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Another Eternity
Purity Ring Feb 10, 2018
A few little caps from the past 2 months. Live shows and studios.... shouts 2 #razermusic
Purity Ring Feb 10, 2018
This came out today and we LOVE it. congrats Cecil Frena. enjoy any way you prefer -----
Purity Ring Jan 11, 2018
Cecil Frena released My Good Grades off of his upcoming album today 💜🖤💜
Purity Ring Dec 15, 2017
here's part 2 of corin's interview with #razermusic
Purity Ring Dec 05, 2017
our beginagain T by the incredible Georgia Hill is now up in our store and possibly available for christmas....
Purity Ring Nov 15, 2017
here is an interview corin did with #razermusic
Purity Ring Oct 11, 2017
corin did a production tutorial for our HEALTH remix thanks #razermusic for having us!
Purity Ring Aug 24, 2017
our tour mate and dear friend Cecil Frena posted this punk song he made today. its siccc!! and Talullah Fontaine did the artwork. ENJOY
Purity Ring Aug 17, 2017
going to open for Katy Perry on the Witness tour this winter! tickets at
Purity Ring Jul 27, 2017
new song --asido--
Purity Ring Jul 24, 2017
It has astoundingly been a long and short 5 years since we released our debut album, shrines. As we work at our own pace on the third Purity Ring album, we wanted to celebrate with all of you this monument in time. And so, we share with you asido, a parable that holds nothing before and nothing after. Thank you for both your kindness and your patience. Have a graceful outrageous day. ~all art by stream here:
Purity Ring Jul 24, 2017
Purity Ring Jul 24, 2017
Purity Ring Jul 23, 2017
‪24-7-2017 at 12:30 EST Beats 1
Purity Ring Jul 23, 2017
Purity Ring Jul 20, 2017
photo by Carson Davis Brown's work
Purity Ring Jul 17, 2017
shrines 5 year anniversary is coming up in one week, we will be celebrating---
Purity Ring Jun 09, 2017
!!!!new 👁Katy Perry👁#WITNESS👁 is out today!!! We co-wrote and Corin produced Mind Maze, Bigger Than Me, and Miss You More. listen here or anywhere...
Purity Ring May 27, 2017
Purity Ring May 25, 2017
thanks to RazerMusic for letting us be a part of this
Purity Ring May 12, 2017
trekstock still has these shirts up for sale- proceeds go to young adults with cancer in the UK. other band t's available as well so take a look---
Purity Ring May 06, 2017
we did a few production tutorials with Razer laptops. check out the first one here. #RazerMusic
Purity Ring Nov 29, 2016
One of the best music video's I have ever seen, to go with another single by Tasseomancy ----- enjoy your morning X Video by Jesi Jordan
Purity Ring Sep 22, 2016
the final frame of Another Eternity by Tallulah Fontaine screenprints of these will be available at every show- along with the other two if you're into the full collection- see ya soon! X