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Modified Mortality
Rabbit Junk Will Die: Meditations on Mortality
Like the Flesh Does the Knife
Singles from the Lost Years 2011-2013 (Remastered)
Project Nonagon
This Life Is Where You Get F****d
This Life Is Where You Get F**Ked
Rabbit Junk
Rabbit Junk Aug 16, 2019
Wow I had no idea that many people wanted our album Reframe (2006) on bandcamp. It's currently #10 on alternative and #24 on the whole site. Crazy. Love you people!
Rabbit Junk Aug 16, 2019
Whoa that was fast - thanks everyone!
Rabbit Junk Aug 16, 2019
If you want ol' school junk, get it over at our bandcamp. Reframe (2006) is LIVE
Rabbit Junk Aug 15, 2019
Rabbit Junk's cover photo
Rabbit Junk Aug 15, 2019
Support for this project has been really strong. Now in this last 24 hours, the creators are asking for that final push:
Rabbit Junk Aug 14, 2019
Fan art by Kelly Wan-Kanobi
Rabbit Junk Aug 14, 2019
Art for the forthcoming rerelease of 2006's ReFrame, exclusive on bandcamp - will feature both the original and remastered versions.
Rabbit Junk Aug 10, 2019
Rabbit Junk
Rabbit Junk Aug 09, 2019
MiXE1 release new album featuring track with guest vocals by JP:
Rabbit Junk Aug 08, 2019
We're rereleasing our back catalog through bandcamp! All with new art. This one is for 2004's self-titled debut "Rabbit Junk". More details soon! But for now, digital only.
Rabbit Junk Aug 06, 2019
We're having a particularly overwhelming and exhausting summer. What are you all listening to to keep up the fight? We need some power jams!
Rabbit Junk Aug 05, 2019
Glitchmode pumping out jams
Rabbit Junk Jul 30, 2019
It was incredible to be included in Terminus Festival this year. Chris Hewitt and Ambor Hewitt, thank you for everything. We just kept saying to each other "everybody is so nice! Why can't it always be like this!". Now we're truly ruined hahahah! To all the Rabbit Junkies who made it out, thank you thank you - you have no idea how much you all mean to us! We're taking all that inspiration and pouring it into our forthcoming single "We Saw the End" \m/
Rabbit Junk Jul 28, 2019
Oh Canada!
Rabbit Junk Jul 28, 2019
Just achieved a new level of metal!
Rabbit Junk Jul 28, 2019
Rabbits chilaxing in the hotel before the show 😜
Rabbit Junk Jul 27, 2019
Canada bound!
Rabbit Junk Jul 27, 2019
Bag, guitar, and TWO coffees. SKILLS! shoulda been a waiter 😉
Rabbit Junk Jul 25, 2019
Really happy with that line up!
Rabbit Junk Jul 22, 2019
Oooh getting excited for Terminus Fest this sat!
Rabbit Junk Jul 17, 2019
Good people doing good things with good industrial music. Please check this out and consider a donation:
Rabbit Junk Jul 17, 2019
Hey everyone, my label-mate, collaborator, and good friend Amelia Arsenic has been in hospital for over a month and I want you to join me in sending big love and healing vibes her way. Amelia, I dedicate the last Rabbit Junk EP to you: you have been thoroughly BORN AND BLED, you are a mother f**king SURVIVOR, and all this sh*t you have been going through has only REVEALed your bravery. I can't wait to play shows with you again and make more badass music with you. Sending all I got - get well soon!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rabbit Junk Jul 15, 2019
So great to play our hometown again! Even with no proper soundcheck - (which all the other bands got?? Hmmmmmm..... @#$**&$**#@$**!!) the show was epic! It never means anything if we don't have amazing fans in the audience, singing along and dancing/stomping their faces off. Everyone who came out made our night - we love you all! Special thank you to Gary Hedges who ran our merch table and kept us sane before the show!
Rabbit Junk Jul 13, 2019
We released an EP two months ago called Reveal and it's already reached 100k listens on Spotify! Time to check it out if you haven't yet.
Rabbit Junk Jul 11, 2019
We're playing our hometown tonight! 🤘. Deets below. Question for you, though, unrelated: "extreme lives lead to extreme music". Do you think this is true?