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Hs001 - Ep
Too Many Times
Randomer Jan 29, 2019
's cover photo
Randomer Jan 04, 2019
The human voice will always be the most pure and beautiful instrument
Randomer Dec 23, 2018
's cover photo
Randomer Dec 18, 2018
Fat Purple Figs and friends hit Spotify today Stream to your hearts content !
Randomer Dec 12, 2018
Randomer - Sylo [HS002]
Randomer Dec 12, 2018
🔊🔊🔊MOTZ x Randomer, Clouds, Manni Dee, Jasmine Azarian & more at The Cause on Sat, 26th Jan! 🖤Tickets are selling fast. Book yours here: 🔊🔊🔊
Randomer Dec 04, 2018
My next EP -> Out now on Headstrong Bandcamp: Vinyl: and many other retailers shortly Enjoy!
Randomer Nov 27, 2018
by Hana Makovcova Photography
Randomer Nov 19, 2018
Randomer Oct 18, 2018
TBT to August Ahh this was fuuckin good fun
Randomer Aug 16, 2018
Randomer Jul 25, 2018
Randomer May 14, 2018
Here's the recording of my set from the Clone Records Rinse FM takeover! (last track in the recording is not played by me - first track from the following show was accidentally included by Rinse)
Randomer May 10, 2018
Going to be speaking to Shawn Reynaldo about my music today at 7pm GMT on his Red Bull Radio show First Floor tune in:
Randomer May 03, 2018
Selected some tracks from Youtube that inspired my next record - and talked about how they influenced it. Enjoy!
Randomer Apr 06, 2018
Randomer Apr 05, 2018
Oblong Percussion Tracks
Randomer Mar 22, 2018
This is my first ever release. It came out 10 years ago this week. Collaboration with long time friend Ed REDS Still had no idea at the time if I would be able to make this work as a career. It definitely took a while but persistence and a bit of luck pays off in the end Shouts to Blu Mar Ten, Tony Colman, and Ash Medschool for helping me make those first steps & everyone else who was back there in the early days <3
Randomer Mar 19, 2018
Fun was had in Rotterdam with master Perc
Randomer Mar 16, 2018
Randomer Dec 18, 2017
Randomer Nov 02, 2017
Incase you missed it >>>
Randomer Oct 30, 2017
Randomer - Foghorn (DKMNTL-10YEARS07)
Randomer Oct 24, 2017
Headstrong 1 available on Bandcamp
Randomer Oct 20, 2017
New mix