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Embalmed Madness (Vinyl version)
From Crotch to Crown
Descendants of Depravity
Deeds of Derangement
Left In Grisly Fashion
Xxxapada Na Tromba Freak 'n Grind Fest Xxxapada Na Tromba Freak 'n Grind Fest 2019
Venue: RCA Club (Lisbon, Portugal) Find tickets
Heidelberg Deathfest Heidelberg Deathfest 2019
Venue: halle02 (Heidelberg, Germany) Find tickets
Netherlands Deathfest, Tilburg Netherlands Deathfest, Tilburg 2019
Venue: 013 (Tilburg, Netherlands) Find tickets
Rennes Slam Fest Rennes Slam Fest 2019
Venue: Mondo Bizarro (Rennes, France) Find tickets
Gahlen Moscht Metal Open Air Gahlen Moscht Metal Open Air 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Spremberg, Germany) Find tickets
Stonehenge Stonehenge 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Steenwijk, Netherlands) Find tickets
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Dec 14, 2018
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Dec 13, 2018
People! Prepare! Tomorrow we put the second new track online from our upcoming album “Prostitute Disfigurement” Expect nothing but true deathmetal!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Nov 29, 2018
's cover photo
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Nov 29, 2018
Check out our bandcamp for cds, lps and some merch thats left.
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Nov 24, 2018
We proudly present “THE WAY OF ALL EXCREMENT”
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Nov 23, 2018
Tomorrow at 12pm est we will put a new song online from our upcoming 6th full length album “Prostitute Disfigurement” BEWARE!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Nov 11, 2018
The artwork of our selftitled new album “Prostitute Disfigurement” Artwork done by Toshihiro Egawa!! FUCK THE WEAK! Hail true deathmetal!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Nov 07, 2018
Hail! Due to irreconciliable differences concerning the content of our new album, Prostitute Disfigurement and Willowtip Records have parted ways. We are currently working on signing a decent deal with a new label to release this monster. Endwar Records will be releasing the vinyl version. Niels/PD
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Oct 28, 2018
Rehearsals started today for our upcoming show @ Xxxpada fest in lisboa Portugal! See you soon fuckers! Niels & The prostitutes
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Aug 08, 2018
We still have a few shirts, longsleeves and a hat left! Sizes L and XL Send us a message by interest!! Be fast!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Aug 07, 2018
's cover photo
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Aug 07, 2018
Server went down because of too many orders at the same time! Order directly here:
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Aug 07, 2018
Pre-sale starts today!! Special Vinyl-Edition [Red/Black Splatterversion // Black-Vinylversion] Be fast! Strong Limited Copies! Releasedate: 09th Sep. `18 Shipping: around 04th/5th Sep
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Aug 05, 2018
Alexander Hilla our newest member of the PD legion layed his guitarparts down in 1 day! Alexander is also know from Brutal Unrest! Tomorrow the recording will come to an end and the maestro Jorg Uken will start mixing this beast. Our new album will crack your fucking skull and then we piss in it! Back to the roots! True fucking deathmetal! Raise the hammer! Hail Sutcliffe!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Aug 03, 2018
Bass tracks are done! The album sounds massive already!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Aug 01, 2018
Bob finished his rhythm parts yesterday in one fucking day!! Today Patrick will lay down his basslines! Hail Sutcliffe 👹
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Jul 27, 2018
And so it begins! First day @ soundlodge studio! Let’s make history the german said!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Jul 24, 2018
Finally we have a release date for the Embalmed Madness Vinyl !!! Pre-Sale starts at: 10th August Releasedate: 07th September We have alot of requests, so order fast! Shipping worldwide!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Jun 08, 2018
Confirmed for Netherlands Deathfest! Sick!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official May 31, 2018
Also coming soon... the re-issue of our 2001 debut album "Embalmed Madness". Featuring new artwork. CD from Transcending Records and Vinyl from Endwar Records.
Prostitute Disfigurement Official May 11, 2018
Embalmed madness for the 1st time on vinyl! New artwork delivered by the mighty Raphael Gabrio! Pre-orders will be taken soon. Hail!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Apr 14, 2018
We’re proud to announce that Endwar records will release our sick debut album Embalmed madness on LP! Pre orders will start soon!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Apr 10, 2018
Pre order now! A rare batch of a T-shirt,longsleeve, cap and hat! Be fast or cry later 👊🏻 WWW.BRUTALMIND.BIGCARTEL.COM
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Apr 09, 2018
Slowly entering the end of the writingprocess for our 6th album! The songs go back to our old sound from our earlier records like Deeds of derangement and Left in grisly fashion! Expect an early 2019 release through Willowtip records! Raise the hammer! Hail sutcliffe!
Prostitute Disfigurement Official Mar 26, 2018
Still far away...But next year we will crush the stage @ Heidelberg Deathfest! Headliner/Co headliner and many more will be announced!