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Rationale Aug 08, 2019
‪ Nothing quite like hearing your new tune playing on BBC Radio 1 on the drive home! Big shout out to Phil Taggart for playing ‘Say What’s on Your Mind’ tonight. 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾 Have a listen below!
Rationale Jul 23, 2019
I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be playing at the Islington Assembly Hall on the 20th of November. It’s been so long and I’ve truly missed playing my live show for you all. I would love to see you down there so please click this link to grab yourself a ticket!
Rationale Jul 19, 2019
‘Say What’s on Your Mind’ is out now. Listen here 🙏🏽
Rationale Jul 18, 2019
Rationale Jul 18, 2019
Rationale's cover photo
Rationale Jul 17, 2019
S H E D D I N G • S K I N ‘You do not just wake up and become the butterfly. Growth is a process’ - Rupi Kaur. . I love these words ☝🏾 I’ve been living by them these past months while creating the music that is to come. . The next few days would usually be an anxious few for me. Releasing new music has always been a cocktail of incredible excitement & unbridled nerves. To some that’s a curious juxtaposition but to me & many other arty folk, it’s the standard. . See, I’ve never been the kind to big myself up when it to comes to my craft. It’s not in my nature to be boastful. I would be a shit rapper. I’ve been know to run out of buildings at the slightest hint of my music being played. Why? . Music isn’t about my ego, cash or accolades etc.... I mean sure, those last two things are real nice when you have them but it’s always been about more than that. It is my purpose. I feel it inside of me. I’ve felt it in every morsel of my being as far back as I can remember. It’s beyond this post, this platform and everything we have forced down our faces 24hrs a day. I know that it’s exactly that for you guys too! It’s a celebration of life’s ever twisting rollercoaster moments. . I’ve been reading your comments and messages while creating it and I can’t tell you just how much they’ve spurred me on to challenge myself and reconnect with the reason why I do what I do. I’m so grateful that you’re all in my corner. . This Friday will be a little different. This Friday, for the first time in a while, I’ll be releasing music with zero fear or anxiety & it’s because of you. This music is for you. I hope it makes you smile 😊 Here’s to the next chapter. #iamrationale #rationale #newmusic
Rationale Jul 16, 2019
Rationale Jun 29, 2019
G L A S T O N B U R Y Yesterday, with the Bastille family. Words cannot describe how it felt to perform alongside these guys on the Pyramid. The freaking Pyramid stage!! When I was 15, I watched David Bowie play the exact same stage in utter wonder. So come to full circle and be on it, for even 1 song is nuts to me. Big up Dan Smith for having me and being such a gent. Watching the entire fam own that stage was very emotional. You guys totally deserve it. Here’s to music and the way in which it unites us all 🕊 . . #bastille #glastonburyfestival #rationale #music
Rationale Apr 12, 2019
I recently had the pleasure of singing and playing on @bigwildmusic’s debut album ‘Superdream’. Go check out 6’s to 9’s. It’s a serious VIBE!
Rationale Feb 11, 2019
Hi guys! I you’re all having a good start to the week. Lots of you message me asking what my average studio day is like. Well starting this week, I’m going to try and give you a little more insight into just that a little more regularly! For example, I’ve been working on a soundtrack for a movie today in which I’m not allowed to use any instruments other than my voice, hands and feet. Quite the challenge. It’s been the most fun I’ve had in ages! Reading through a script and trying to musically portray the emotion of a scene lights up parts of my brain I didn’t even know I existed. What kind of scene could you imagine this being in?
