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PUFFY AMIYUMI Oct 29, 2018
Kumamoto, thank you to everyone who came. We were nervous with so many new experiences but it was so much fun. Kohki-kun looks so cute in this photo so I wish he would make this his promotional photo. We can photoshop the rest of us. Anyway, let's all meet again somewhere. (Yumi's twitter on Oct. 29)
PUFFY AMIYUMI Oct 27, 2018
PUFFY's JET CD, an item probably lying around in many homes... it's been 20 years since so "SPACE SHOWER TV × J:COM PUFFY Precious Live in Kumamoto" will be held. A special concert to relive the CD (in tracklist order) as part 1 and it's not in this album but that track you want to listen to as part 2. We've also reproduced the merch from back then. brings back memories! If any of you still have these items, it's probably worn out so here's your chance to get a new one! (Ami's instagram on Oct. 27)
PUFFY AMIYUMI Sep 26, 2018
Spot the difference... or not? (Ami's instagram on Sept. 26) For those of you looking for a difference... Ami was just kidding. There is no difference.
PUFFY AMIYUMI Sep 18, 2018
9/18 was the rehearsal for this weekend's festival but for the world it was Ms. Ami's birthday celebration. My body is at the age that suggests I start drinking Yomeishu (as Takashi Fujii-san says) but even if so, I hope to forever continue fooling around with my friends. Kyupiiin✨ (Ami's instagram on Sept. 18)
PUFFY AMIYUMI Sep 18, 2018
Today is our leader, Ami Onuki-san's birthday. And she had work...feel so sorry for her. But today's photo of her turned out way more beautiful than any other publicity photo of ours, so I'm totally satisfied...LOL. Btw, this person is so ageless that it actually scares me. (Yumi's twitter on Sept. 18)
PUFFY AMIYUMI Sep 14, 2018
The first day of Mizutani Chieko sensei's "Keep On Shining Music Festival 2018" was in Nagoya. Of course Nagoya = BOYS AND MEN... and they went out of their way just to come say 'Hello' to us...even wearing their wardrobe! Despite they were in wardrobe, I totally forgot to take a photo together. When I'm reborn I am gonna be a person that's not forgetful! So sorry!! We met all the members of BOYMEN at last year's "Kishidan Banpaku" and I actually first met Yoshipi at a different concert. They are such sweet boys I'm attached. Thank you guys!! (Ami's instagram on Sept. 14)
PUFFY AMIYUMI Aug 12, 2018
Whenever Yumi-chan is wearing a white outfit with a red hat, I'm wearing a white outfit with a red hat too. That's how it's always been...our regular clothes coinicidentally end up matching and being just like an AmiYumi wardrobe. Today was a black outfit with a light blue cap. LOL♪ (Ami's instagram on Aug. 12) 當由美醬穿白色上衣與紅色帽子出現時,我也會剛好穿著白色上衣與紅色帽子…這樣的巧合已經不是第一次,每一次穿來的便服都好像串通好了一樣的亞美由美。而今天則是黑色上衣和水藍色鴨舌帽。啦啦♪
PUFFY AMIYUMI Aug 10, 2018
'“Cho” cho festival', members of Chotokkyu, Korokke-san, DAIGO-san. And all the glow sticks the audience used. It was all so new and fresh that we had so much fun! I want to thank the members of Chotokkyu for inviting us! I may just really have to make a gobo(burdock root) colored glow stick. (Yumi's twitter on Aug. 9) 「“超”超Fes」超特急的大家、Korokke桑、DAIGO桑。以及会場的大家的熒光棒。又斬新又新鮮真的非常開心!很感謝這次邀請我們的超特急!正在認真考慮製作一個牛蒡熒光棒。
PUFFY AMIYUMI Jul 21, 2018
Thank you for coming to Billboard Live in Osaka and Tokyo! The amazing members that took part in the band for the two shows were: Bass: Hiroharu Kinoshita Guitar: Kouki Okamoto (OKAMOTO’S) Guitar: Hiroki Arai Drums: Keisuke Okamoto (Kuroneko Chelsea) (PUFFY staff twitter) 感謝大家前來在大阪和東京舉辦的帕妃Billboard演唱會!這一次一起演出的樂團成員也非常的豪華哦! 貝斯: 木下裕晴 吉他: オカモトコウキ (OKAMOTO’S) 吉他: 新井弘毅 鼓手: 岡本啓佑(黒猫Chelsea)
PUFFY AMIYUMI Jul 19, 2018
Yesterday was Billboard Live Tokyo. Thank you! The last song of the night was "CAKE IS LOVE"🍰 which we haven't sang in a gazillion years. As we mentioned during our MC, this was a song that Ryo-kun from Maximum the Hormone requested when we had the battle of the band event. We didn't have enough time to perform it then but last night it was a hit ^ ^ so we're ready for the next time we battle with Hormone💪 (Ami's instagram on Jul. 19) 昨日的Billboard Live Tokyo 感謝大家! 最後一首歌我們帶來了已經100万年沒唱過的「CAKE IS LOVE」🍰 我們在MC的時候也有提起,這首歌是在跟Maximum The Hormone的亮君一起演出的時候,他點的歌。那時候沒時間彩排,但這一次特別獻唱然後成功了!現在我們已準備好什麼時候都可以唱了!希望下次和Maximum The Hormone一起演出的時候可以唱!💪
