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Raised Fist Apr 23, 2019
Greta Thunberg, we admire your stamina. (please share the original post)
Raised Fist Apr 04, 2019
We think we have found the perfect drum setup and sound. Look at this massive kick drum!
Raised Fist Apr 02, 2019
We pressed rec.
Raised Fist Mar 14, 2019
GAFFA Sverige is telling the truth in Swedish!
Raised Fist Mar 13, 2019
We start recording our new album in two weeks! Where should we tour once it's released?
Raised Fist Feb 11, 2019
Happy birthday Alexander!💯🎉✊🏻
Raised Fist Dec 14, 2018
Timeline Photos
Raised Fist Dec 11, 2018
Signed to Kingstar Music (Booking Agency). Where should they bring us?
Raised Fist Oct 28, 2018
We are coming back with another brutal assault in 2019. Na zdraví! Epitaph Records Avocado Booking Zildjian Company EBS Professional Bass Equipment #fromthenorth
Raised Fist Aug 20, 2018
Killing microphones since now and forever! #raisedfist #fromthenorth Photo: KJ Melgoza
Raised Fist Aug 06, 2018
Can i kick it.. Thank you for this fantastic summer! @ebsswedenofficial @zildjiancompany @epitaphrecords @avocadobooking #fromthenorth #raisedfist photo: KJ Melgoza
Raised Fist Jul 29, 2018
We felt like Kings in this Castle! Thank you for coming out, and thank you @inflames for inviting us to this marvelous fest! #fromthenorth #raisedfist @borgholmbrinner #borgholmbrinner
Raised Fist Jul 22, 2018
Thank you Suomi, the best place in the world! Kiiitos paljon! #fromthenorth
Raised Fist Jul 20, 2018
Summer Jam! Hot as Satan. Tomorrow we play a big one in Finland! #fromthenorth
Raised Fist Jun 19, 2018
Congrats @jimmytikkanen - have a fantastic birthday.
Raised Fist Jun 17, 2018
Lets try this again.
Raised Fist Jun 15, 2018
We are here, but Jimmy is stuck in London airport since two days back waiting for the immigrations to get sorted. We are not able to play today, and are hoping for a show tomorrow saturday. #fucktheborder
Raised Fist Jun 09, 2018
@amnesia_rockfest is one of the rare places where you could possibly find #loukoller @alexanderhagman and @dennislyxzen at the same spot, at the same time. TBT 3 years back. Come Friday and atleast we are right back at the crime scene. @amnesia_rockfest @refusedfreedom @sickofitallnyc #fromthenorth @epitaphrecords @avocadobooking @zildjiancompany @ebsswedenofficial @montebellorockfest #amnesiarockfest #montebellorockfest
Raised Fist May 30, 2018
The lineup for @borgholmbrinner got even better! We are soooo looking forward to this one! #borgholmbrinner #raisedfist #inflames #fromthenorth
Raised Fist May 24, 2018
What were you doing 26/10/06 when we conquered Australia with a set of intense shows? (this photo captured by: @we_stand_alone_hc at the Manning Bar).
Raised Fist May 04, 2018
Have a nice weekend and watch your step kid. #fromthenorth #raisedfist
Raised Fist Apr 29, 2018
45 days left til we kick off this summer with an exclusive show on North American soil. Make sure to follow our instagram for day to day insights, backstage coverage and other goodies from Montebello Rockfest and many other shows to come.
Raised Fist Apr 16, 2018
We are happy to announce our appearance at this years John Smith Rock Fesitval, sat July 21. Get your tickets here:
Raised Fist Mar 29, 2018
We are proud to announce our first appearance in Sweden 2018 together with best-friends In Flames. This festival (Borgholm Castle is Burning) will be a very exclusive date for us in Sweden . Very limited amount of tickets on sale. Get yours now and dont forget to share if you care!
Raised Fist Mar 28, 2018
”When i jump up, look under both of my feet” - Congrats @alexanderhagman & Cajsa to their second daughter.