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Ready, Set, Fall Jan 10, 2018
BEMORE (Christopher Volpi Andrea Larosa and Andrea Fusini's new project) EP 'BEGIN' IS OUT NOW! We have another surprise for you: this is our NEW VIDEOCLIP for 'Heartbeat'! ❤ 👇 WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: 'BEGIN' is available on: - Spotify: - iTunes: - Google Play: & more
Ready, Set, Fall Jun 01, 2017
"Virus" from Bemore (Christopher, Andrea & Andrea's new project) is finally online! Watch the full video here:
Ready, Set, Fall Oct 23, 2016
It's Chris here! Follow my new band Bemore! OUR FIRST SONG EUPHORIA IS OUT NOW! YouTube: Video directed by Lucernafilms Music produced by FusixStudio #bemore
Ready, Set, Fall Oct 19, 2016
Hey guys, it's Chris here, some of you may have heard rumors about me joining a new band, well you were right! Bemore is my new project, and it features members from RSF, SET IN MOTION and Between Whiles. This is a very personal project, for i've put all my emotions and deepest fears and dream in the lyrics, graphics and visuals. Here's the teaser for our first official song , "Euphoria"!! Follow us on the official Bemore band, share the video! Help us dream, and dream with us, we can all Be More. Cheers, Christopher .
Ready, Set, Fall Apr 14, 2015
So yesterday Till The Last Breath released their smashing hit "Case #67" featuring Chris on the vocals! We thought you would have appreciated to hear a new band, Chris voice once again and see an amazing video! In case you haven't heard of em, just make sure you listen and share it out ;) Cheers!
Ready, Set, Fall Mar 02, 2015
Dopo 5 anni all'attivo contornati da date bellissime , persone che non dimenticheremo facilmente e band che ci hanno accompagnato in questo percorso, annunciamo che da questo giorno i Ready, Set, Fall non proseguiranno il loro cammino. La decisione è stata unanime e nel pieno rispetto di ogni membro della band. Approfittiamo per ringraziare di nuovo ognuno di voi, sin dai primi che ci hanno seguito e conosciuto con The Temple Is Me agli ultimi con Deceiving Lights e la release di Memento. Siamo fiduciosi di avervi lasciato qualcosa di nostro, e questo è il più grande regalo che ci avete fatto!! RSF, con amore. // After five years as a band, where we played beautiful shows, and where we've had the luck to meet people that we won't forget easily and bands that have accompanied us on this path, we announce that from this day Ready, Set, Fall will not continue its journey. The decision was unanimous and in full respect of each band member. We take this opportunity to thank again all of you, from the first that followed us with The Temple Is Me to the last via Deceiving Lights and the release of Memento.We feel that we have given you something of our own, and this is the greatest gift that you all could give to us!! RSF , with love.
Ready, Set, Fall Dec 31, 2014
Great Scott...
Ready, Set, Fall Dec 29, 2014
What did you guys get for Christmas??
Ready, Set, Fall Dec 25, 2014
May you never , ever , EVER give up on your dreams, those dreams your parents, friends or perfect strangers may call desperate, are your one and only colour. So be colorful, and let your dreams speak for you. A merry x-mas to You all! With love from all of us, RSF
Ready, Set, Fall Dec 19, 2014
Ready, Set, Fall 2014. Check out Impericon EXCLUSIVE preorder bundle for our album Memento at: Pic by the talented Riccardo Villani from NEBO Photo.
Ready, Set, Fall Dec 11, 2014
So you've told us who you want us to tour with...but where!?
Ready, Set, Fall Dec 02, 2014
Best metal album of the year : Who wins it for you guys??
Ready, Set, Fall Nov 29, 2014
Chris is recording...
Ready, Set, Fall Nov 24, 2014
Who would you guys like to see us in tour with??
Ready, Set, Fall Nov 21, 2014
Due to the recent Facebook changes its getting harder and harder to see the new materials bands upload on their facebook pages. Make sure your check out our latest video !
Ready, Set, Fall Nov 17, 2014
We're eager to know, what's your favourite song off our album Memento? We wanna hear you!
Ready, Set, Fall Nov 15, 2014
So, what you guys been up to?
Ready, Set, Fall Nov 14, 2014
Some ideas we been working on lately in the shadows for y'all.
Ready, Set, Fall Nov 13, 2014
For those of you that say Chris is a unicorn/cat/dog/whatever/ when it's chorus time, props to Metal PVM for providing such an intense representation of what we do.
Ready, Set, Fall Sep 13, 2014
60K TIMES THANK YOU PALS! We're back! hope you guys had a wonderful summer like we did!
Ready, Set, Fall May 30, 2014
It's a Deceiving Lights day!!! Props to the insane director - videomaker- mastermind - Pavel from TRE! , check em out at :
Ready, Set, Fall Apr 23, 2014
Some say Chris says "we are the wheel of alaska" and we kinda like it. Have a blast!
Ready, Set, Fall Apr 13, 2014
Some of you will have noticed how harder it's getting for your Band / Facebook page to reach more and more people recently due to the changes FB has experienced in these years. We never really had problems in reaching you, and for this we thank you all! But in case you wanted to be even more updated about every single thing we do , make sure you follow the picture instructions! Cheers \m/.
Ready, Set, Fall Apr 06, 2014
1 Million and 600k views \m/ ! Did you listen to your daily dose of RSF?
Ready, Set, Fall Apr 02, 2014
Hey!! This is definitely a Skyscrapers day for us! Want to know something fun about this?? For those of you who don't know it, the evil boss is Chris's Dad! Have a blast :).