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Modified Mortality
Rabbit Junk Will Die: Meditations on Mortality
Like the Flesh Does the Knife
Singles from the Lost Years 2011-2013 (Remastered)
Project Nonagon
This Life Is Where You Get F****d
This Life Is Where You Get F**Ked
Rabbit Junk
Rabbit Junk Feb 22, 2019
I love this because it succinctly points out that "society" as we currently arrange it is premised on harm, much of it avoidable. Yes, robots programmed to prevent harm to persons would be activated by much of the social policy many take for granted as necessary and benevolent. Maybe I'm a robot!? Maybe that's why I make angry robot noises. Now it becomes clear! More angry robot noises coming your way, people 🤖
Rabbit Junk Feb 21, 2019
Kept trying to share this today and fb was like nah 😐. So here it goes again: RJ got on to a editorial playlist that I actually like! Check it:
Rabbit Junk Feb 20, 2019
Thanks to the lovely people at Armalyte Industries and Seething Akira xo is this the first time Rabbit Junk has been on vinyl??
Rabbit Junk Feb 14, 2019
Oh yessss!
Rabbit Junk Feb 11, 2019
Wrapped a fierce new track with Amelia Arsenic called "Born and Bled" - out on the upcoming EP "Reveal"!
Rabbit Junk Jan 26, 2019
's cover photo
Rabbit Junk Jan 26, 2019
Modified Mortality poster (18x24 on heavy matte paper) now available from our bandcamp store (rabbitjunk . bandcamp . com)! We also have a couple dozen limited edition copies of Modified Mortality on CD and about 20 copies of original pressing Project Nonagon (2010) ready to ship direct to you from us (we sign 'em all!). EP "Reveal" due out Feb 28th and...we're playing @ Sanctuary Fest in Milwaukee June 1st! More live dates announcing soon! Oh yeah and new remixes on the way - we hit the ground running in 2019!
Rabbit Junk Jan 21, 2019
New remix by Rabbit Junk 🔥🔥🔥🔥 check it out!
Rabbit Junk Jan 20, 2019
Going down memory lane and rediscovered this track that was a HUGE influence on my musical trajectory:
Rabbit Junk Jan 12, 2019
Nice, there are now 666 rabbit junkies!
Rabbit Junk Jan 08, 2019
We're thinking about bonus tracks for the upcoming EP "Reveal". Would you like to hear a cover of Prong's classic alternative metal anthem "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" (1994)? We could make that track bang!
Rabbit Junk Jan 08, 2019
's cover photo
Rabbit Junk Jan 08, 2019
Rabbit Junk
Rabbit Junk Jan 01, 2019
Happy new year from Rabbit Junk! 2018 was such a mega year, thank you to everyone who helped make it what it was. We kicked off the year with releasing our first LP in 8 years, Rabbit Junk Will Die! Followed that up with a remix of the mighty Blue Stahli, then PIG, Amelia Arsenic, Seething Akira, and label mates Nuclear*Sun( out Feb '19). Who am I missing?? We also released a remix album called Modified Mortality and dug up some old copies of Project Nonagon to sell on b4ndc4mp. We're looking forward to releasing a new EP "Reveal" in early '19 and getting on tour in the summer! Big love to you all, I hope you had a great night!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rabbit Junk Dec 20, 2018
Remember the RJ album Project Nonagon (2010)? I have a few dozen of the original pressing, signed, and ready to ship out! Limited quantity at our b4ndc4mp 😉
Rabbit Junk Dec 17, 2018
Our latest full length "Rabbit Junk Will Die" made Epitome of Epic's top 10 of the year! Thanks EoE!
Rabbit Junk Dec 10, 2018
Hey, my symphonic industrial metal cover of the main theme from the classic sci-fi film Dune (1984) is out today on all streaming and download platforms. Apparently there is another "JP Anderson" that scored some documentaries in 2015 and Spotify thinks HE did the dune cover. I'm sure I'll be hearing from him soon and we'll try and fix this, but just FYI I did NOT score the documentary "Mars: Red Planet".
Rabbit Junk Nov 29, 2018
Hey just saw that my remix of Seething Akira 's The Islander went live on Spotify! Check it out:
Rabbit Junk Nov 27, 2018
Rabbit Junk
Rabbit Junk Nov 27, 2018
's cover photo
Rabbit Junk Nov 23, 2018
Happy Friday everyone! We put out a remix companion to "Rabbit Junk Will Die" this summer entitled "Modified Mortality". It features an impressively broad range of feels, from hardcore to introspective. "Rabbit Junk Will Die" recently sold out and it looks like "Modified Mortality" is going to sell out soon. Nab a hard copy for 20% off this weekend (expires 11/26) while you still can. Limited Edition - once its gone its gone. Just use the code "hunting" ; ). Link below
Rabbit Junk Nov 14, 2018
Wrapped an immense symphonic industrial metal cover of the theme from David Lynch's psychadelic sci fi classic Dune (1986?)! I will be leaking it on Rabbit Junkies! before officially releasing in December, as my final offering in Rabbit Junk's biggest year! "Father...the sleeper has awakened!"
Rabbit Junk Nov 13, 2018
The rj group Rabbit Junkies! is getting exclusive access to limited addition patches! Thanks Rhiannon Deirdre Mary Harrigan
Rabbit Junk Nov 08, 2018
's cover photo