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Execution Guaranteed
Seasons of the Black
Reign of Fear
The Devil Strikes Again
Acoustic (Acoustic Live)
Lost in the Eyes (Remastered)
The Soundchaser Archives
Twenty One (21) [Bonus Version]
Strings to a Web
Strings to a Web
Carved In Stone / Gib dich nie auf
Carved In Stone
Carved In Stone
Full Moon In St. Petersburg (Bonus Track Version)
Speak of the Dead
Black in Mind - 20th Anniversary Edition (The Black in Mind Demos)
10 Years in Rage (Remastered)
The Missing Link (Remastered)
Hamburg Docks (Live '93) [Remastered]
Reflections of a Shadow (Remastered)
Secrets in a Weird World (Remastered)
Rock Fest Rock Fest 2019
Venue: Barcelona Rock Fest 2019 (Barcelona, Spain) Find tickets
Master Of Rock Master Of Rock 2019
Venue: Masters Of Rock (Vizovice, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Rage at Konzertfabrik Z7 (July 19, 2019)
Venue: Konzertfabrik Z7 (Pratteln, Switzerland) Find tickets
Faine Misto Festival Faine Misto Festival 2019
Venue: Ternopil Hippodrome (Ternopil, Ukraine) Find tickets
Venue: Unknown venue (Serpukhov, Russian Federation) Find tickets
Wacken Festival Wacken Festival 2019
Venue: Wacken Open Air (Wacken, Germany) Find tickets
Rage with Primal Fear, Eclipse, Sickret, and 4 more… at Senkel (October 25, 2019)
Venue: Senkel (Stans, Switzerland) Find tickets
Destruction and Rage at Unknown venue (December 12, 2019)
Venue: Unknown venue (Balingen, Germany) Find tickets
Rage at Ms Connexion Complex (February 5, 2020)
Venue: Ms Connexion Complex (Mannheim, Germany) Find tickets
Rage at Kubana Live Club (February 7, 2020)
Venue: Kubana Live Club (Siegburg, Germany) Find tickets
Rage with Serenity at The Underworld (February 8, 2020)
Venue: The Underworld (Camden, UK) Find tickets
Rage at Kaminwerk (February 15, 2020)
Venue: Kaminwerk (Memmingen, Germany) Find tickets
Rage at Hirsch (February 16, 2020)
Venue: Hirsch (Nuremberg, Germany) Find tickets
The Vanish with Rage and Serenity at Konzertfabrik Z7 (February 18, 2020)
Venue: Konzertfabrik Z7 (Pratteln, Switzerland) Find tickets
Rage Jun 14, 2019
Is this boy's Birthday!!!! Make some noise for LUCKY!!!! Photo by Moshpit Pictures
Rage Jun 08, 2019
We are in shock about the news of the passing of our good old friend Andre Matos! A big loss to the Metal community. You’ll never be forgotten brother ❤️... REST IN PEACE! 🙏🏻✨
Rage Jun 06, 2019
***RAGE - "WINGS OF RAGE" Tour*** ***MAD & BCN venues announced*** RAGEHEADS!, last month we announced our first European tour dates for the forthcoming album “WINGS OF RAGE” in 2020. 🚌🚛. We will hit the road this time with an amazing travel party: as a co-headliner our friends from Austria Serenity and our amazing supporters: HUMAN FORTRESS and Vanish . Check them out!! Most of the Tickets 🎫 links are available at ➡️ ⬅️ • 05-02-20 GER 🇩🇪 Mannheim - MS Connexion Complex + 06-02-20 GER 🇩🇪 Hamburg - TBA + 07-02-20 GER 🇩🇪 Siegburg - Kubaaa + 08-02-20 GBR 🇬🇧 London - Underworld + 11-02-20 ESP 🇪🇸 Madrid - Caracol + 12-02-20 ESP 🇪🇸 Barcelona - Boveda + 14-02-20 ITA 🇮🇹 Milan - Legend’s Club # 15-02-20 GER 🇩🇪 Memmingen - Kaminwerk # 16-02-20 GER 🇩🇪Nuremberg - Hirsch # 18-02-20 SUI 🇨🇭Pratteln - Z7 # 19-02-20 AUT🇦🇹Vienna - Szene # 20-02-20 HUN 🇭🇺Budapest - Duerer Kert # 21-02-20 SVK 🇸🇰Zvolen - Dom Kultùry Zsr # 22-02-20 CZE 🇨🇿 Prague - Nova Chmelnice # 23-02-20 GER 🇩🇪Bochum - Zeche # • Make sure to save the date to bang your head with us! …and get ready to fly on WINGS OF RAGE!! • #Rageband #WingsOfRageTour #RageOn #ragelive #ragepeavy #ragelucky #ragemarcos #liveconcerts #metallive #liveontour #spv #englamps #ibanez #ibanezguitars #rightonstraps #fishmanpickups #thomastikinfeld #gibraltar #remo #shure #balbex #samsuncymbals #kirschoffdrums #hearsafe #intunegp #seasonsoftheblack #soulsofrock #soulsofrockfoundation
Rage May 24, 2019
