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Rationale Dec 10, 2018
Hey guys, big thanks to everyone who’s shown me love after hearing my new EP! I can’t fully express to you just how much it means to me 🙏🏽 Lots of people have been messaging me asking how the title track ‘High Hopes’ came together so, here’s a brief insight into it’s creation ♥️
Rationale Dec 07, 2018
Hi guys, My new High Hopes EP is here!!! Click the link in my below to listen. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this body of work and how grateful I am for everyone who helped me put it together. Most importantly, I’m really happy to finally be able to share it with YOU. So please stream, save and share it and let me know what you think! 🙏🏽 R.
Rationale Dec 07, 2018
's cover photo
Rationale Dec 05, 2018
High Hopes EP... 2 days to go.
Rationale Nov 20, 2018
Hey folks! My new ‘High Hopes’ EP will be released on 7th December and its an awesome feeling.... Some of you guys have been with me from the very beginning. My first show over three years ago was 15mins mins long 😂 and now I’m here, 1 album and 3 EP’s later. I’m so grateful for every fan, new and old. Your time, your words of support, it means everything. Thank you Here’s to another year... 🙏🏽
Rationale Nov 12, 2018
‪New music alert! 🚨 My new ‘HIGH HOPES’ EP is coming on 23rd November . So hyped to finally be able to share this body of work with you guys. I’ve worked so hard on it and I can’t wait to hear what you think 🙏🏽 Make you sure like and save it on Spotify AppleMusic Deezer or wherever you get your music fix from! #rationale #iamrationale #newmusic
Rationale Nov 04, 2018
‘All that I am I give over to you Like burgundy skies you are my golden view. Every moment alone feels like the 4th of July. I hope you feel Explosions too...’ #newmusic #rationale #explosions #highhopesep #12days
Rationale Oct 16, 2018
Remember ‘Oil & Water’ from my debut album? A little while ago my friend Sean told me he was working on this & I knew it would good but this....? This is above and beyond special. You’re a GENIUS 🙏🏽 The way you’ve interpreted the words I penned about something so difficult is everything that I love about making music. Keep shining & inspiring ♥️ Choreography: Sean Lew Music: Me 🎥: T.Milly TV #seanlew #rationale #iamrationale
Rationale Oct 15, 2018
Good morning guys! I get a lot of questions about my songwriting and production process. Since you guys have given my new single ‘One by One’ so much love I thought I’d say thanks by giving you all a quick break down of how it came together 🙏🏽 #rationale #iamrationale #newmusic #musicproducer #musicproduction
Rationale Oct 13, 2018
#Today is #NationalAlbumDay! This album by The Notorius B.I.G made a huge impact on me when I was young. I used to sit in my living room playing it loud until the neighbours banged on the walls! Till this day, Biggie Smalls is still one of, if not the best lyricists of all time. The way he articulated his rags to riches life story was masterfully engaging and authentic. It wasn’t just about his bars. It was the meticulous attention to detail in phrasing, melody and diction. It was the way the tracks came together under the watchful hands the don Puff Daddy in his prime as a producer. Collaborations with classic RnB singers like 112 rappers like Mase, Lil Kim and Puff himself always felt like real moments for Hip Hop and RnB. I spent school days playing tables like drums, reciting every tune and verse through lunch times with friends. Much to the annoyance of my school teachers, often through lessons too. The first song I ever sang in front of my peers was an improv version of ‘sky is the limit’ in my 2nd ever music lesson in year 7 aged 11. . It may be hard to tell but some of the production values on this album influence and inspire the way I make music today. Listen. . The songs I often make have to capture an undefinable mood or colour, the same way every song on this album does too. It’s master piece. . Tonight I’m with the very same friends used to listen to this album with. I ’ll be celebrating @AlbumDayUK by listening to it on repeat! What’s your favourite album of all time? #iamrationale #rationale
Rationale Sep 30, 2018
Evening guys, I hope you’re all having a good weekend! I want you guys to get to know me better so to help do just that, I’ll be hosting an Instagram Live Q&A tomorrow at 8.30PM GMT (UK) Join the conversation and ask me anything.... questions such as: ‘Do your hands get sweaty in that jacket?’ Or.... ‘Who pissed you off in this picture’ will be accepted! Catch you guys tomorrow✌🏾
Rationale Sep 28, 2018
I'm very excited to announce that my new single ‘One By One’ is officially out now! Click the link below to have a listen I could REALLY use your help with this one so please save, download & share it on @spotify @applemusic @deezer or wherever you get your music from 🙏🏽 Thank you all for waiting so patiently on new music. This is just the beginning of so much more to come ♥️ R.
Rationale Sep 27, 2018
The Irrationale Review || Is the Gym a Good Place to Woo? Hey guys, hope you’re having good day. Got some news for you! As most of you know I have a podcast called the The Irrationale Review. I make it with my best friends of 20 years. The scraggy looking guys on the left. Well, the final episode of this season is available to stream on Spotify & @applepodcasts now so while you’re cleaning your kitchen or out and about, please do so by clicking on if the links below Spotify: This time we’re joined by my friend, fitness badass influencer @nuttyfoodiefitness. Yeah, the lady smiling strangely at the floor alongside me 😂 try it. It works. Unless you’re me..... 🤦🏽‍♂️ Stephanie is an unsung hero of mine who is quickly gaining popularity as one of London's most engaging fitness Influencers. Why? Apart form the fact she’s got abs like washboard & people wanna know how the hell, she’s an incredibly positive engaging human who doesn’t believe in typical attitude towards food and fitness that many #gymlife devotees preach. Between working a full time job, Steph’s journey so far has led to her amassing an awesome following ranging from genuine super fans to people who suffer from serious health problems. What makes her an unsung hero to me? She often spends her lunch breaks replying to dozens of messages helping people stay positive through their life and fitness journeys. As if that wasn’t enough, she regularly shares her lifestyle & tips encouraging people to basically not put what is often dangerous & unnecessary pressure on themselves to follow social media fitness fads that are usually centred around counting calories all day. I believe people like that should be celebrated. It wouldn't be a typical episode without co host Bobby Kane taking the conversation to an unlikely place. ‘Is the gym a good place to woo? He asks... good lord. Search download, stream save & like it now! PS. We’ve been doing so well that Ive got all fancy by enlisting the services of apodcast producer no less! Season 3 shall return in a matter of weeks with even bigger guests and a few surprises Stay tuned!
