lift The Curse" is out this Friday!!!!! see the link below to get your pre-order, and follow us on Instagram for all the Redlight King updates and touring info!!!
M. Rivers Mar 27, 2019
's cover photo
M. Rivers Mar 27, 2019
M. Rivers
M. Rivers Mar 27, 2019
M. Rivers Sep 14, 2018
Thumbs up!
M. Rivers Sep 13, 2018
Wooot!! Loved hearing “Champion” in the League of Legends tournament feature! Big ups to the winning teams and Riot Games for showing the love! #gaming #esports Parts + Labor Records
M. Rivers Sep 13, 2018
A throwback for your Thursday #tbt
M. Rivers Sep 12, 2018
Raw emotion
M. Rivers Sep 11, 2018
Shot from the acoustic video
M. Rivers Sep 07, 2018
Always having fun on stage!
M. Rivers Sep 06, 2018
Throwback! #tbt