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Radio Birds
Radio Birds Mar 01, 2019
Radio Birds Feb 08, 2019
Dear family, It has been far too long since we last posted, so I hope you miss us as much as we do you. I have an important question to ask: would you rather have an ice cold beer, or a brand new Radio Birds song? Guess what, with luck, you can have both*! Seriously, new Radio Birds song, coming this month. So to all the best folk around the world, Cheers, Salud, Prost, and Skål. See you soon. *(beer not included). Colin James Dean Justin Keller Mike Ford Jr.
Radio Birds May 04, 2018
Radio Birds May 04, 2018
To our dear family, These past few months, some of you may have been asking yourselves questions such as, “what in the hell are Radio Birds up to?,” or “how come nobody makes me drink well whiskey anymore?,” or perhaps even “where are those hairy guys that used to sleep on my floor and clog up the shower drain?” (Lookin’ at you, Motel 6!) Well, just so you know, we didn’t die and we didn’t break up. Usually we would explain our absence with something both true and simple, like ‘we are taking some time off the road’-- which is indeed both true and simple. However, we’re thinking that since many of you have already--and so graciously--given us so much of your time, your support, and your love, you would also be down for a deeper answer. Playing in a band is essentially like being both sides of a coin that flips down the road. It can come up either way, but you can’t escape that the other side is still attached squarely to your ass, and you’ll have to ride it that way too. Like this: Heads-- you play for 20 close friends, you know their joy and their pain, you share the music as if it is communion. Tails-- you drink yourself to sleep, wake up and play a frat party for people who wish you would just stop playing songs they don’t know. Heads—you see the most beautiful places in the world with your best friends. Tails—you can’t stand your best friends anymore because the whole world is a van. Heads—you make art for a living, doing the only thing you want to do. Tails—you make art for money, which you owe to the bank, the manager, the IRS, the apartment, two grandfathers, an uncle, and the family who never gets to see you. Honestly, that’s the big one. Last year, we didn’t make enough art to justify calling in another lifetime’s worth of favors and patience and forgiveness to sustain another year constantly on the road, and we didn’t make enough money to satisfy the bank or even a minimum standard of living. We reached a point where the only sensible thing to do was to chill for a while and learn again how to do both. And just so you know--we all still like and love each other, and love what we do. What comes out on the other side may take many different forms. Rest assured that you will see Radio Birds again—just probably not 160 times a year. We have some new stuff to share with you, as well as some unreleased goodies. Also, we all have new and different jobs and musical side projects to sustain and rejuvenate ourselves, and we hope we will see many of you in connection with those as well. Thanks to all of you with whom we share this band. We have you in our hearts until we see you again, Radio Birds
Radio Birds Feb 02, 2018
So excited and honored to be a part of our buddy Jason's new movie, Braven! Listen closely and you might hear "Mississippi Queen" while J is kicking ass in a bar.
Radio Birds Sep 22, 2017
Tonight's show in Houston is FREE so there ain't no excuses for you to miss it. Playing with great locals The Grizzly Band at Rockefellers Houston. Doors are at 8/ Show at 9.
Radio Birds Sep 19, 2017
This week we're heading back to Texas! Who's going to join us? 9/21 - Cheatham Street Warehouse - San Marcos TX 9/22 - Rockefellers Houston - Houston TX 9/23 - Scottie's Grill - Texarkana 9/26 - East Texas State Fair - Tyler TX 9/27 - Hoots Pub - Amarillo TX 9/28 - The Blue Light Live - Lubbock TX 9/29 - Bubba's Brewhouse - Durant OK 9/30 - Mercury Lounge Tulsa - Tulsa OK
Radio Birds Aug 17, 2017
Hey Wilmington, NC we added a last minute show tonight (8/17) at The Palm Room in Wrightsville Beach. We'll be hitting the stage around 10 but till then it's time to get a beer, STRETCH out, and relax.
Radio Birds Aug 04, 2017
Knoxville we're back at Scruffy City Hall Saturday Aug 5th! We're on after The Young Fables at 11:30pm. Lets do this!
Radio Birds Jul 17, 2017
Headed to Texas tomorrow! Check out our dates below and let us know who's making it out! 7/18 - Memphis TN - Hi Tone 7/19 - Tulsa OK - Mercury Lounge Tulsa 7/20 - Amarillo TX - Hoots Pub 7/21 - Lubbock TX - The Office Sports Bar 7/22 - Fort Worth TX - Rockin' The River Music Series 7/23 - San Marcos TX - Cheatham Street Warehouse
Radio Birds Jul 13, 2017
TONIGHT! I heard Smith's Olde Bar ordered extra whiskey just for this show. We had a great time learning these songs and can't wait to play them. Hope to see you there.
