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Radio Slave (Official) Dec 10, 2018
Finally heading home after 10 days on the road and what an adventure it's been... Big love to Flash !!! MUTE Medellin and Dubfire and Coyo Taco for the b2b during Art Basel ! What a crazy party and shout outs to Jesse Rose, Rosalya Ly M. and P.Leone for the hangover... The photo below was taken after the incredible Teksupport: Rødhåd, Radio Slave, Tijana T & Patrick Russell in Brooklyn ! Next stop Berlin x
Radio Slave (Official) Dec 06, 2018
Super happy to have Subradeon closing out the year with their debut EP on Rekids (Official) "Walking Through Motown"... Enjoy x
Radio Slave (Official) Dec 06, 2018
Radio Slave (Official) Dec 04, 2018
RØDHÅD playing the P.Leone & Radio Slave (Official) remix at Teksupport: Rødhåd, Radio Slave, Tijana T & Patrick Russell !!!
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 29, 2018
London nightlife legend David Dorrell has teamed up once again with Nowayback celebrating the infamous club night "All Back To Mine"... The spot where I first got to play records and now you can get the t-shirt !!!
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 28, 2018
>> Enter The Blacklight >>
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 28, 2018
Essential viewing !!!
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 27, 2018
's cover photo
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 26, 2018
Listen to the Nocow album in full <3
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 25, 2018
This sounded HUGE at Under Bron !!!
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 25, 2018
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 24, 2018
Crazy vibes last night at Under Bron... and a first for me as some idiot managed to pour a whole pint of beer over the mixer killing it instantly... So a huge thanks to Johanna Schneider and everyone who danced til 5am... Also a big shout out to Norman Methner, DJ Clea and Nadja Chatti !!! x
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 23, 2018
Nocow "Atoner" LP is out now on Rekids (Official) !!!
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 22, 2018
Extended Vacation...
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 21, 2018
Missed this post from last month... Chris Liebing offering up his 5 tracks of the moment !
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 20, 2018
In the studio remixing Sasha again...
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 20, 2018
Claude VonStroke features SRVD "Elevate" in his cover mix for Mixmag...
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 18, 2018
Happy Birthday and congratulations to Sebo K !!! No.1 on the Beatport Leftfield House and Techno Chart !
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 17, 2018
This weekend sees the re-release of one of my favourite remixes from 2006. Recorded in my old loft studio in Brighton this was my second remix for Nick Harris’ NRK label and having been a huge fan of Peace Division it definitely wasn’t an easy task taking on the job of remixing “Blacklight Sleaze”.... And looking back on these mixes 12 years later I still can’t remember how I created some of the sounds !!! Enjoy x
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 16, 2018
Ben Klock kicks off his Circoloco mix with SRVD "Elevate"...
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 15, 2018
10 of my favourite techno tracks from Rekids (Official) for Beatport...
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 14, 2018
New music... 1. SRVD - Elevate - SRVD Live Edit - REKIDS 2. Radio Slave - Ground Control - Stranger In the Night 3. Subradeon - Walking Through Motown - Rekids 4. SJ Tequilla - Moving in and out - SW remix - Bright Sounds 5. Sebo K - Nebula - Rekids 6. Nate Williams - Club Patrol - Roy Davis Jr Remix - R-Time 7. Pearson Sound - Rubble - Pearson Sound 8. Nocow - Starveme - Rekids 9. Raw Series - 04 A - Raw Series 10. SHDW & Obscure Shape - Der Sturm - REKIDS
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 14, 2018
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 13, 2018
"Club Patrol" is coming to R-Time in 2019 !!!
Radio Slave (Official) Nov 13, 2018