***RAGE - "WINGS OF RAGE" Tour 2020*** RageHeads, we are thrilled to announce our first European tour dates for the forthcoming album “WINGS OF RAGE” in 2020. We will hit the road this time with an amazing travel party: as a co-headliner our friends from Austria Serenity and our amazing supporters: HUMAN FORTRESS and Vanish. Check them out!! Tickets links will be announced soon (please check some tickets are already on pre-sale)… Make sure to save the date to bang your head with us! …and fly on WINGS OF RAGE!! #Rageband #WingsOfRageTour #RageOn #ragelive #ragepeavy #ragelucky #ragemarcos #liveconcerts #metallive #liveontour #spv #englamps #ibanez #ibanezguitars #rightonstraps #fishmanpickups #thomastikinfeld #gibraltar #remo #shure #balbex #samsuncymbals #kirschoffdrums #hearsafe #intunegp #seasonsoftheblack #soulsofrock #soulsofrockfoundation
Rage May 22, 2019
WANNA HEAR A NEW SONG?... check it out!’ 🤣🤣 #rageband #recordingstudio
Rage May 22, 2019
Rage May 17, 2019
Drums sessions...
Rage May 14, 2019
This 25/10/19 we will be at UrRock Musik Festival along with other fantastic bands! Check it out on the link below 👇
Rage May 13, 2019
BLACKENED KARMA - LIVE IN BOGOTA (COLOMBIA) Thanks to the team of EQ Studio!!!
Rage May 12, 2019
Lucky is at the studio... check this out!!
Rage May 10, 2019
Lucky is ready! And also his OLYMPIAN DRUM KIT FROM THE KINGDOM OF GODS, for the recording of "Wings Of Rage" 🇬🇷 Hellas Power has been unleashed! 🇬🇷 (sorry snare)
Rage Apr 18, 2019
Hey Rageheads, we are continuing to re-release our masterpieces from the past! Now the three albums between 1994 and 1996 (10 Years In Rage, Black In Mind, End Of All Days) are on the table on three double CDs in a box set, including bonus CDs containing numerous demo versions that also include previously unreleased songs - all digitally remastered. A real MUST HAVE for all RAGE-Heads! Of course all three albums are also available as double CDs. Available worldwide from Friday, April 26 - pre-order now!
Rage Apr 18, 2019
We are going live in a few minutes on INSTAGRAM ->@rageofficialband .... #rageband #rage #live @rageofficialband <-
Rage Apr 15, 2019
***RAGE - sign with SPV/Steamhammer!*** 25th studio album due out in January 2020 Festival tours in summer & winter 2019 15 years after the arrival of their live recording From The Cradle To The Stage, German metal legend Rage have returned to Hanover imprint, SPV/Steamhammer. The band featuring frontman Peter "Peavy" Wagnerr, guitarist Marcos Rodriguez and drummer Vassilios "Lucky" Maniatopoulos is currently busy working on new material for their upcoming album Wings Of Rage (working title), scheduled for release on 10 January 2020. A lead single will be out in September 2019, the second single to be lifted from the album is due to be released just before Christmas. Wings Of Rage is the group's 25th studio album and will be recorded at the Soundchaser Official Studio in Burscheid. Peavy promises an offering featuring "the essence of our musical development, the kind of songs that we have stood for since the mid-eighties." Rage are planning to embark on a festival tour across Europe even before delivering their new material to present, together with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra, the full XIII album live for the first time. The show had its baptism of fire at the 70000tons of Metak, and a special highlight will be Rage's appearance at the Wacken Open Air at the beginning of August 2019. Towards the end of the year, Rage are scheduled to play lots of important winter festivals, before their major Wings Of Rage tour kicks off in February 2020. "We're really happy to be back with SPV/Steamhammer," says Peavy Wagner. "Since our very successful and enjoyable collaboration in the early 2000s we've known that we're in expert hands with Olly Hahn and his team. Olly and I share a long-standing friendship, he will continue to promote Rage with his usual commitment." SPV/Steamhammer label manager Olly Hahn is delighted with his new signing: "It's fantastic to have a band such as Rage on our roster again, their outstanding role in the development of German metal is undisputed. To be in a position to release their 25th studio album fills me with great pride and ambition."
