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Animals In the Median
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Radiation City Jan 09, 2019
Oh, hi Rad City fans. Did you know Patti is putting out a new record? It's true. To be released on January 25th with The Portland Cello Project at Revolution Hall. Check out her Bandcamp below. Follow her FB page Patrician. Follow her instagram @patrician_musician. Go to the release show if you can. And, yeh know, spread the love amidst the cold. 💕
Radiation City Jun 22, 2018
Radiation City - Coda Radiation City formed in 2010 and ended in November of 2016, but there was an EP in the works so we decided to finish the mixes and release it. The EP is a swan song and also a love letter to the fans who supported us loyally for years. The details of the dissolution of the band are difficult to discuss in too much detail; it was a deeply personal thing to experience and we’ve laid bare too much of the personal stuff over the years. That’s why we never really discussed it when it initially happened. It remains equally hard to talk about now, and we assure you it is not a dismissal of what you all have done for us over the years, because none of us will ever forget the love you’ve shown us. We poured everything we had into this for 6 years and we had to make the hard choice to close that chapter and move on. Coda tells that story indirectly, if you choose to listen. It says, in short: “We’re sorry. We love you. We’re gonna miss you.” –Radiation City Check out everyone's new projects here: Lizzy - Patti - Cameron - Randy -
Radiation City Jun 22, 2018
Radiation City's cover photo
Radiation City Jun 22, 2018
Coda EP out now on Polyvinyl Record Company. Stream / download here:
Radiation City Jun 11, 2018
JUNE 22, 2018.
Radiation City Apr 03, 2018
the dream is not dead
Radiation City Oct 06, 2017
Super duper duper duper stoked to announce that Night Heron will be playing this year's Lose Yr Mind Fest in Portland. Cool new venue for the festival and some of my favorite bands on the lineup.
Radiation City Apr 21, 2017
You can see this dude play this instrument in a band called Aan this weekend, first in Seattle tonight at Chop Suey w/ Thunderpussy, and on Sunday in Portland at Rontoms with Wild Powwers. Booyah.
Radiation City Jan 26, 2017
Lizzy is releasing here solo record today! You can purchase it for a mere 5 bucks, or more if you please at the link below. She'll be playing Holocene Portland tonight with Moorea Masa, Joseph Lawrence Lanker, and Dasha Shleyeva. They'll also be in SF tomorrow with Aan, Smokin' Ziggurats, and Water Slice at Hemlock Tavern. ALSO, Cam is playing guitar and keys in Aan, so this tour with be even more lit, yall.
Radiation City Jan 25, 2017
Another track from New Move​'s Back in the Habit, co-produced by Cam, featuring Chanti Darling​ and Ripley Snell​.
Radiation City Jan 25, 2017
Cam and Lizzy worked on a cover of a New Move song, and the record comes out this week. Super pumped to be a part of this project, along with a whole host of amazing artists (read: Y La Bamba Minden Ripley Snell Chanti Darling illmaculate Calvin Valentine Hustle and Drone)
Radiation City Dec 17, 2016
Randy David B recorded a solo album a while back, and it comes out today! Check it out!
Radiation City Nov 30, 2016
We played our song "Heart of Mine" for Bedstock Festival yesterday. Thanks to MyMusicRx for having us and big ups to kids watching from their beds. We send our love and good vibes and hope this helps y'all feel better. #GivingTuesday #Bedstock
Radiation City Nov 26, 2016
Last, but definitely not least... Cam Spies. Without this human, this band would have fallen off a long time ago, and I would not know what I know without him. He has fought harder than any person I know for what he loves. It has been an incredible, unforgettable journey, mon ami. Tonight is bittersweet. ❤
Radiation City Nov 26, 2016
This is Patti. Oh boy. Lady love of our lives. Patti King. This humble beauty is going off to be in The Shins. Her wings have grown tremendously and we are so proud of her. She is like a sister, mother, favorite pet, angel, etc. Talent does not begin to describe her abilites.
Radiation City Nov 26, 2016
This is Lisa. She is the feminine power within Sama Dams The first time we saw them was at the re-opening of Alhambra Theater, 4 years ago. Heart melt to the max. Hearing Lisa and Sam harmonize together is an experience in and of itself. We have stayed friends, and tonight we have the honor of sharing the stage with them.
Radiation City Nov 26, 2016
This is Riley. Hot damn. We love this guy to the max. He is hands down the most talented dude we know, and on occasion is known to be everyone's favorite guy in town. He's drumming with us tonight for our last show as a band. #casual Revolution Hall
Radiation City Nov 25, 2016
This is Chris. He drums for Sama Dams and conjures some of the most unusual/exotic rhythms in our fair town. As a trio, they produce such a visceral listening experience that everyone should experience. Tomorrow night y'all.
Radiation City Nov 24, 2016
This is Lizzy. She pumps blood through the heart of this band. Her voice is at once obsidian and velvet, cutting deep into you then laying you down in a soft place to die. This will be Radiation City's last show. Please don't miss it.
Radiation City Nov 24, 2016
This is Dan from Pure Bathing Culture. We are constantly inspired by his effortless guitar playing and effortless cool. Come see him on Friday and be inspired.
Radiation City Nov 23, 2016
Very excited to share our new music video for "Oil Show," directed by Erin Barry! "Oil Show" appears on our latest album, Synesthetica, which is available now here: Also, if you're in Portland, come celebrate with us this Fri (11/25) at Revolution Hall with Pure Bathing Culture & Sama Dams! Tickets + more info can be found here:
Radiation City Nov 23, 2016
This is Dasha. She is talented and funny and beautiful and we get to have her play bass in our band sometimes. Friday will be one of those times. Lucky us!
Radiation City Nov 22, 2016
This is Sarah from Pure Bathing Culture. We met almost 5 years ago at The Doug Fir Lounge, with a bill that also included Wild Ones and Pegasus Dream. The bill came together at the last minute and happened to be PBC's first show ever. Hearing her sing was love at first note. They've since become one of our favorite Portland bands, and we are honored to share the stage with them again on Friday.
Radiation City Nov 22, 2016
We thought it would be fun to shoot some film photos of the lovely people in the bands playing on Friday at Revolution Hall. We'll be posting said photos throughout the week, leading up to the show. This is Sam from Sama Dams.
Radiation City Nov 18, 2016
*AN ORGY OF VINYL GIVEAWAYS* Oh hi! We will be silk-screening a very limited run of posters (see graphic below) to sell at next week's ALL-AGES show at Revolution Hall with Pure Bathing Culture and Sama Dams. We will only have a few printed in a few different colors, and to sweeten the deal, we will throw in a free copy of the Polyvinyl Record Company 20 year anniversary vinyl with the first few poster purchases. #allages #portlandshows #revolutionhall