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Quietdrive Apr 17, 2019
Quietdrive Dec 08, 2018
Wow. We're greatful that you've made this an amazing year for our music.
Quietdrive Mar 03, 2017
A little #tbt
Quietdrive Dec 10, 2015
We'd love to welcome The Millenium and Clay Borrell to open up this years quietdrive holiday show! Get tickets here:
Quietdrive Nov 13, 2015
Join us on December 30th this year for our 11th Annual Holiday Show!
Quietdrive Jun 23, 2015
's cover photo
Quietdrive Jun 09, 2015
Autograph session in Shinjuku
Quietdrive May 22, 2015
Guess who's back? photo credit: Mr. Joe Lemke
Quietdrive Apr 22, 2015
Check out our brand new lyric video for the song "On My Own" off of our new album!
Quietdrive Feb 07, 2015
Randy is shriveling, shivering and shrinking on this mild Minnesota afternoon. Showing support for Special Olympics and #plungeMN. #freezerface #icebath
Quietdrive Feb 04, 2015
Showing my #freezerface for the Polar Plunge and Special Olympics! How about an ice bath next?
Quietdrive Feb 03, 2015
The new quietdrive cd has arrived in South Korea. Big shout out to Joo-ho
Quietdrive Jan 24, 2015
Cool fan artwork. I never knew a song we would write would be so meaningful to so many people. Listen to it and add it to a playlist on spotify if you haven't already
Quietdrive Jan 08, 2015
She's singing the last chorus of "On My Own" off our new record. If you haven't already listened, check it out on spotify today
Quietdrive Dec 30, 2014
Special thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the release of our new record, "The Ghost of What You Used To Be". Too many thanks to go around...
Quietdrive Dec 19, 2014
Original lineup playing this years 10th Annual Holiday show on Dec 27th at the Varsity Theater! Get your tickets and a copy of the new record at
Quietdrive Dec 17, 2014
If you are outside the US and you would like a physical copy of the new record, Paypal $9.99 plus $7.99 shipping to We will send you out a copy of the record this week!
Quietdrive Dec 16, 2014
's cover photo
Quietdrive Dec 16, 2014
Proud to announce that our new record "The Ghost of What You Used To Be" is now on iTunes! So proud of everyone involved in this project. Every song is special to us
Quietdrive Dec 15, 2014
New record is coming out tomorrow! Can you be more excited than this guy??
Quietdrive Dec 15, 2014
We have a special acoustic show planned for tonight. Join us at 8pm! We'll be playing songs off our new record coming out tuesday! :)
Quietdrive Dec 14, 2014
Join us for our first acoustic show of the day! We start in an hour and a half!
Quietdrive Dec 14, 2014
Ermegerd! New record comes out in 3 days!! tomorrow for album pre-release acoustic show. See you all then!
Quietdrive Dec 10, 2014
We will be playing a cd pre-release stageit show this Sunday! Get your tickets asap. We'll also do a short q&a with fans!
Quietdrive Dec 03, 2014
Which songs are you most excited for on the new record?