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Gaz Giant
Yoga Nidra Meditation (feat. Pulse Emitter)
Xenharmonic Passages
Chilling in the Eye of the Storm
Through the Portal
Digital Rainforest
Alien Vacation
Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis
Crater Lake
Forest, Mountain, Valley
Spiritual Vistas
Cosmic Images
Pulse Emitter Jun 29, 2019
Playing with long echoes you gotta be careful because everything you play comes back to haunt you.
Pulse Emitter Jun 22, 2019
All 5 Pulse Emitter vinyl records, not counting compilations. Can't complain about the cover art I've had over the years. Thrilled a 6th is coming! From top left: Progression To Desolation, 2007 on Black Horizons, Decaying Ships, 2009 on Ultra Eczema, Spiritual Vistas, 2011 on Expansive/Cylindrical Habitat Modules, Aeons, 2012, on Aguirre Records, Crater Lake, 2013, Immune Recordings
Pulse Emitter Jun 16, 2019
Doing some noise...
Pulse Emitter May 25, 2019
Just renewed my ACLU (civil liberties) and NRDC (environment) memberships with money I make from this project. Thanks for the support!
Pulse Emitter May 11, 2019
A few performance photos from the past I may not have shared here.
Pulse Emitter May 09, 2019
Spent the last 5 months recording new music (and not getting out much, those go hand in hand). Winter is the best time to stay in and be creative 🙂 Anyway, beyond stoked that a vinyl release is in the works!
Pulse Emitter Mar 23, 2019
Paul Ellis and I have a collaborative album out now! He's been a friend for a long time and I'm a big fan of his work, so I'm pretty stoked to share this with you.
Pulse Emitter Mar 21, 2019
Circa 1998 in my first apartment in Portland, photo taken by my bandmate. #TBT
Pulse Emitter Mar 10, 2019
Dropped some merch off with the fine folks at Green Noise Records
Pulse Emitter Mar 03, 2019
Some Sunday morning good times with Korg Gadget 2. Also loving making tunes on iPhone during lunch break, keeps work from getting too soul crushing.
Pulse Emitter Feb 10, 2019
Started 17 songs. 3 are keepers. The rest all rejected, even after putting in work on them. Still starting new ones... That's how writing music goes for me!
Pulse Emitter Feb 03, 2019
Last night was such a blast! Thanks Green Noise Records and everyone who came out.
Pulse Emitter Feb 02, 2019
Preparing for the show tonight...
Pulse Emitter Jan 30, 2019
Lookin' forward to this upcoming show, at Green Noise Records
Pulse Emitter Jan 10, 2019
I made another synth demo for the E-mu Morpheus. A magical and mysterious machine...
Pulse Emitter Dec 31, 2018
Happy New Year everybody. Take care of yourself, take care of each other, take care of the planet.
Pulse Emitter Dec 29, 2018
I’d never done a year-end list, partly because I always feel bad whenever my album didn't make many lists, why would I want to put that on someone else? Also I listen to as much old music as new. But I was asked to do a top 10, and here it is. I enjoyed doing it, but I already realize I left important stuff out, oh well! There's some stuff on the other lists I need to check out... Thanks microphones in the trees!
Pulse Emitter Dec 21, 2018
Solstice greetings. Here’s Pleistocene, a super rare Pulse Emitter album from 2004. Re-released today, unmastered in its original form. Free to download 😁. Be transported to the Ice Age… ❄️❄️❄️
Pulse Emitter Nov 16, 2018
"Pulse Emitter's 'Xenharmonic Passages,' perfect for late-night journeys to extraterrestrial worlds." - NPR Music
Pulse Emitter Nov 09, 2018
Had such a great experience playing in Mexico City for this meditation with The Cosmic Egg guiding and Chuck Pee hosting. It was two firsts; I can't wait to play more guided meditations, and more shows in Mexico!
Pulse Emitter Oct 19, 2018
Beyond stoked to be playing in Mexico City for this Day of the Dead meditation! Poster and guidance by Kiki Eberhardt, hosted by Chuck Pee.
Pulse Emitter Oct 17, 2018
CDs have arrived! Thanks to everyone who bought one (or the digital download!), orders going out today. CDs and posters are still available. Cover art by Tiny Little Hammers, CD layout by Joseph Bastardo. It's also up at iTunes, Spotify, etc... Peace!
Pulse Emitter Oct 13, 2018
A nice review of the meditation tape I did the muzak for.
Pulse Emitter Oct 08, 2018
Just spotted this great review, thanks Noisey! "The latest from the ever-prolific synthesist and experimentalist Pulse Emitter is a formalist exercise in pushing into the unknown galaxy of microtonality—essentially meaning that it consists of intervals and scales not traditionally explored in Western music. This is interesting to us the layperson listeners not because its conceptually groundbreaking, but because great art is often made under rigorous methodologies. And truly this is one of Pulse Emitter’s most wonderful and strange works in a catalog full of them, a collection of landscapes as colorful and alien as anything the ProcGen big bangs in No Man’s Sky have been able to dream out of raw data. It’s a whole new world, crafted with a hand tied behind its creator's back. —Colin Joyce"
Pulse Emitter Oct 03, 2018
Very pleased to announce my new album is out today! Quite some time in the making, it’s an hour of microtonal ambient music...