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Money Shot Your Re-Load
Money Shot
All Re-Mixed Up
"What Is…" (Live)
Donkey Punch the Night
Conditions of My Parole
Cuntry Boner
"D" Is for Dubby (The Lustmord Dub Mixes)
"V" Is for Viagra, the Vagina Remixes
"V" Is for Vagina
Puscifer Apr 12, 2019 Puscifer The Store Four Eight Wineworks Record Store Day #rsd19 #jeromeaz
Puscifer Mar 31, 2019
New designs at circle logo shorts, sunrise tee, barbifer tees, circle logo tees and our #RSD19 tees #createwitheverybreath
Puscifer Mar 23, 2019
Thanks for all the orders at for our spring cleaning sale; we’ve been inundated! We are working hard to get your order out and *appreciate your patience* #thanksforyourpatience #puscifer #sale
Puscifer Mar 17, 2019
We’re Spring cleaning in-store & online at (see Discontinued section) #jeromeaz #springcleaning #sale
Puscifer Jan 03, 2019
Maynard recently sat down with Munchies for a special meal that paired his Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards wines with music and food. Read more below.
Puscifer Nov 26, 2018
Cyber sale the rest of the month!
Puscifer Oct 31, 2018
What Maynard James Keenan does, whether it’s fronting a band or making wine, is extremely physical. Last year, REVOLVER Magazine joined the A Perfect Circle and Puscifer frontman at Verde Valley Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the martial arts academy he co-founded near his hometown of Jerome, Arizona. He showed us how his martial arts connect with making wine, and the consciousness required to succeed. See the newly remastered version of the trip, featuring previously unreleased footage
Puscifer Oct 29, 2018
Between fronting multiple bands and running Caduceus Cellars, Maynard James Keenan lives a very self-sustaining lifestyle. Last year, REVOLVER Magazine caught up with Keenan to learn about the garden where he grows his own produce, his Merkin Vineyards Osteria, and his home in Jerome, Arizona. See the newly remastered version of the trip, featuring previously unreleased footage
Puscifer Oct 25, 2018
In addition to fronting A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, Maynard James Keenan spreads his art through other ventures, including his work with Caduceus Cellars. A year ago, REVOLVER Magazine took an extended tour through everything Keenan does in the winery, where he showed the processing of his summer grape harvest, and how his love of puzzles informs his output. See the newly remastered version of the trip, featuring previously unreleased footage
Puscifer Oct 23, 2018
Maynard James Keenan, in many ways, is a pioneer, and thus it’s only fitting he works in a pioneer town. One year ago, REVOLVER Magazine spent time with Keenan in Jerome, Arizona in the midst of his grape harvest to learn about the winemaking, farming, and community building that’s part of his routine. See the newly remastered version of the trip, featuring previously unreleased footage of Maynard on his farm
Puscifer Sep 18, 2018
A Perfect Union of Contrary Things
Puscifer Sep 14, 2018
Puscifer with Lucky Gi? Yes, please. Read more about the highly limited, embroidered Puscifer Jiu Jitsu Gis below.
Puscifer Sep 03, 2018
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Puscifer Sep 02, 2018
At Home With Maynard James Keenan: Singer on Link Between Physical Labor, Creativity
Puscifer Aug 31, 2018
For the chef in your life-- Foodie Ninja Spice Grinder and Cheese Knife now available on only 5 of each right now, may or may not be restocked.
Puscifer Aug 29, 2018 is back in action and with new items added! Sorry for the inconvenience last week. Anyone that tried to order while our site was non-cooperative will get free shipping when they reorder. Thank you!
Puscifer Aug 02, 2018
Mystery Bags & lots of new vinyl now available at
Puscifer Jul 03, 2018
We are expanding the record section at our Jerome, AZ location so take advantage of our huge sale all month at & in-store!
Puscifer Jun 12, 2018
Maynard James Keenan took home Metal Hammer's Icon Award at last night's Golden Gods' ceremony. The award was presented to Keenan by Daniel P. Carter, host of BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show, recognizing a lifetime of contributions to heavy music, with past lifetime achievement winners including Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Lemmy. Keenan was celebrated for his work with his trio of bands: A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Tool. Photo credit: Mick Hutson
Puscifer Jun 05, 2018
Summertime Queen B items available now at purple racer back tank, Viva La Vulva team player tee, ringer cami tank- Perfect for music festival season
Puscifer Apr 27, 2018
Lots of new items to make your summer complete now available at AZ logo pint glass and mug, Maxi Tank Dress, Redneck Mason Jar, RSD18 tees #puscifer
Puscifer Apr 17, 2018
A very Happy Birthday to El Jefe and Congrats on the A Perfect Circle album release this Fri 4/20!
Puscifer Apr 11, 2018
New Puscifer Slipmats and Playing Cards now available at
Puscifer Mar 09, 2018
Limited number (for now) of A Perfect Circle's Eat the Elephant CDs and LPs available for pre-order at
Puscifer Jan 19, 2018
Puscifer Shaves Prayer Candles now available at 11oz of unscented holiness for our Barbifer Saint