Rationale Sep 26, 2018
My new single ‘One by One’ is coming this Friday! 🎈 Please save, share and stream it on Spotify iTunes or wherever you get your music fix from 🙏🏽
Rationale Sep 25, 2018
I’ve been cooped up for a while making this record. Can you tell? 3 days to go till ‘One by One’ is released 💪🏾 and to celebrate that fact, I’m running a little competition where you could win some merch. Click the link below to find out more! #rationale #iamrationale #newmusicfriday
Rationale Sep 24, 2018
New music coming your way this Friday 🙌🏾 🎧
Rationale Sep 21, 2018
Happy Friday folks. Just added some beautiful new music to my weekly Friday Re-Up playlist. Go check it out & enjoy!
Rationale Sep 12, 2018
Hey guys! I hope you're all having a good week. The next episode of my podcast The Irrationale Review is now available to on YouTube Spotify and Apple Podcasts On this episode, Bobby and I are joined by Harley Davidson biker & photographer Deimante aka 'Tom Boy a Bit' to discuss what its like being a bad ass Harley Davidson motorcyclist on the mean streets of London. Click here to watch now 👉 Listen on Spotify: Listen on Apple podcasts:
Rationale Sep 07, 2018
‪Hope you’ve all had a wicked Friday folks. Just driving back from the studio listening to some of the new tunes I’ve added to my weekly Spotify playlist, the Friday Re-Up. ‪Check it out here 👉🏾 Have a great weekend!
Rationale Sep 05, 2018
Focus. According to Siri, a whole 6,958 hours have passed since I started writing this next release.... Just a fraction of that ‘till it’s finally released. Praying you all enjoy it 🙏🏽 #countdown #rationale #iamrationale #newmusic
Rationale Sep 01, 2018
Hey Folks, New episode of my Irrationale Review Podcast Is available to view on Youtube and stream on Spotify an Apple Music now! This week we I invited Catholic travel enthusiast Simone Yvette to discuss what’s it’s like being a young Catholic in 2018. Have a look at the video below and click the link to listen in full! Spotify Youtube
Rationale Aug 21, 2018
Got to meet the wonderful soul that is Sean Lew the other day 🙏🏽 This picture went a little like this..... 😂 @seanlew ‘Bro, let’s stage a hilarious laughter moment for the gram. Close both your eyes like this and laugh real hard, like this.... it’ll look great!’ - @iamrationale ‘Nah bro, I got this. I’ma leave one a quarter open like this and shut the other like this. Most. Likes. Ever. Trust me!’
Rationale Aug 05, 2018
Hello folks Excuse the not so happy smiley face but it was 6.35am and I’d just been woken up by a randy turkey 🦃 pecking at my tent 😂 Apparently, they’re in season and not picky. In my last post, I was banging on about taking time to chill away from the stresses of life wherever possible. I’ve camped for two days straight which for a city boy, is a pretty big deal! Made friends with strangers, built fires, walked miles without pulling out my phone frantically asking maps to guide me and it’s been awesome. Feel so lucky to be alive. Sad to be leaving but I’m going home refreshed, a little blacker and appreciative of life. Hope you all had a wicked weekend 🙏🏽 R.
Rationale Aug 03, 2018
Happy Friday guys! On my drive down to the studio this morning, I was distracted by another motorist totally losing the their shit at an absent minded pedestrian. It got me thinking how the older I get, the more I realise just how important it is to have balance. I’ve lost my cool like that in the past and I know it was probably around a time when I was mega stressed. Lately, I’ve realised there’s no point in working 24/7 if you can’t take the time into enjoy life. Yes, LIFE! Waisting weekend hours away with friends, family & loved ones is equally as important as putting in the hours doing the thing that puts bread on your table! In fact, happiness and relaxation is often connected to the very fruits of ones labour. So, this weekend, I’m going to put my phone & laptop down, drive somewhere far with family, park the car and go enjoy the green earth that is free of charge & doesn’t ask single thing of me..... Shoes are optional. Never one to preach but if you’re feeling super stressed at the moment? Try it! it just might give you some much need perspective! Have a fantastic weekend 🙏🏽
Rationale Jul 31, 2018
Ask any songwriter/producer what they enjoy most about making music and one of things they’ll often mention is watching something they’ve created go out there and inspire others in ways they never imagined. I wrote and produced this song when I was really enjoying making slow jams. Fair to say the way people reacted to it surprised even me! As if watching the crazy talented queen Ellie Goulding covering it on tour multiple times wasn’t enough? Other worldly moments of creative genius like this by Sean Lew are just the icing on the cake. Mesmerising.... and he’s only 16 🤯