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Rebel SoulJahz Aug 09, 2019
Come support and celebrate in remembrance of our brother @jimcobb tonight @hbsocialclub doors at 5pm 🙏🤙🏻
Rebel SoulJahz Aug 08, 2019
Happy Thursday Fam! Still buzzing off last weeks festivities. Tour dates coming soon and it be our first time in Colorado & Salt Lake City, UT. Can’t wait to see you all in Jan 2020 🤙🏻#rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah
Rebel SoulJahz Aug 04, 2019
Mahalos Kauai 🤙🏻 @sojagram @themayjahrayjah #rebelsouljahz #soja #mayjahrayjah #tmrevents
Rebel SoulJahz Aug 03, 2019
MAUNA UP🔺 #rebelsouljahz #wearemaunakea
Rebel SoulJahz Aug 01, 2019
Last weekend at Aloha Stadium and Maui Arts was epic 🔥. Tomorrow morning we flying out to stand with our people at Mauna Kea then we raging @themayjahrayjah 2019 at Kona Brewing Co with @sojagram @mikelovemusic @iyaterra . KU KIAI MAUNA 🙌rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah #wearemaunakea @hillsidejimbo
Rebel SoulJahz Jul 20, 2019
Defend Mauna Kea . E’O #rebelsouljahz
Rebel SoulJahz Jul 13, 2019
Lost for words 😥 Rest In Peace to our guitarist JIM COBB who has passed away. These things can be avoided if you just reach out to someone for a shoulder to cry on in hard times. Blessing and condolences to his wife and children. #rebelsouljahz #jimcobb 🙏
Rebel SoulJahz Jul 11, 2019
Happy Birthday @bubba_souljah #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah
Rebel SoulJahz Jun 21, 2019
Kicked off Summer 2019 with 3 shows in Asia. Thanks to our Japan crew for always coming out & supporting every single time we are out there. Looking forward to our next adventure with you all. Bless! #rebelsouljahz ##mayjahrayjah
Rebel SoulJahz Jun 15, 2019
“Even if the love you loved me with, Wasn’t love at all, And all your wishes for my dreams were all fictional, I gotta do me the way that I know I can because, I can’t lose, I can do this without you” - “Without You” by Rebel SoulJahz . NEW TUNE COMING SOON! #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah
Rebel SoulJahz Jun 05, 2019
So much love and respect in Guam . Can’t wait get back in 2020 #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah
Rebel SoulJahz May 31, 2019
TODAY is last and final day to get tickets for just $25 or 1/2 all ticket tiers to The MayJah RayJah 2019 Music Festival when using promo code TMREVENTS. Purchase now at T&C Surf stores or online at #mayjahrayjah #tmrevents #rebelsouljahz
Rebel SoulJahz May 25, 2019
Last & Final week to get tickets for just $25 or 1/2 Off all ticket tiers to The MayJah RayJah 2019 Music Festival in Honolulu on July 26 & 27 at Aloha Stadium. Purchase tickets using promo code TMREVENTS at sale ends May 31 #mayjahrayjah #tmrevents
Rebel SoulJahz May 20, 2019
Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu Japan 🇯🇵 3rd tour here and every year it’s keeps growing with more and more new fans from all over the world. Awesome to see people still rocking our merch t shirts from a few years back and singing every word of our songs. Mahalos the fam Frank, Mutt, Spike and Greg for taking care of us every time we out here. Spending our last day in Tokyo eating sushi, ramen and hopefully take a picture with some owls 🦉pc @hillsidejimbo #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah #farmersmarkethawaii
Rebel SoulJahz May 18, 2019
Yokota, Japan you guys was way up ☝️last night 🙏 . Tonight we light up 🔥 Yokosuka #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah #farmersmarkethawaii pc @hillsidejimbo
Rebel SoulJahz May 18, 2019
Last night in Atsugi, Japan with @switchfoot 🔥 . Tonight with at Yokota Airforce Base #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah #farmersmarkethawaii #armedforcesentertainment
Rebel SoulJahz May 17, 2019
Guam was hot like🔥 literally lol Tonight we got show #2 in Japan with the fam @switchfoot #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah #armedforces pc: @hillsidejimbo @ Naval Air Facility Atsugi
Rebel SoulJahz May 14, 2019
HNL to GUAM ✈️ #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah #farmersmarkethawaii
Rebel SoulJahz May 07, 2019
Can’t wait to be back in Guam and Japan next week for 3 shows and a festival with the homies @switchfoot #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah May 15 Guam Naval Base May 17 Naval Air Station Atsugi May 18 Yokota Airforce Base May 19 Yokosuka May 20 Eat in Tokyo 🍣🍚🍱
Rebel SoulJahz Apr 20, 2019
MAHALOS HAWAII 🤙🏻 #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah #tmrevents
Rebel SoulJahz Apr 20, 2019
BASH 2019 🤙🏻 #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah #tmrevents
Rebel SoulJahz Apr 18, 2019
2 Days till BASH 2019 at Bishop Museum. Purchase your tickets now at Bishop Museum Box Office, @FarmersMarketHawaii or online at #mayjahrayjah #tmrevents
Rebel SoulJahz Apr 16, 2019
We ready to turn up this Friday at the BASH 2019 at Bishop Museum. Help us with our set list and name a song. Last Comment wins 2 tickets to the show. Good luck! #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah #bash2019
Rebel SoulJahz Apr 13, 2019
Happy Birthday @94tunez 🎉 #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah
Rebel SoulJahz Apr 10, 2019
How you feeling our newest single “Don’t Forget”? In just a few weeks we got another smasher coming your way entitled “Without You”. Stay Woke Fam! #rebelsouljahz #mayjahrayjah