Rationale Feb 10, 2019
Bastille || Still Avoiding Tomorrow Tour || O2 Brixton Last night was awesome. Nothing quite like sharing a stage with friends. Big love to Bastille for allowing me to sing a couple of songs with them. Have a blast for part 2 tonight ♥️ Video cred: @luna_ana
Rationale Feb 06, 2019
Oil & Water || The Sun is Also a Star 🎥 || Out May 17th ——————————————- Feeling incredibly humbled to have my tune ‘Oil & Water’ play a part in this insightful movie. Still boggles my tiny little mind that something I created on a Sunday afternoon quite literally in my pyjamas has travelled this far and ended up as one of the soundscapes to something as beautiful as this. Counting my blessings 🙏🏽 ——————————————— #iamrationale #thesunisalsoastar #rationale #warnerbrospictures #warnerbros #metrogoldwynmayer #yarashahidi #seanlew
Rationale Jan 25, 2019
Hi guys, I hope you’re all doing well and surviving January! This month is always a bit of a blur for me and most people I know. Feeling the pinch after more than likely spending way too much money during Xmas and generally feeling a bit ‘meh’. I wrote ‘Kindred’ at the begging of last year and released it last month on my third EP. It was Inspired by a friend who’d very recently lost someone close. Before sitting down to write it, I remember thinking about people I loved who were no longer here. How I wished I could have taken that extra picture, made a little more time or loved them a little harder. We all lose people close to us at some point. It’s the one undeniable inevitability. However, one thing I know for certain is that everyone we lose would want us to live our lives like we meant it. With that in mind, I recorded this acoustic version of ‘Kindred’ and since then, I’ve been pouring my efforts into making time for family and friends. Looking after myself more and wallowing less in the unpredictable tides & woes of life. Instead, I’ve been living the crap out of it! (I don’t think that’s a thing but let’s make it a thing for arguments sakes). I feel incredibly thankful for each day of solid ground beneath my feet. After all... ‘there are no promises of tomorrow for you and me’. Enjoy!
Rationale Dec 23, 2018
Hey folks, I hope you’re all having a good xmas break! I did an interview and shoot with day one supporters THE RADICAL for their December issue. ‪It’s definitely one of the most honest conversations I’ve had about music and creativity to date. Go check it out by clicking the link below 📸 by the awesome Flore Diamant #rationale #iamrationale #theradicalzine
Rationale Dec 22, 2018
‪All lot of artists might not tell you this but the time spent between ones last release and writing the next can be some scary shit. Especially in an era in which we seem to consume music faster than a bag of popcorn. ‬ ‪I spent just under a year creating the High Hopes EP I released a couple of weeks ago & whilst I was doing just that you guys were still fully supporting. ‬ Thank you for that. Here’s to more love and music in 2019 ♥️‬
Rationale Dec 20, 2018
73 // Baby when I’m 73 Will you still want me like you wanted before When memories are slipping on me I know I’ll feel it like I felt it before Keep pulling me....
Rationale Dec 19, 2018
LIVE NOW! #MentalHealthMatters #EndTheStigma #Recovery #Creativity #ElectronicMusic
Rationale Dec 19, 2018
M E N T A L H E A L T H People often ask me about what it’s like making music professionally. That usually translates as ‘is it as awesome as it seems when you’re on stage or as euphoric as it sounds on record doing this as a full time job’? Yes and no. Behind the digital self promo, i’m just a human being and much like anyone who does any kind if job, there are days when I wonder what the hell i’m doing. Of-course, the highs of being a creative are incredible but much like anything in life, the journey can be filled with peaks and troughs that as history has shown countless times it can very easily reap havoc on ones mind. Join me and my mate @SKShlom at 8PM GMT on #WEARELISTENING - a real-talk livestream about mental health and creativity Join the conversation on FB Live 👉 #MentalHealthMatters #EndTheStigma #Recovery #Creativity #ElectronicMusic
Rationale Dec 18, 2018
EXPLOSIONS - High Hopes EP, Out Now.
Rationale Dec 17, 2018
I’ll be hosting a live Q & A on Instagram live tomorrow at 8pm (GMT) ask me anything.... Who’s around to chat? #iamrationale #rationale #rationale
Rationale Dec 14, 2018
High Hopes EP Interview - Part 4
Rationale Dec 13, 2018
High Hopes EP Interview - Part 3.1
Rationale Dec 12, 2018
High Hopes EP Interview - Part 2
Rationale Dec 12, 2018
Thanks AppleMusic Germany for adding “High Hopes” to the “Today’s Easy Hits” Playlist. Listen to it now:
Rationale Dec 11, 2018
High Hopes EP Interview - Part 1