Radio Birds Jul 06, 2017
We are proud to finally send off the remaining proceeds from our poster sale for Chase Lamondo's going-away show. With a donation from SweetWater Brewing Company and Smith's Olde Bar, we raised 540$ for Rockdale Co. Special Olympics. Thanks to all who participated. May we always try to be part of something bigger than ourselves.
Radio Birds Jul 05, 2017
Arts & Letters Radio are some great friends who do music and literature right. Kind enough to have us in the studio, live and hung over, to try our hands at talking and playing with one eye open. Check it out! Stickyz Rock N' Roll Chicken Shack
Radio Birds Jun 28, 2017
Amelia finally made it to a show!! #cougar
Radio Birds Jun 26, 2017
Tomorrow we're at Knuckleheads Saloon. That's right, we're driving from Montana to Missouri in a day and half! (We're idiots, we know)
Radio Birds Jun 25, 2017
Had an amazing time last night at Pine Creek Lodge. Still one of our favorite stops. Now heading north to spend Sunday Funday in Whitefish,MT at Remington Bar and Casino
Radio Birds Jun 21, 2017
Riding that Rocky Mountain High! We're in Denver tonight playing with Shooter Jennings at Summit Music Hall. Come on now!
Radio Birds Jun 21, 2017
Whitefish, we'll be at the newly renovated Remington Bar and Casino on June 25th. Grab your tickets below and come out and hang with us!
Radio Birds Jun 13, 2017
Packin' them wheel bearings, turnin' them new rotors, dreamin' of 5,000 miles of gorgeous American roads. Come see a rejuvenated Carlos VanTana and the new look RBs. First stop: The Burl in Lexington, KY tomorrow!
Radio Birds Jun 12, 2017
We're headed West! Wednesday at The Burl in Lexington is our first stop! 6/14 - Lexington KY - The Burl 6/15 - Bradley IL - The Looney Bin Bar & Grill 6/16 - freeport IL - The Wagner House 6/17 - Iowa City IA - Big Grove Brewery & Taproom - Iowa City 6/18 - Stillwater MN - Ziggy's Restaurant 6/19 - Lincoln NE - The Bourbon 6/21 - Denver CO - Summit Music Hall 6/23 - Filer ID - Hwy 30 Music Fest 6/24 - Livingston MT - Pine Creek Lodge 6/25 - Whitefish MT - Remington Bar and Casino 6/27 - Kansas City MO - Knuckleheads Saloon
Radio Birds Jun 07, 2017
DC! Thursday 6/8 we're back at Gypsysally's opening for Cordovas, which are one hell of a band. You're some of our favorite people and we can't wait to see your faces! Grab your tickets here:
Radio Birds Jun 05, 2017
After hitting Europe and taking some time off to work up some new material for ya, we're geared up and ready to hit the road! Check the dates below! 6/8 - Washington DC - Gypsysally's 6/9 - Rehoboth Beach DE - Dogfish Head Brewpub 6/10 - Lancaster PA - Tellus360 6/14 - Lexington KY - The Burl 6/15 - Bradley IL - The Looney Bin Bar & Grill 6/16 - freeport IL - The Wagner House 6/17 - Iowa City IA - Big Grove Brewery & Taproom - Iowa City 6/18 - Stillwater MN - Ziggy's Restaurant 6/19 - Lincoln NE - The Bourbon 6/21 - Denver CO - Summit Music Hall 6/23 - Filer ID - Hwy 30 Music Fest 6/24 - Livingston MT - Pine Creek Lodge 6/25 - Whitefish MT - Remington Bar and Casino 6/27 - Kansas City MO - Knuckleheads Saloon
Radio Birds Jun 05, 2017
Radio Birds's cover photo
Radio Birds May 25, 2017
We're stoked to kick off our summer tour dates alongside the great band, Cordovas, at The Foundry in Athens, GA on June 1st!! Click below and grab your tickets now!
Radio Birds May 19, 2017
If you go on over to ol' iTunes and pre-order a digital copy of our new live release (out June 9th), you'll get a free download of 'Bound To Fall'. A tasty little sneak peak treat for ya for being so good to us! It's been released physically, but we can't wait to get this out to the rest of the world! ✌🏻, ❤ and a whole lotta rock and roll!