PUFFY AMIYUMI Jul 15, 2018
Finished the concert at Billboard Live Osaka! Thank you to everyone that came😊 It's been awhile since the last time we played at Billboard so I was nervous but it was fun...💕 And when we were leaving the venue, the Billboard Osaka staff all applauded which was exciting & embarrassing at the same time but we were really happy🤗 完成了在Billboard Live大阪的演出。感謝前來支持的大家😊久違的Billboard有點緊張但我們都表演得很開心💕 當我們要離開會場時,Billboard大阪的工作人員拍手送我們離開,有開心又不好意思,真的謝謝你們🤗 (Ami's instagram on Jul. 14)
PUFFY AMIYUMI Jul 08, 2018
After 'The Music Day', we wanted to take an idol-like photo but knew we'd need the help of an app... so we opened an app and it gave us this. LOL! What is this?! (Ami's instagram on Jul8)
PUFFY AMIYUMI Jul 01, 2018
We're performing at "OKETO GREEN FESTIVAL 2nd" today. We'll be on stage around 13:45. It's raining but it'll all become a great memory. And I'm really into yellow clothes these days. The BONEZ! (Ami's instagram on Jul. 1) 今日在OKETO GREEN FESTIVAL 2nd演出。我們會在13:45左右出場。雖然在下著雨但是還是會成為一個很好的回憶。 最近愛上了黃色的衣服。The BONEZ!
PUFFY AMIYUMI Jun 20, 2018
Tonight from 23:30 is NHK ETV's "TV de Hangul Kouza"! 공부 시작해요〜!(The thing the teacher often says) (Ami's instagram on Jun. 20)
PUFFY AMIYUMI Jun 01, 2018
It's the 15th anniversary for ROMPUS㊗️1️⃣5️⃣㊗️ Thanks to everyone, Rompus - the clothing unit that PUFFY's Ami and Candy Stripper's Yoshie does irregularly has lasted 15 years. Time flies! (It's so irregular that there were times we forgot about it) To celebrate, we made tshirts and other stuff. And we had Hongolian, who we love, draw for us. Check it out. Available to pre-order at all Candy Stripper stores and CANDY STORE or ZOZOTOWN for online pre-orders🤓 (Ami's instagram on June 1)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 31, 2018
We'll be performing at SPACE SHOWER TV × Monster Energy "MONSTER ROCK LIVE 2018"! If you're coming today, be prepared to go crazy. (Ami's instagram on May 31)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 24, 2018
What is this app? www (Ami's instagram on May 24)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 14, 2018
Ate the cake at the after party venue🍰 It was so delicious I could've finished the whole thing! This photo was taken by Dojima-kun who performed with us at last year's anniversary concert(´ω`) He's PUFFY's god of anniversary! (Ami's instagram on May 14)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 14, 2018
JAPAN DAY @central park 2018 suddenly surprised us! They even prepared this cake with the realistic cookies!ww👯‍♀️ Even if we celebrate in the States, we're surrounded by such thoughtfulness...Thank You(´ω`)So happy. (Ami's instagram on May 13)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 14, 2018
Finished JAPAN DAY @ central park 2018! It was raining and cold but when we started singing it stopped raining. So many people were singing along with us and it was so much fun!! Thank you to everyone that waited for us in the rain😊 (Ami's instagram on May 13)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 13, 2018
PUFFY turned 22 years old on May 13. We're so thankful to everyone who has ever been involved with AmiYumi. And I'm most thankful that I'm still able to have this weird relationship which never gets boring with this girl. (Yumi's twitter on May 13)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 12, 2018
This is Yumi-san struting along in the NY rain saying, "We sang in this area while on the HiHi PuffyAmiYumi float for the Thanksgiving parade!" (Ami's instagram on May 12)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 12, 2018
The weather in New York is wonderful. It's been ages since the last time here so I was so excited and almost got lost. (Yumi's twitter on May 12)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 10, 2018
PuffyAmiYumi is gonna have a show at NY Central Park on May 13th. Come and see us, let’s have fun together!! (Ami's instagram on May 10)
PUFFY AMIYUMI May 07, 2018
Japan Day @ Central Park