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District of Broken Hope
Ravenscode Jul 25, 2019
Brian singing to our hearts;)
Ravenscode Jul 24, 2019
Bass licks with the one and only, Michael!
Ravenscode Jul 24, 2019
Vocal time with Journey (Justin)
Ravenscode Jul 24, 2019
The Brians!!!!!! One take. #familyguy #petergriffin #sethmcfarlane #ravenscode
Ravenscode Jul 23, 2019
Yes although Michael is our bass player, the man has skills on the guitar!! We thought we'd change it up.
Ravenscode Jul 23, 2019
Brian laying down some beefy guitar tracks! Sounding awesome!
Ravenscode Jul 23, 2019
Well peeps, we are back at it making new music for all of you! Monday was day 1 in the studio and Drew killed it on drums! Next up guitars and perhaps a few vocal tracks. Looking forward to showing you all the next batch of tunes! Thank you for your continued support!! :)
Ravenscode Jul 22, 2019
Day 1 in studio: The concentration that goes into laying down the beats! #rock #recording #music #spotify #ravenscode #rockmusic #slr #soundlabsrecording #nickleback @ Windsor, Ontario
Ravenscode Jul 09, 2019
I guess this is cute.....
Ravenscode May 04, 2019
Tired of listening to #BabyShark ? This will be your new favourite song.
Ravenscode Apr 05, 2019
Hey everyone! Today Journey (Justin) from Ravenscode released another song from this side project! Check it out! Spotify: Google Play Music: iTunes:
Ravenscode Jan 01, 2019
Happy New Year!!!
Ravenscode Dec 23, 2018
Hello! We would like to wish you all a safe Merry Christmas and happy Holidays! 2019 will be a great year:) Justin, Brian, Michael and Drew
Ravenscode Dec 16, 2018
Hey everyone, we just want to thank all of you for your continuous support and love for Ravenscode! Justin, Brian, Michael & Drew
Ravenscode Dec 09, 2018
How's everyone liking the new songs?
Ravenscode Dec 07, 2018
NEW MUSIC!!!! It’s finally here!!!! Let us know what you think
Ravenscode Dec 06, 2018
Tomorrow our EP goes live!!
Ravenscode Dec 05, 2018
2 DAYS!!!!
Ravenscode Nov 21, 2018
Ravenscode Nov 21, 2018
Ravenscode's cover photo
Ravenscode Nov 20, 2018
Only 17 more days!!!!!
Ravenscode Nov 12, 2018
Hello fans!! New music is finally here. We will be releasing a EP with 3 of our newest songs. Here is a sneak peak of what's to come! We hope you love them as much as we do. Hitting online stores Dec. 7th.
Ravenscode Aug 15, 2018
A few pics from our weekend tracking our new EP at SLR Studios! Was an absolute blast!! We cannot wait for everyone to hear these tunes!!
Ravenscode Aug 15, 2018
Justin (Journey) tracking vocals!