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Pure Love Jan 23, 2017
Frank has a new album out!!! It's called Modern Ruin and you can get it right here: HTTP://MODERNRU.IN ❤Thank you ❤Thank you❤ Thank you ❤
Pure Love Dec 08, 2016
Dear Friends! My new band Rattlesnakes has a song out called Lullaby and it turns out it has a shot at radio in the USA! Please vote for Lullaby here and help us spread the rock and roll love
Pure Love Aug 19, 2015
Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I have a new band and a new record out! I started Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes less than 7 months ago, and it is already becoming a force to be reckoned with. I paid for it all myself, set up a record label with my good friend and decided to just run with it. The album has already done more than I thought was possible and it is sitting in the TOP 20??!! At number 14. So here I am to ask you to please check it out, and if you like it... then please buy a copy this week. iTunes, Amazon.. they all have it.. right down to your local record shop... in fact Banquet has 50 signed copies of the Cd and some test presses too! I really hope you like what I have made. Im excited about this new chapter of my life and i am so unbelievably thankful for punk rock. it saved my life. Sorry for my terrible grammar... I'm too tired, concussed to double check it. go like the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Facebook page or hit us up on our website to find out where you can get the record. and help me keep this stupid fucking smile on my face. Fangs a lot... hahaha Frank x
Pure Love Apr 21, 2015
Frank is making new music! So head over to to download the new track FANGS and find out more about the band. Thank you for the support x
Pure Love Aug 20, 2014
Go check out to see well shot footage of our "last" set from the Underworld in London a few months back.
Pure Love Aug 20, 2014
If you weren't lucky enough to be at our "last" show at the Underworld in London a few months back check out this sweet footage:
Pure Love Aug 07, 2014
If you're into snowboarding and/or traveling to strange, faraway lands check out Mission Antarctic. It features a collaborative soundtrack from Jimmy Love and Aiden Lavelle.
Pure Love Jun 23, 2014
We have put our limited amount of leftover tour merch online. Get it here:
Pure Love Jun 23, 2014
We have put the limited amount of our leftover tour merch online. You can find it here:
Pure Love May 19, 2014
Best tour. Thanks to @puptheband for taking the ride with us.
Pure Love May 17, 2014
Thank you to all who came out and showed us support on this tour, especially last night's London shows. You make it all possible and we are forever grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So long for now. PURE LOVE FOREVER.
Pure Love May 16, 2014
Surprisingly, the logistics of crowd surfing an entire drum kit was relatively easy to figure out.
Pure Love May 12, 2014
We also have these bad boys. Ltd to 200, only available at the London shows. Let the crying commence.
Pure Love May 12, 2014
One last small run of tie dye shirts. These things go quick!
Pure Love May 10, 2014
Thank you Sheffield!
Pure Love May 09, 2014
No barriers.
Pure Love May 08, 2014
Last night in Newcastle. Stolen from @katiegorwits
Pure Love May 08, 2014
From our show last week at New Slang in Kingston.
Pure Love May 06, 2014
Starting up the second week of our final tour tonight in Liverpool. Come get wild, make some memories and of course buy some limited merch!
Pure Love May 04, 2014
Semi-successful crew/band/crowd pyramid last night.
Pure Love May 01, 2014
So good, so far. Thanks Lincoln. Photos stolen from @stevenhaddock
Pure Love Apr 30, 2014
777 tour only physical copies of the Bunny e.p. Includes handmade poster/lyric sheet plus assorted stickers. All signed by Frank and Jimmy. £7. Thank you.
Pure Love Apr 29, 2014
A long day of rehearsals ahead. Tour starts tomorrow. See you all soon!
Pure Love Apr 28, 2014
I got designer T-shirts!
Pure Love Apr 28, 2014
I got the Bunny EP. On repeat. The Bunny EP on repeat! Constant ya'll!