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Modified Mortality
Rabbit Junk Will Die: Meditations on Mortality
Like the Flesh Does the Knife
Singles from the Lost Years 2011-2013 (Remastered)
Project Nonagon
This Life Is Where You Get F**Ked
This Life Is Where You Get F****d
Rabbit Junk
Sanctuary Festival Sanctuary Festival 2019
Venue: Club Anything (Milwaukee, WI, US) Find tickets
Lazerpunk, Rabbit Junk, Die Robot, and Wolftron (US) at Club Sur Rocks (July 11, 2019)
Venue: Club Sur Rocks (Seattle, WA, US) Find tickets
Rabbit Junk Apr 19, 2019
Track #1 from our new EP "Reveal". Featuring the one and only Amelia Arsenic! Reveal is out 5.15.2019 on all streaming and download services. Pre-sales now at
Rabbit Junk Apr 17, 2019
Wednesdays. We all have them, they're not the greatest. Wednesdays are the kinda day that would be massively improved by new music. But what does the music industry do? Decide that Fridays (which are already superior to Wednesdays) are "new music day" so they can sync their charts. Well screw you music industry, Rabbit Junk is releasing their new EP "Reveal" on a motherf**king Wednesday cuz that's what people need! 5.15.2019 - an otherwise dreary Wednesday - will rawk your face off! Presales going now!
Rabbit Junk Apr 16, 2019
Hey friends in the Chicago and Milwaukee area - we are playing sanctuary fest and it's our only show in the area this summer. Get tix! See c0mm3nts 😉
Rabbit Junk Apr 13, 2019
Presales of our new EP "Reveal" reached #1 on the bandcamp Industrial charts and #5 on All Alternative. Presales are a hugely important way to support bands you like - thank you everyone!
Rabbit Junk Apr 12, 2019
Friday! Finally! Want some new tunes to ruthlessly crush your enemies with? We gotchu 😉 Huzzah!
Rabbit Junk Apr 12, 2019
Get a taste of the new EP, below ; )
Rabbit Junk Apr 12, 2019
Trailer for our new EP, "Reveal", out 5.15.2019 on everything. Presales now at
Rabbit Junk Apr 09, 2019
Rabbit Junk
Rabbit Junk Apr 09, 2019
Rabbit Junk Apr 05, 2019
We wrapped the title track of our forth coming EP, "Reveal"! It's the first RJ song without guitars that's primarily focused on vocals. Turned out so surprisingly heavy. Can't wait to share it!
Rabbit Junk Mar 31, 2019
Rabbit Junk Mar 30, 2019
's cover photo
Rabbit Junk Mar 21, 2019
We're playing Friday May 31st w/ our Glitch Mode Recordings brethren at Sanctuary Festival, Milwaukee WI!
Rabbit Junk Mar 18, 2019
Happy to be returning to Terminus festival this year!
Rabbit Junk Mar 16, 2019
Got an announcement coming soon that will make Canadian Rabbit Junkies happy (sorry, it's not a Celine Dion cover).
Rabbit Junk Mar 14, 2019
's cover photo
Rabbit Junk Mar 12, 2019
A little over a year ago we released our first full length album in 8 years, "Rabbit Junk Will Die". Every single metric I could use to measure success has doubled or more since then: listeners, fans, streams, downloads, merch sales, etc.. It's just hitting me right now - what a crazy unexpected thing! I thought I was maybe making a final album. Thank you to everyone who helped us realize this is just the beginning, we f***ing LOVE you!
Rabbit Junk Mar 09, 2019
Got a message this morning that "this year brings 3 solid anniversaries - Shizit - Evil Inside 20th Anniversary; Rabbit Junk Self-Titled 15th; The Named Self-Titled 10th".
Rabbit Junk Mar 09, 2019
Ilker Yücel of ReGen Magazine has this to say about the recent collab between Rabbit Junk and Amelia Arsenic: "JP Anderson's ability to blend vicious technical metal riffs with scathing electronics and pulse-pounding drum & bass rhythms, all the while topped off by aggressive yet emotive and melodic vocals, remains in full swing. Adding Amelia Arsenic's own venomous yet soulful vocal delivery only strengthens the formula. It's in-your-face, it's catchy, it's got swagger, and goddamn does the track have some teeth! If I could have one gripe with the song, it's the ending... it just feels a little abrupt, just a tad bit anti-climactic, but I can forgive that since the song is just that fucking infectious. "What's the matter with you?!"... so simple, but so striking, and I know it'll be stuck in my head for a good while. In other words, a wonderful treat for all the Rabbit Junkies and the Arsenic Army!"
Rabbit Junk Mar 04, 2019
I first encountered The Prodigy in 1995 and they ignited my now life-long passion for exploring the heavier avenues of electronic music. Keith, you seemed invincible. RIP, the fire still burns.
Rabbit Junk Mar 01, 2019
The release of our new EP "Reveal" is being delayed's not finished yet. Our deadlines are self imposed and its rare that we miss them. But life happens. It'll come, and the wait will be worth it. I always aim to step up my game ; ) No grazing on the plateau! Thanks Bruce ; )
Rabbit Junk Feb 25, 2019
New compilation featuring exclusive remix of Rabbit Junk's "Gravity Hero" out now from Glitch Mode! Pay-what-you-want! Update your angry robot jams! L1nk b3l0w 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖
Rabbit Junk Feb 22, 2019
I love this because it succinctly points out that "society" as we currently arrange it is premised on harm, much of it avoidable. Yes, robots programmed to prevent harm to persons would be activated by much of the social policy many take for granted as necessary and benevolent. Maybe I'm a robot!? Maybe that's why I make angry robot noises. Now it becomes clear! More angry robot noises coming your way, people 🤖
Rabbit Junk Feb 21, 2019
Kept trying to share this today and fb was like nah 😐. So here it goes again: RJ got on to a editorial playlist that I actually like! Check it:
Rabbit Junk Feb 20, 2019
Thanks to the lovely people at Armalyte Industries and Seething Akira xo is this the first time Rabbit Junk has been on vinyl??