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Quarashi á Nasa
Guerilla Disco

Quarashi (official) Aug 05, 2019
Five years ago QUARASHI played for 17 thousand people in Vestmannaeyjar Iceland 🌋 Unforgettable
Quarashi (official) Jul 29, 2019
We have the best, coolest, most devoted fans ever. One just got this tattoo:
Quarashi (official) Jul 17, 2019
That time QUARASHI blew away Montana
Quarashi (official) Jun 15, 2019
Who can best explain the plot of the Thunderball video? Even we are not entirely sure what’s going on. Post your summary in the comments or thumb up a favorite below. The best one will be listed in the video description with a writing credit on the official Quarashi YouTube! Let's hear what you make of this Quarashi epic!
Quarashi (official) May 17, 2019
#MorningRoutine Who else loves the smell of fishing in the morning?
Quarashi (official) Apr 30, 2019
QUARASHI is supposed to be raw...Right? #newmaterial
Quarashi (official) Apr 25, 2019
Rock On! has just gone live on Spotify! Follow the link to blow out your speakers and kick it like you used to back in 2014!
Quarashi (official) Apr 21, 2019
Driving an environmentally friendly car? Utilizing natural resources without waste? Living in harmony with nature... and your mother? These concepts have never been more popular than they are today but Ómar ticked all the boxes back in 2002!
Quarashi (official) Apr 17, 2019
We are still celebrating the 17th anniversary since the release of Jinx! Today we throw it back by joining Sölvi in his chapter of the Intimate Portrait. One important quote remains relevant to this day: "If you don't skate you're a nothing and nobody!"
Quarashi (official) Apr 06, 2019
Jinx turns 17 this month! Celebrate with us by listening now on Spotify!
Quarashi (official) Mar 30, 2019
YAY! Drum kit here. Bring the noise.
Quarashi (official) Mar 27, 2019
HURRY UP AND WATCH THIS, before they take it down again
Quarashi (official) Mar 25, 2019
Quarashi (official) Mar 13, 2019
Jinx promo - 2002
Quarashi (official) Feb 27, 2019
Reminiscing JINX days
Quarashi (official) Feb 25, 2019
QUARASHI Anthology is comin out on vinyl 💣💣💣 A fantastic package coming up #doublevinyl Alda Music
Quarashi (official) Feb 01, 2019
Dear fans. We’re putting out some vinyl soon. Which QUARASHI album would you like to see released in vinyl? QUARASHI (egg album) Xeneizes Jinx Guerrilla Disco Anthology QUARASHI live at NASA
Quarashi (official) Nov 24, 2018
Is this perhaps a message 🤘?
Quarashi (official) Nov 17, 2018
Quarashi (official) Oct 03, 2018
Quarashi family portrait
Quarashi (official) Aug 29, 2018
I guess it's time for me to Rock On!
Quarashi (official) Mar 03, 2018
Remember QUARASHI in 2 Fast Too Furious?
Quarashi (official) Feb 13, 2018
An epic Quarashi collaboration with the legendary composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. We were so proud of this song. Rest in peace Jóhann ❤️
Quarashi (official) Jan 30, 2018
Which one is your midweek jam?
Quarashi (official) Dec 12, 2017
In a galaxy far away, Quarashi recorded a christmas song live in a concert. Intoxicated? Maybe.