Rage Apr 12, 2019
***XIII LIVE *** This summer for the first time ever Rage feat. Lingua Mortis Orchestra will perform the XIII album completely at selected festivals only! Do not miss the chance to check this event with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra conducted by “El Maestro" Pepe Herrero - Zheuss #rageband #Rageon #ragelive #ragepeavy #ragelucky #ragemarcos #rageflo #liveconcerts #metallive #liveontour #nuclearblast #englamps #ibanez #ibanezguitars #rightonstraps #fishmanpickups #thomastikinfeld #gibraltar #remo #shure #balbex #samsuncymbals #kirschoffdrums #hearsafe #intunegp #seasonsoftheblack #soulsofrock #soulsofrockfoundation
Rage Apr 04, 2019
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Rage Apr 03, 2019
Rageheads: after 26 years our album “The Missing Link” hit the charts in Chile!!!! Isn’t that funny? Good things take a while! 😄😄 ... Gracias Chile!!
Rage Mar 21, 2019
Having some fun between songwriting !! #rageband #peavywagner #ragemarcos #ragepeavy #beatlesfan
Rage Mar 11, 2019
Go back in time with ADORATION, powerfully re-recorded for "Seasons Of The Black" Limited Edition ON SALE NOW:
Rage Mar 07, 2019
When inspiration comes, you shouldn’t stop writing music! ... here we are writing Rage music! . #rageband #Rageon #ragelive #ragepeavy #ragelucky #ragemarcos #metallive #nuclearblast #englamps #ibanez #ibanezguitars #rightonstraps #fishmanpickups #thomastikinfeld #gibraltar #remo #shure #balbex #samsuncymbals #kirschoffdrums #hearsafe #intunegp #seasonsoftheblack #soulsofrock #soulsofrockfoundation #rage
Rage Mar 06, 2019
"If you swim on waves of trust you cannot even drown when you hit the shores of love you cannot die..." - Peavy Wagner.
Rage Feb 26, 2019
**RAGE feat. LMO plays "XIII" at Faine Misto Festival*** We are happy to announce that we will perform the legendary "XIII" album entirely at Faine Misto festival / Фестиваль Файне Місто in Ukraine. Don't miss it!
Rage Feb 14, 2019
****RAGE announce, that they will play their LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA- album "XIII" live in full-lenght**** The album, that RAGE recorded together with the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA in 1998 became an all time metal classic. Now the band have announced, that - for the first time ever - they will play the album live in full together with the orchestra. This exclusive show will come to select festival stages in Europe over the summer; the only show in Germany will be at Wacken Open Air 2019. Peavy Wagner comments: "As we toured in Winter 1997/98 with the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA, the "XIII" Album was not released yet and even in later live shows we never managed to play this metal classic in it´s full lenght, so it makes me more than proud that we can finally realize this project now, more than two decades later." The premiere of the show at 70000tons of Metal was extremely successful. Parallel to the exclusive festival shows there will be a re-release with an extended version of the album, featuring previously unreleased demos and the record will also be available on vinyl for the first time ever! Catch the show live at one of the following festivals: 05.07.19 - ESP - Rock Fest Bcn 13.07.19 - CZ - Masters of Rock 03.08.19 - GER - Wacken Open Air …stay tuned for more… Order »Seasons Of The Black« now: Order »Seasons Of The Black« digitally and receive 'Blackened Karma' and 'Adoration'instantly or stream the tracks: More on »Seasons Of The Black«: 'Blackened Karma' VIDEO: 'Adoration' VIDEO: 'Seasons Of The Black' VIDEO:
Rage Feb 11, 2019
A bit more than a week ago at the 70000tons we did the world premier of XIII (Rage album) LIVE!... Be sure to see us live this summer. Thanks to Carl Frederick for the photo and support!!!!
Rage Feb 04, 2019
Blast over the sea of madness!! @70000tons THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH!!! ... thanks to all the musicians of the Lingua Mortis Orchestra, you guys rocked big time!!! ... and this, is just the beginning of 2019 Rageheads.... you’ll hear from us soon!!! . . #rageband #Rageon #ragelive #ragepeavy #ragelucky #ragemarcos #rageflo #liveconcerts #metallive #liveontour #nuclearblast #englamps #ibanez #ibanezguitars #rightonstraps #fishmanpickups #thomastikinfeld #gibraltar #remo #shure #balbex #samsuncymbals #kirschoffdrums #hearsafe #intunegp #seasonsoftheblack #soulsofrock #soulsofrockfoundation