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Pyramyth Jul 08, 2019
Pyramyth Aug 17, 2018
I Feel very Happy <3; About what Pyramyth means to me, this is a project I've putted a lot of heart sweat and tears!! Imagine this: EDM exploding in America, right after Deadmau5 first years of success! Right away skrillex started to gain more recognition and this certainly exploded in all over the world. Quickly I was doing some experiments in different Electronic Genres and the First Glitch hop I was digging used to be the early tunes by Koan Sound and Opiuo. Ever heard of Dr. P? Kairo Kingdom and Kill the noise really paved the way I understood music production and synthesis to whole new level! It moved me and made me to really want to expand my knowledge and skills into that area, this is how Pyramyth Started. With tons of help of my dear friend Digital Freq, I started to sign my first tracks, some labels got recognition of my work and some labels reached out. First label believing was BugEyed Records, label which I think I owe them some of the noise around early Pyramyth but also they still owe me rights and true information of the sales of some tunes I've signed with them. Ray and Jeff, no hate, thank you but you still owe us, remember. After a short first tour in Europe, gigging around México, meeting personally influential people (who certainly helped to spread the Pyramyth word such as Cary, Erez and Duvdev at Infected Mushroom, Mr.Bill, Kai at Most Addictive, The Cyberpunkers, Aaron Simpson) I went back to my hometown Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. There, I had to struggle with some issues, this situation definitely distracted the stamina that I used to apply on the project, this started to drag most of the 10 hours that I used to work in it, then I was with just a ton of WIP's. I love every single tune that I've worked on Pyramyth, and it truly gave me the power, precision and attention to produce music for different artists always having the -quality goal- in mind. I must say; Don't look for perfection, look for the detail. Thank you for reading. Also October 1st releases Michael Jackson's Thriller Remix alongside Digital Freq on Spotify.
Pyramyth Mar 19, 2018
5 Years ago... I was creating this tune, today. I just want to thank you for being part of this life ride. <3 Have you added this tune to any playlist?
Pyramyth Dec 24, 2017
Pyramyth Oct 03, 2017
Pyramyth Oct 03, 2017
Pyramyth's cover photo
Pyramyth Sep 23, 2017
To my 6.5k fans on this page. Mexico needs you more than ever after the earthquake. + nearby cities are having their worst time in years and you can help right now in many ways: -Send donations to or -Share this post (private or public, it's your choice) so another person will be aware how to make their donation. If you want to donate in any other way let me know. Love & bless 4 all
Pyramyth Sep 16, 2017
Thanks to PlayStation for including Rubber Kangaroo as #1 in their playlist. 5 years release anniversary! <3 mad luv.
Pyramyth Sep 13, 2017
Nice & Thanks! You Guys Rock! Beatport Adapted Records Glitch Hop Community
Pyramyth Sep 04, 2017
My new song just got released on Adapted Records Had so much fun doing this agressive scifi-ish Orchestral kinda tune for you.
Pyramyth Aug 29, 2017
Hi, releasing September 4th! Via Adapted Records 🙌🔥🔥🔥
Pyramyth Aug 22, 2017
Like you know, i've been outta the glitch game for awhile now. Wondering to know about some artist i used to follow... What has happened with KOAN Sound, Kill The Noise, OPIUO, Mr.Bill, FTAMPA, Far Too Loud, Pegboard Nerds, and such. They used to be my primal inspiration.
Pyramyth Aug 22, 2017
Life Ride on Spotify Artist pick. <3 <3
Pyramyth Aug 14, 2017
5 YEARS years of Savage. And i have a new release upcoming! <3 <3 add this Ep to your favourite playlist.
Pyramyth Jun 29, 2017
Thinking I should release this 110 classic glitch hop tune i just made for fun. Show some love
Pyramyth Nov 18, 2016
This is wassup
Pyramyth Oct 26, 2016
Hi there, I'm still alive. Found a tattoed version of Pyramyth on the internet.
Pyramyth Aug 13, 2016
FINALLY, after a few things to sort out i've uploaded the PHARAOH ep on Spotify =D love to all
Pyramyth Aug 04, 2016
The Pharaoh Ep will be finally available on Spotify
Pyramyth Jun 21, 2016
This is my new musical project with my brother from another mother Cary White. Check out our first mix we did for L'Affaire Musicale. House music.
Pyramyth Jun 13, 2016
Hi guys, Pyramyth mgmt here: We were wondering what genre like Dubstep or "EDM" will or can take over the world in the very near future like thos other genres had an impact into the electronic world. Don't you think too that it's all been done now ? #MGMTWondering
Pyramyth Jun 02, 2016
Pyramyth Jun 02, 2016
Hey guys, for the love of cowbell, have a read.
Pyramyth May 26, 2016
So what is your favorite song at the moment ? - #PyramythMGMT
Pyramyth Mar 09, 2016
decided to put this one off the private spot from my soundcloud. bhutanesse passportin here we go